My Immortal

After months of fighting through this, one chapter at a time – or rather two, whatever – I finally finished recapping My Immortal. Needless to say, being finished with this is… amazing.

My Immortal is – rightly – called the worst fanfiction ever written. Characters are unrecognizable, the author obviously doesn’t know a single thing about Harry Potter, or spelling for that matter. My Immortal makes me laugh, but it also induces rage. A lot of that.

Chapter 1&2 – Hogwarts is NOT in England!

Chapter 3&4 – Tara’s very own language

Chapter 5&6 – My Immortal, The Musical

Chapter 7&8 – Losing verility

Chapter 9&10 – The Crookshanks Spell of Flying Cats

Chapter 11&12 – Snape doesn’t have any factors

Chapter 13&14 – An xtremly scray post

Chapter 15&16 – OMFFG, DUMBLYDORE?

Chapter 17&18 – Albert Dumblydore

Chapter 19&20 – I pity Dobby

Chapter 21&22 – We reached the halfway point

Chapter 23&24 – Is Darth Valer Volzemort’s father?

Chapter 25&26 – What if Ebony had a Sassy Gay Friend?

Chapter 27&28 – Have a Voldemint for fresh breath!

Chapter 29&30 – Serverus and his evil twin brother, Snake

Chapter 31&32 – How Does It Keep Getting Worse?

Chapter 33&34 – Learn the f**cking basics. Literally.

Chapter 35&36 – Who Cares?

Chapter 37&38 – AND THEN SHE DIES. Not.

Chapter 39&40 – I hate everything.

Chapter 41&42 – Ebony’s magical iPod

Chapter 43&44 – Endless Celebration


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