Uh… okay. So, originally, I didn’t think this would be such a big part of this blog, but as it turns out, I’m doing pretty much nothing else. *shrug*

I’m currently recapping:

The Vampire Diaries

The Originals

As those shows are running, I’m currently not recapping any

Grim(m) Stories

but it’s very possible that one day, there’ll be more. Fairy tales FTW!

Also, I – thank God – finished

My Immortal

which was horrendous, but kind of funny in retrospect.
Feel free to check all of that out and if you have any suggestions as to what you’d like to see recapped, do feel free to comment – maybe there’ll be time when the shows are on hiatus?

Until then, have yourself a lovely day :)


One thought on “Recaps

  1. I enjoyed your My Immortal recap. If you ever want to try something similar, I’d recommend the following, both Harry Potter badfics:

    Becoming Female (and its incomplete sequel, Being Female). Involves Harry being turned into a (female) Mary Sue, romancing Draco, and struggling against the evil that is Ron Weasley, a sexist monster (somehow) much worse than Voldemort. Allegedly feminist, it’s so stupid and offensive that TVTropes has a theory that it’s actually a failed attempt at satire by an anti-feminist. In any case, it is a hilariously stupid fic, if not as quoteable as My Immortal (as the author is actually capable of spelling).

    Imma Wiserd. A fic about a Gary Stu’s quest to defeat “Vadermort”, and… well, any more would spoil the hilarity, but I assure you, it’s insane. Is as badly spelled as My Immortal, and so vastly more offensive that you can practically make a game of finding all the ways in which it’s offensive. Racist, sexist, homophobic, anti-Semitic, religiously intolerant, blasphemous, historically inaccurate, canonically inaccurate… It’s so terrible it’s a work of art. Sadly, it was taken down before anyone was able to get the whole work, but most of the story can be found here: Again, this fic is extremely offensive, so I don’t know if you can stomach it. But if you can, it’s quite humourous in the same way as My Immortal.

    Both of these fics are sadly little-known, so I thought it worth pointing out. If neither interests you, that’s fine. If nothing else, you might enjoy (for lack of a better term) reading them for yourself.

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