That Weird Mashup…

… of Harry Potter and How I Met Your Mother.

See, I just watched Order of the Phoenix and I stumbled upon that scene in which the Dark Lord looks like this:




And my brain just immediately jumped to this:


Nothing suits him like a suit, guys.

Recap: The Originals 1×16 – Farewell to Storyville

More like farewell to Rebekah. Claire Holt is gone, people. And this episode… it did her justice. It was very sad in parts and it was exceptionally beautiful and even though I may never get over the fact that she’s gone, I do think this is the best possible way for her to go.
But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, okay? Let’s look at this episode:

We start off with a flashback to ancient times, back when Nik and Bekah were still children. Rebekah is scared of a storm and Klaus tries to comfort her. He gives her a wooden figure, a knight, that he carved himself.


They’re very cute, but I have to say that the girl isn’t very convincing. Then again, who am I to complain about that? She’s really cute, isn’t she?

In present day, the siblings are exactly where we left them last week, but they don’t attack, so that’s a little anticlimactic. Elijah and Rebekah now see that Klaus has the white oak stake, so Elijah orders his sister to leave. But she can’t, they’re still stuck due to the spell. She rushes through the cemetery, while Elijah holds Klaus back. He says he’s gonna defend her as long as it’s necessary.

Blood drop.

By morning, the three are still in the same situation. Rebekah calls Marcel who assures her that Davina will get her out early.
Speaking of Davina, she isn’t really in a brilliant mood, even though Marcel brought her back to the Attic of Anger Issues. I missed this place!
The other girls who’ve come back (Monique and a girl who apparently doesn’t get a name) say that the ancestors taught them, but unfortunately, it wasn’t the same for Davina.


Marcel tries to comfort her but she doesn’t want to talk about all of that.

In the cemetery, Elijah is still blocking Klaus, who threatens to try and kill Elijah instead. He’s pretty mad at being stabbed with the blade, you see? Elijah throws the ultimate insult at him:


In case you’re wondering – there’ll be so many times this recap that I’ll want to go, “Oh, poor, poor Nik!”, that I’m just not gonna say it. It’d get exhausting (for me) and boring (for you), so just assume that it’s what I’m thinking the whole time.

Flashback times: Elijah is teaching Klaus how to shoot an arrow. He misses, but Elijah says his aim is getting better.


Elijah was going to help, but Mikael threatened to hit him, too, so he backed off.
Mikael is literally the wrost person ever. I hate him very, very much. I applaud Sebastian Roche for his performance, though.

Elijah implores his brother to be better than Mikeal, then and show mercy. Rebekah shows up and wants to tell Klaus about all the horrible things he did that led her to betray him.

Meanwhile, Marcel has called Cami. Davina tells her that the ancestors are really mad at her for standing against the witches and that’s why she suffered in death. Witches can be pretty mean, can’t they?
Downstairs, Marcel talks to Father K. I almost forgot he had that witchy hex, but yup, it’s still there. Marcel says Davina will solve the problem, but K. has lost his faith in literally everything he could have faith in. Also, he predicts that Klaus is gonna get free and come after Marcel.

Cut back to Klaus:


Haha! He really is a bit of drama queen, isn’t he? Anyway, Rebekah accuses him off being controllign and manipulative and also slaughtering all her love interests. He says that he was just protecting her because Rebekah’s taste in boys is bad. Real bad.


Elijah reminds Klaus that Rebekah has stood by his side for the longest time. He tells a story of when Klaus took Mikael’s hunting knife to carve chess pieces (all right?) and Mikael started beating him so hard, Elijah actually feared for his brother’s life. Rebekah came to the rescue:


All these flashbacks make me so sentimental…

Klaus says he’ll accept she did what she did if she can admit that it was Marcel, who manipulated her so that he could take over the city. Rebekah refuses and says that she was the one to call Mikael because of how she hated Klaus at that time – and she says she’d do it again.
Klaus attacks her, but Elijah pushes him away and grabs the white oak stake from him.

Let’s interrupt for a second: it’s something I probably said time and time again, but I still need to get it out there. I don’t think Klaus is right in trying to kill Rebekah. Of course not. And I think Cami was right last episode about how he’d regret it in the end. But I do think that his anger is legit. Rebekah was in the wrong to call Mikael, no matter how cruel Klaus was. Mikael mentally and physically abused his son; Klaus got singled out, beaten, taunted at every possibility. Rebekah saw it all, Rebekah fought for her brother, so she knew exactly that what she did was the ultimate betrayal. And saying now that she’d do it again is just spiteful and mean and it’s also a lie. She regretted it the moment she did it, we saw that. So, er, Rebekah, as much as I love you – you’re wrong.

Attic of Anger Issues: Davina says that the ancestors told her to make good with the witches, but she fears that they hate her now and won’t help her anymore. She also doesn’t trust Marcel, because she feels he’s only using her to help Rebekah.

Rebekah calls Marcel, who assures her he’ll find some other witch to get her out of there. She tells him that he needs to run, for Klaus will kill her and then he’ll come for Marcel. She also adds she thinks death to be rather terrifying now that it’s so close.

Elijah tries to convince Klaus to see reason. Klaus says Rebekah wanted him dead for she hated him and Elijah says that he’s wrong. He tells him that in flashback times, Rebekah wanted to kill Mikael in his sleep. Elijah held her off, though and he says he regrets that to this day. He says Rebekah is short-tempered and sometimes makes bad decisions, but she loves Klaus.
Klaus says he still blames her. He says the only way to stop him is to use the white oak stake. Even though Elijah denies it, Klaus assumes his brother has already thought about that.


They struggle and Klaus stabs Elijah with Tunde’s blade.
Rebekah shows up and she now has the white oak stake that Elijah threw away. She says she never wanted Klaus dead, but she wanted him gone because she loved Marcel.

Marcel meanwhile meets with Genevieve. She says she’s going to lower the boundary spell under one condition: she wants Marcel to bring her Davina. Marcel is unwilling, but Gen says she wants to give the girl a home and teach her how to control her powers.
That doesn’t sound so bad, which leads me to believe that it’s not the end of the story…

At the cemetery, Klaus and Rebekah are still fighting. He wants her to admit that she wanted him killed and she denies it. Finally, though, she relents and says that maybe she did. Klaus looks actually hurt (like, mate, you wanted her to say this…) and then he stabs her! I almost screamed out loud as I saw that.

At nighttime, Klaus is still sitting in the cemetery. Rebekah walks up to him and says he missed her heart. He says that maybe, he never wanted to kill her.


He says he know he’s difficult (understatement of the year), but that it’s Mikael who broke him. Rebekah reminds him that he isn’t the only one, in fact, they’re all broken.


This was incredibly sad, but also incredibly beautiful. ‘I love my family’, that’s probably the first time we ever heard him say that. And then she threw that ‘always and forever’ in and I was downright sobbing.

Marcel meets with Cami in the Attic of Anger Issues, where Davina is sleeping. Cami says she’d need professional help, but Marcel has made up his mind. He’s going to bring Davina to the witches.
He goes to Genevieve and says he’ll bring Davina when she wakes up. Also, he wants her to undo the hex on Father K., but she says it’s much too late for that. So, Father K. will die. That’s really sad, I sort of liked the guy.

At the cemetery, Klaus wonders whether Mikael’s father treated him the same way Mikael treated Klaus. (It’s very possible, isn’t it? Can we come back to that, writers? ). They find that the barrier is down and Klaus asks Rebekah what she really wants.


Klaus pulled the blade out of Elijah, so he and Rebekah meet in the quarter. They say goodbye and she tells him to try and find their brother somewhere deep down inside Klaus.

Klaus returns to the compound, where Marcel is waiting for him. He wants to settle things out in the open, but Klaus isn’t in the mood. Elijah joins them and he exiles Marcel from the city. Marcel leaves and Klaus compliments Elijah on sounding very much like him.

Marcel and Rebekah meet at the cemetery to say goodbye. See, Marcel isn’t joining her because he wants to take the city back. She says she understands that. The kiss and then part ways.

At the bayou, Rebekah says goodbye to Hayley. She warns her not to oppose Klaus and to watch out for enemies, since the family has a lot of them. Hayley offers that Rebekah can come and visit, for she can keep secrets from Klaus.


Tears and tears. A lot of them.
Klaus is a the compound, have a look:


And then, Rebekah was driving out of town and she suddenly looked so happy:


As I said above, I’m very happy that the character left the show like this. Rebekah got the closure she deserved, she got the freedom she longed for since we first met her. It was one amazing episode and honestly, I’m still crying. STILL CRYING. It’s been a freaking week! (Sorry about that, by the way.)

Do tell me what you thought of this episode and I’ll see you soon with the next episode or over on the Vampire Diaries.
Have yourself a lovely day :)

Recap: Vampire Diaries 5×15 – Gone Girl

I know that the bad news is that I’m late again, but the good news is that I finally found a source where I can watch TVD completely again. It was such a bore that I had to search for every single scene before…
With that out of the way – WHAT AN EPISODE. It was mental, but in a good way. I liked it very much, even though the most horrible thing happened, which is probably the one thing that I did not like, but we’re talking about that later, all right?

We start with a flashback in which medieval Nadia is searching for Katherine. As it turns out, it’s only werewolf-bite-induced hallucinations.
In the present, Katherine is shaking Nadia awake. She’d like to clarify that she never abandoned Nadia, but that the baby was taken away, but Nadia has zero f**ks to give. Also, Katherine has a plan. It’s one of those that’s bound to backfire, though. She invited Frankenfield over to finally use his skills for something useful and create an antidote.

Blood drop.

At the Boarding House, Stefan just filled Damon in, who only comments that he thinks Katherine’s brilliant. Stefan reminds him that everything he did (going on a murder spree and killing Aaron, for example) was just due to Katherine and Elena didn’t break up with him at all.
Upstairs, everyone’s really upset that they never realized “Elena” was Katherine. Stefan suggests stabbing her with the Traveler’s knife, which Matt still has. But as of now, Katherine doesn’t know they know, so they’re trying to invite her over now.

Katherine doesn’t really want to throw Bonnie a surprise party, though, especially since Bonnie’s birthday is only in a week.
So, then, Bonnie calls her up and wants to meet “Elena” for a coffee, because she needs to chill after a coven of dead Russian witches passed through her at night. (I’d be happy that they finally acknowledge Bonnie, but it’s like… why don’t they ever try to find a way to stop all that pain, I mean… you know what, whatever.)

Meanwhile, Stefan is feeding Damon tiny cups of blood to keep up his strength. Stefan himself couldn’t be bothered to find out the right amount, but…


Haha! Poor Caroline…

Katherine calls Damon. Apparently, she wants to talk about that incident last episode when he nearly killed her. Damon agrees and invites her over.
We cut to Katherine and Nadia. Katherine says Damon would never endanger Elena like that, so she figures they know. To sum up, she knows that they know.
Back at the Boarding House, Stefan and Damon figure that this whole thing didn’t make a lot of sense whatsoever, so now they know that she knows that they know. EVERYONE KNOWS, PEOPLE!

There’s another flashback that is just about Nadia searching her mother, and she wakes up in a church. Katherine’s moved her, you see. She promises to save Nadia’s life and then goes to check on Frankenfield.

So, the gang decides now that they know that Katherine knows they know, that they’ll need to do a little locator spell. Jeremy and Bonnie go and ask Liv, the witch from two or so episodes back, who is a lot more cooperative now, because she kinda likes Jeremy? IDK, guys, what is it about this guy? Not that he’s bad looking or anything, but he’s, like, two years younger than the lot of them and is definitely gonna fail High School and his sole source of income is the job at the Grill that he loses every five seconds for not turning up. So – what exactly turns all of them on so much?

ANYWAY. Back at the Boarding House, Tyler is watching over Damon, but he’s not doing his job very well. Damon taunts him about how Caroline will never want him back (and I do hope he’s right) and Tyler tries to retaliate:


Then, when he was close enough, Damon grabbed him, bit him and then threw him unconscious to the floor before busting out of there. For reasons unknown to me, he did not rip Tyler’s head off. But maybe, in an episode with so many deaths, that just would’ve been overkill. Yes, that pun was intended.

Bonnie, Jeremy and Liv are attempting the locator spell, but Liv is a little distracted by flirting with Jeremy and Bonnie seems mostly confused about it.  They finally do it and Liv tells them Katherine’s in a church.

Damon has called Enzo, who told him about the new lab of Frankenfield’s. So he arrives and forcefully asks Frankenfield for the antidote. But Frankenfield isn’t inclined to give it to him, so Damon pins him down and cuts his eye out. That was very uncomfortable…

At the church, Nadia flashbacks again to that one time she had a threesome with Matt and Rebekah. Now, not the actual act, you know, but, uh, she was talking to Matt afterwards. She met with Rebekah because she hoped to learn about Katherine from her via Klaus or something. Then, she took Matt’s ring so she’d get to see him again.

Stefan calls Katherine. She tries to pretend that she’s Elena, but he’s not having it. He tells her that he knows that she knows that they know. Also, he took Nadia and if she wants to see her daughter one last time, she’s gonna have to come to the Boarding House.


I want to take a moment to compliment Nina Dobrev once more – what a performance.

At the Boarding House, Matt is caring for Nadia. She mistakes him for Gregor for a bit, but when she pulls herself together tells him that she doesn’t want to die. Bonnie assures her that it won’t be painful for her at all.
Katherine arrives and brushes past the group to join Nadia. She tells her that she should have asked for Klaus’ blood in the first place and save her, but she didn’t. Instead, she gives Nadia new memories – shows her how on a perfect day, she would have tucked her in.


This was just devastatingly beautiful. Right in the feels, people.
Then, of course, Nadia passed through Bonnie and her screaming kind of broke the moment. It did for everyone, though, so we were now ready to get to the real thing: who’s gonna kill Katherine?

In remembrance of that one time that they got drunk to all of those horrible things she did to him when she was dying, she’s now recounting all the good things.
She reminds Tyler that without her, he wouldn’t be a hybrid (which they still want to tell us is super-fancy), but just a douche with an anger-problem.
She tells Caroline she’s better off being a vampire, anyway.


She calls Matt “Matty-blue” again and says he’s probably the best of them, which, considering everything, is very true.
She tells Jeremy it was nice to have a brother for a second.
She tells Bonnie that they’ll do that when she passes through and then comes eye-to-eye with Damon.


Damon’s line wasn’t nearly as vicisous as it reads, to be honest. It felt like a real goodbye to say, ‘one day, we’ll meet down there.’ And honestly, if Katherine’s going to hell, Damon is, too.
So, then, that left only Stefan:


And then he stabbed her! Gosh. And she staggered back and back, until she fell against the couch on which Nadia’s body lay and then she died.
Y’all know how I love Katherine and I’m happy that she got to say what she had to say and that she had the time to drive home that even though many bad things happened because of her, good things happened, too. Katherine was the catalyst for a lot of stuff in their lives… what ever will they do without her?

Afterwards, Matt proves that he is in fact the best of the best:


Matt, I never really appreciated your character much, cause you were mostly just… the one living human, BUT this was great. This was absolutely marvelous.

Meanwhile, Damon and Stefan are waiting for Elena to wake up.


Yeah, so he is gonna fess up to Elena about all the horrible things he did when she supposedly broke up with him.

More important things were going on downstairs, where Caroline confessed to Tyler, to whom she’s still talking for reasons unknown to me and mankind, that she was sort of feeling sad about Katherine. You and me both, girlfriend! Anyway, he says she sees the good in people and she goes, ‘you mean Klaus. You’re always talking about Klaus!” That turn of conversation was a bit forced, but we got to see Caroline telling off Tyler for good and I enjoyed it:


Yes, you are, dear. She told Tyler that she did what she did AFTER he had broken up with her and whatnot so please back the f**k off!

Bonnie was at the church by now, waiting for Katherine to pop up. When she finally does, Katherine reveals her last scheme:
To get revenge on Elena for being Elena, she stabbed herself with the improved cannibal poison Frankenfield made with the werewolf venom. So now, Elena is gonna be even worse of a ripper than Damon! This whole cannibal-poison-plotline isn’t compelling at all, but plus-points for Katherine Pierce’s last evil masterplan.
Then, though, Katherine wanted to pass to the other side, but couldn’t. Watch:


Am I interpreting this right that Katherine was sucked into hell or something? Because if I am, then I’m hella mad! Katherine was evil and manipulative at times, and yes that last act was anything but nice. But she also had her good sides, we saw them. She became what she was due to all the hardships life bestowed upon her – she had to be on the run for centuries for what was done to her, had her child taken away and so on, you know the story. If Katherine’s going to hell, then every damn character on this series is going there, too. I’m really, really not happy about this twist.

At the Boarding House, Katherine’s still-alive and a little more boring doppelganger awoke again:


That was it. The story of Katherine Pierce. I mean, she could probably crawl out of there again. If anyone can do it, it’s Katherine. But I don’t think she will in the near future.
What new storylines await us? I have no idea. Frankenfield is dead, now, but Damon and Elena are both suffering from that cannibal-poison-thing that no one has an antidote for. Also, remember how the Travelers wanted buckets of doppelganger blood? What happened to that? I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

Do tell me how you liked this episode and I’ll see you soon with the next episode or over on The Originals.
Have yourself a lovely day :)

Recap: The Originals 1×15 – Le Grand Guignol

I’m saying this way too often, but what an amazing episode! I hit right into the feels, people, my feels are all over the place right now. I don’t even know what to do with myself.  I love this show. So much.

We start off with a flashback (flashbacks are my favourite) to 1919, obviously. In the face of prohibition, vampires and werewolves have made a pact and so they city is for once at peace. Elijah compliments Klaus, saying that it’s all thanks to him.
In present time, he brought Klaus home with the knife buried inside him. He repeats that it was all him.

Blood drop.

Elijah has inivited Cami over. See, he’s going to take out the dagger and he has the hope that maybe, Klaus isn’t going to kill her on the spot. He, himself, is going to go search for Hayley who mysteriously disappeared. Also, he wants Cami to please feed Klaus her blood because it’s laced with vervain and that’ll make him reluctant to suck her dry or something.
Seriously, though, why does the vervain even affect him? Werewolves are immune to vervain. Hybrids should be – WHATEVER. Rules in this show are meant to be broken. You want proof for that? Comes up right the next scene:

Hayley, the pregnant werewolf lady, has kidnapped Celeste and is holding her at gunpoint along with Eve, her werewolf friend. I mean, Eve is also holding a gun, not – you know what I mean.


You go, Hayley!
Basically, Hayley just wants Celeste to undo the curse on her family. That’s fair enough, I guess.

At the compound, Cami is feeding Klaus. She asks if the vervain doesn’t hurt and he gives her some weird nonsense about pain and pleasure. She says he can’t possibly hate his sister and he tells her that in fact, he can, because she ripped out his heart.

In flashback times, we see Klaus giving a toast. He says he knows Marcel and Rebekah have been sneaking around behind his back, but he doesn’t mind and gives them his blessing.
Klaus joins Rebekah and says he only ever killed all her love interests to protect her (apart from the fact that who his sister loves or not isn’t any of his business, I say he’s right about it. Rebekah has the worst taste in men).


Look at that! We had some character growth right there! Rebekah looked as if she felt really bad about it all, too.
Back in the present he says that they had already betrayed him and called his father.


In another flashback, Rebekah and Marcel are happily sitting in a bar. She says it’s been six months since the spell and Mikael hasn’t arrived, so she thinks the spell failed and they’re safe.

Meanwhile, Rebekah and Marcel are on their way out of town. But, Marcel wants to return. He wants to get Davina, see, kill the other witches to revive her. They could all flee together and Davina could do a cloaking spell.
HOLD UP. That is a stupid plan. You know what my plan would have been? Get the f**k out of there, find myself some other witch – that’s not hard, they’re literally everywhere – and get someone else (Josh, anyone?) to bring Davina once she’s alive again. There you have it.
Klaus, though, knows that they’re not that clever and he figured out they’d be coming back. 

Elijah is at the cemetery, where he finds Monique. She’s very opposed to helping him, but he proposes a spell that’ll show if “Sabine” is really on her side as the girl believes. See, it will hinder her ability to body-jump right now. Homeboy hasn’t been very specific.

Flashback. Rebekah has left the bar and Marcel gets chatted up by some guy he doesn’t know. We do, though. It’s Mikael! As Mikael reveals that fact, Marcel becomes a little panicky. Mikael tells him that he’s not going to harm Rebekah, for she was always his favourite, but he wants Marcel to show him to Klaus.

At the present day compound, Klaus wants to go and get himself some vervain-free blood, but Cami holds him back.


Haha, BURN. Klaus begs to differ and flashbacks to that one time that he seduced the werewolf lady from 1919 and she invited all his family to the opera for it.


Guys, I don’t know about you. But I would be very bothered indeed to walk in on my brother – and I’d be even more bothered if my brother walked in on me, you know? Sometimes I get the Klebekah shippers. This family is strange indeed.

In the bayou, Celeste has made a jar full of suspicious green liquid that supposedly cures the cursed werewolves.
Elijah arrives and he’s not happy with the plan at all. Hayley suggests holding the witch hostage until they’re sure her potion worked.


Elijah grabs Celeste and vamp-speeds out of there. See, Celeste thinks that by curing the wolves, Hayley will inevtiably be drawn to her family. So, either Elijah denies her the cure and she’s gonna hate him forever or he’ll lose her because she’ll choose her family.

Rebekah and Marcel have hired Thierry to do their dirty work. Remember Thierry? I’d almost forgotten about him. Anyway, he agreed and now meets with Genevieve and Bastiana.
Marcel and Rebekah burst in and kill Bastiana, but Genevieve uses the witchy migraine to get away. Marcel doesn’t want to flee, though, he says he’s gonna go and get Davina.

In flashback times, Mikael sought out Elijah. He tries to convince him to help kill Klaus, but Elijah refuses. Mikael says that Klaus is an abomination. And you don’t talk to abominations, you just erase them. Honestly, Mikael is the worst of the worst. I hate Mikael with a passion.


The feels, people, the feels.

Klaus gets a text, notifying him of Rebekah and Marcel having been spotted in town. He breaks down a statue and from the inside, takes – the Indestructible White Oak Stake! It’s been real long since we’ve last seen this thing! Somewhere in the middle of Season 4, maybe?
Klaus rushes outside and feeds on a man in the street. Cami follows him and tries again to convince him not to kill Rebekah.


I’m watching these gifs for a while now… not because of the message, but because his lips are so red…

Elijah returns with Celeste and hands Hayley the jar back.


Now that they’ve been building this up so long, they’ll have to make the kiss extra-special when it happens. We’ll see if they live up to the challenge.
Hayley leaves with the wolves and Celeste starts taunting Elijah. See, she, too, figured out that Rebekah and Marcel aren’t smart and have probably returned for Davina. Elijah gets mad and bites her.

In flashback times, Rebekah and Klaus are waiting for Elijah and Marcel to show up. Klaus suggests that maybe, the thrill of the forbidden love is now gone and Marcel has stood Rebekah up.


Rebekah gets up and goes to search for the two others in the lobby. Now that he’s alone, some unwelcome guest makes his appearance:


I HATE HIM SO MUCH.  I hate him a lot. The truth is that Mikael is a horrible person and was already a horrible father before he ever knew that Klaus wasn’t his. Not only have we heard of beatings and the like, but he took every turn to humiliate Nik, too. That’s abuse, people. It’s really no wonder Nik is as damaged as he is.
Anyway, Mikael’s plan is to kill everyone in the city who ever knew Klaus so that even his achievements won’t mean anything. Mikael manipulated the opera, too – Marcel is hung on a cross, barely conscious and the werewolf lady is dead. The siblings try to save Marcel, but Mikael is stronger. As the siblings flee, Mikael burns the whole opera to the ground.

At the cemetery, Celeste awakes. Elijah says she’s only alive for now and Celeste tells him that she can easily jump into another body time and again.


She really is horrible, isn’t she? Honestly, though. I’d get her anger at Klaus for having caused her death. But Elijah? She loved him, didn’t she? Why that horrible revenge on him?
Anyway, somewhere else on the same cemetery, Marcel and Rebekah have gotten Davina out of her grave, still dead. They want to leave, but there’s a boundary spell keeping the Originals locked inside, so Rebekah can’t leave. She urges Marcel to take Davina and go.
With Elijah, Celeste tells him they’ll be free by the next moonrise (is that even a word?). She then kills herself by ramming a shard of glass into her throat.
Luckily for Elijah, Monique has performed the spell he suggested and so, Celeste wakes up in her own body. It was only bones! How is this even – what – I don’t know what to think of this. Anyway. She’s freaked out all right when Elijah joins her. She begs him to spare her, but he stabs her with Tunde’s knife. And that my dear friends, was the death of Celeste.

Guess who we get back in turn!


DAVINA! Oh, she’s back, I’m so happy.
This is great.

1919: As the siblings attempt to flee, Mikael follows them, screaming, through the streets.


My feels are all over the place. All over the place, I tell you!

Elijah and Rebekah run into each other in the cemetery. He says he wanted her to flee and she says she could have never run far enough. That’s when Klaus finds them.


And that is where this episode ends! Oh my God.
It was a terrific episode. Mikael was a terrifying villain and all those flashback sequences hit right in the feels. Gosh, it was amazing. And this cliffhanger as the end! I’m so excited for the next episode, I can hardly wait. We have Davina back, people!

Tell me how you liked this episode and I’ll see you next week or over on the Vampire Diaries.
Have yourself a lovely day :)

Recap: Vampire Diaries 5×14 – No Exit

So, uh, this was a surprisingly good episode. Katherine’s schemes to win Stefan’s heart are continuously ridiculous, Matt is at an all time high concerning his cleverness, the Staroline detective agency struck again and I even liked Enzo. Of course, nothing is flawless, right? How did it take so long to figure out Katherine isn’t Elena, considering how much she behaved like not!Elena? What even is the Travellers deal? Do they have a plan or do they just team up with villains for no specific reason? I just don’t know.

Anyway, let’s start this episode. It was artistic how they shot the outside of the house with that eerie music in the background. Inside, Damon and Enzo are waiting for the man they are turning to wake up. Enzo says with a bit of luck, they can turn the wife to when she returns home, but Damon believes she has left the man.
The man awakes and confirms that his wife has indeed left him. Damon takes a little time to gloat before his ripper instincts take over:


Blood drop.

Stefan and Katherine are studying for a history exam. She gets everything right except for the end of the Holy Roman Empire. She says the book got it wrong and explains why. Stefan gets quite confused, because basically, Elena sucks at history (or anything else school-related. Girlfriend barely attended highschool). Katherine tries to cover it up and more or less gets saved by the arrival of Caroline.
Sheriff Forbes has traced Damon, you see, and they figured out he’s a ripper. They realize that Frankenfield probably injected him with the vampire cannibal poison.


Caroline switches topic, because she’s a little confused about “Elena’s” presence. Katherine tells her about studying and Caroline’s all, “This dude doesn’t even go to college!”


Haha, that nod. As if he, along with us all, remembers the time when he humiliated his history teacher way back in Season 1. Damn, that’s so long ago.
I have to say, though, Katherine doesn’t do a good job at being Elena at all. She’s so cheerful about studying, how does Stefan not know that something is wrong???

Tyler calls Caroline and says that Matt is missing, so Caroline says she’ll come over ASAP. After she hung up, she explains that she and Tyler have to move from hatred to a “pre-friendship-relationship”. Ugh. Whatever. As she makes to leave, Katherine and Stefan decide to go on a road trip and find Damon:
Katherine says she’ll go and pack up her things at college, and then Stefan will go and pick her up. College is, like, two hours away! I DON’T UNDERSTAND WHY THEY KEEP DRIVING BACK AND FORTH! All this makes no sense!

As she’s packing, Katherine calls Nadia. She reveals that Matt has figured it out and Katherine is very pro-murdering Matt. Nadia basically says his eyes are very blue and she doesn’t want to, but Katherine has no f**ks to give.
After they hung, Nadia assures Matt that she’s not going to kill him.

At the farmhouse, Damon and Enzo are about to leave, but unfortunately, there’s a slight hindrance:


Yup, the travelers are back along with Frankenfield and they lock the two of them in the house. Trouble is that eventually, Damon will probably eat Enzo and nobody wants that. But Frankenfield is experimenting again, see? He wants to know how long Damon will make it.

Meanwhile, Katherine and Stefan are at a gas station. So, as to slow them down and prolongue the road trip, Katherine rips out some hose when Stefan is gone to buy a snack.  Oh, Katherine.

At the farmhouse, Enzo has it figured out: They just need to call Stefan and “Elena”, so that they’ll sweep in and save the day. Damon isn’t to keen on this plan, because he fear he’ll hurt them.


So, I’m not really sure about this whole thing. I mean I get the vampire-cannibal thing, but why must said vampire turn into a ripper? I remember Mikael, who also only fed on vampires, but who wasn’t a ripper. So – what exactly did Frankenfield do to that thing?

Anyway, Caroline and Tyler’s plan on finding Matt consists of sitting together and drinking cofee.


They don’t get to dwell on it too long, because Matt walks in along with Nadia. His cover-up story is that they’ve spent the past day in bed, apparently.

Back at the gas station, Stefan is really confused, because obviously hoses don’t just fall off, usually. He hands it to Katherine and she smears the grease all over her shirt. Her plan is, you see, to go get a hotel room while they’re waiting for the car to be repaired, so they can shower. Stefan is a bit reluctant but gives in.
DUDE. She doesn’t behave like Elena at all! What is even going on?

Lockwood Mansion: Matt and Nadia have developed their story a little more. Apparently, they visited Atlantic City (like – really?). Caroline doesn’t buy it, but Tyler reminds her off that one time that Matt went on a trip with Rebekah and also, he’s still pissed she slept with Klaus.
Look, okay. I get he’s not thrilled, because of all that horrible stuff that Klaus did to them. But, honestly? Tyler has dumped her. He left her to go threaten a pregnant woman and he was a douche about it. He has absolutely no right to slut-shame Caroline. UGH.

At the hotel, Stefan is sure they’ll get Damon back, even if Katherine doesn’t believe in that. Stefan says he knows what his brother is going through, though.


At the farmhouse, Enzo is chaining Damon to a chair for safety measures. He accuses Damon of always running away and Damon says he does so because he destroys things if he stays. Enzo thinks that’s bullshit and then calls up Stefan.

Unfortunately, Katherine answers the phone and tells Enzo to please text her the address to her phone and assures him they’re on their way.
They’re totally not on their way, though, because Katherine just doesn’t hand that information over to Stefan. Instead, she goes showering.

Damon is decidedly not happy, but Enzo doesn’t care. He says Damon can eat them instead and then tries to be all, “j/k… or not.”
Anyway, the door is open and Frankenfield just shoots Enzo to see if the bonds will hold Damon for good. Apparently, they don’t, cause Damon breaks free.


Damon attacks him and feeds on him and it does look pretty bad for Enzo (who has a very good episode today, btw. I really disliked him the past few episodes, but today, he’s great. Congratulations, Enzo, you were approved by me. That, of course doesn’t buy you anything considering Damon is about to rip your head off.)
Then, though, Damon suddenly stop, coughing. As it turns out, the Travelers have somehow altered Enzo’s blood to make it not so delicious. These guys are just creepy.
Frankenfield offers Enzo to let him go and Damon convinces him to go.

So, er, back at the hotel room, Katherine deliberately leaves the door open as she changes. Stefan looks and then decides not to look. She comes out and kisses him.


Yup, and after that happened, he’s all, “Nope, that was a mistake. Going to check on my car RIGHT NOW.” and leaves.
Katherine, of course, is happy with herself:


Haha, oh, Katherine.
She calls Nadia and tells her about the cannibal poison. Her plan is to make Damon attack her, so Stefan will have no choice but to kill Damon. Nadia says that’s pretty dark and Katherine just thanks her.

Nadia is meanwhile playing cards with Matt. Matt has made a real good plan, you know? Watch:

Seduce Nadia, text Caroline for help. Unfortunately, Nadia remarked that and so he was only able to send, “Help K.” Nadia compels him again, but Caroline has arrived in the mean time. They fight, but Nadia is obviously stronger because she’s older. Look who came to the rescue:


Haha, right. Apart from all the times that Damon just ripped out a hybrid’s heart without so much as a fight.

Stefan and Katherine arrived at the farmhouse, and apparently, the Travelers have hidden behind a bush or something, because there’s no sign of them.
Anyway, Damon wants them to leave, but Katherine walks inside, telling him that he can fight it. She cuts into her wrist and forces him to turn around, saying that he can do it. He can’t. He attacks her and she kicks Stefan a stake so he’ll kill him.
Instead, Stefan cuts himself, which turns Damon’s attention on him and then he snaps his neck. Bravo, Stefan!

At the Lockwood Mansion, Tyler says he’s sorry for attacking Caroline a few episodes back, but also, they’ll never be good. He even says he’s not trying to be a dick. Mate, I don’t think you have to try.
Sorry. Am I overdoing the Tyler-hate? I don’t even know why, but I just want that guy off my screen.

At the Boarding House, Stefan has locked Damon in the basement. Damon says that there’s no hope, if he keeps him around, he’s gonna kill his brother one day.


Good point. Very, very good point.


Damon says that “Elena” did, though and reminds Stefan of the stake that she kicked to him. He believes she wanted him dead.

At a diner, Katherine meets with Nadia. Nadia assures her that her secret is safe because she compelled Matt. Katherine thinks that’s good but also says that she doesn’t want to worry about Nadia being mopey right now. Nadia says she won’t have to worry much longer, because Tyler bit her:


Oh, look! She looks actually concerned! More importantly, what are they gonna do now? Crossover time??? Petrova family death? I don’t know, guys! I’m always hoping for crossovers, though.

At the Boarding House, Caroline and Stefan are playing detectives again. Stefan says “Elena”‘s been acting really strange (she kissed him!). Caroline says that Elena would never do that to Damon and she doesn’t understand. Slowly, Stefan’s putting it all together. Help K., Katherine knowing Traveler magic and “Elena”‘s odd behaviour.


So! The cat is out of the bag!
It was a good episode as I said before. I love Steroline putting things together like this. Damon was really beaten up about dangerous, too, which is great considering how much of a dick he was the past few episodes.
Let’s talk about Katherine quickly, though – I lovelovelove Katherine, you all know that, but I kinda liked her better when she had an actually villainous scheme, you know? She was always a survivor, plotting for that one goal, even when she was human again. Now, though, her whole scheme evolves around Stefan and sorry, I don’t buy it. This is not the Katherine I know and love.
Writers, please. You can do better than that! (I feel like I said that a lot of times already…)

Anyway, tell me how you liked this episode and I’ll see you, hopefully on time, on Sunday or over on The Originals.
Have yourself a lovely day :)