Recap: The Originals 1×16 – Farewell to Storyville

More like farewell to Rebekah. Claire Holt is gone, people. And this episode… it did her justice. It was very sad in parts and it was exceptionally beautiful and even though I may never get over the fact that she’s gone, I do think this is the best possible way for her to go.
But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, okay? Let’s look at this episode:

We start off with a flashback to ancient times, back when Nik and Bekah were still children. Rebekah is scared of a storm and Klaus tries to comfort her. He gives her a wooden figure, a knight, that he carved himself.


They’re very cute, but I have to say that the girl isn’t very convincing. Then again, who am I to complain about that? She’s really cute, isn’t she?

In present day, the siblings are exactly where we left them last week, but they don’t attack, so that’s a little anticlimactic. Elijah and Rebekah now see that Klaus has the white oak stake, so Elijah orders his sister to leave. But she can’t, they’re still stuck due to the spell. She rushes through the cemetery, while Elijah holds Klaus back. He says he’s gonna defend her as long as it’s necessary.

Blood drop.

By morning, the three are still in the same situation. Rebekah calls Marcel who assures her that Davina will get her out early.
Speaking of Davina, she isn’t really in a brilliant mood, even though Marcel brought her back to the Attic of Anger Issues. I missed this place!
The other girls who’ve come back (Monique and a girl who apparently doesn’t get a name) say that the ancestors taught them, but unfortunately, it wasn’t the same for Davina.


Marcel tries to comfort her but she doesn’t want to talk about all of that.

In the cemetery, Elijah is still blocking Klaus, who threatens to try and kill Elijah instead. He’s pretty mad at being stabbed with the blade, you see? Elijah throws the ultimate insult at him:


In case you’re wondering – there’ll be so many times this recap that I’ll want to go, “Oh, poor, poor Nik!”, that I’m just not gonna say it. It’d get exhausting (for me) and boring (for you), so just assume that it’s what I’m thinking the whole time.

Flashback times: Elijah is teaching Klaus how to shoot an arrow. He misses, but Elijah says his aim is getting better.


Elijah was going to help, but Mikael threatened to hit him, too, so he backed off.
Mikael is literally the wrost person ever. I hate him very, very much. I applaud Sebastian Roche for his performance, though.

Elijah implores his brother to be better than Mikeal, then and show mercy. Rebekah shows up and wants to tell Klaus about all the horrible things he did that led her to betray him.

Meanwhile, Marcel has called Cami. Davina tells her that the ancestors are really mad at her for standing against the witches and that’s why she suffered in death. Witches can be pretty mean, can’t they?
Downstairs, Marcel talks to Father K. I almost forgot he had that witchy hex, but yup, it’s still there. Marcel says Davina will solve the problem, but K. has lost his faith in literally everything he could have faith in. Also, he predicts that Klaus is gonna get free and come after Marcel.

Cut back to Klaus:


Haha! He really is a bit of drama queen, isn’t he? Anyway, Rebekah accuses him off being controllign and manipulative and also slaughtering all her love interests. He says that he was just protecting her because Rebekah’s taste in boys is bad. Real bad.


Elijah reminds Klaus that Rebekah has stood by his side for the longest time. He tells a story of when Klaus took Mikael’s hunting knife to carve chess pieces (all right?) and Mikael started beating him so hard, Elijah actually feared for his brother’s life. Rebekah came to the rescue:


All these flashbacks make me so sentimental…

Klaus says he’ll accept she did what she did if she can admit that it was Marcel, who manipulated her so that he could take over the city. Rebekah refuses and says that she was the one to call Mikael because of how she hated Klaus at that time – and she says she’d do it again.
Klaus attacks her, but Elijah pushes him away and grabs the white oak stake from him.

Let’s interrupt for a second: it’s something I probably said time and time again, but I still need to get it out there. I don’t think Klaus is right in trying to kill Rebekah. Of course not. And I think Cami was right last episode about how he’d regret it in the end. But I do think that his anger is legit. Rebekah was in the wrong to call Mikael, no matter how cruel Klaus was. Mikael mentally and physically abused his son; Klaus got singled out, beaten, taunted at every possibility. Rebekah saw it all, Rebekah fought for her brother, so she knew exactly that what she did was the ultimate betrayal. And saying now that she’d do it again is just spiteful and mean and it’s also a lie. She regretted it the moment she did it, we saw that. So, er, Rebekah, as much as I love you – you’re wrong.

Attic of Anger Issues: Davina says that the ancestors told her to make good with the witches, but she fears that they hate her now and won’t help her anymore. She also doesn’t trust Marcel, because she feels he’s only using her to help Rebekah.

Rebekah calls Marcel, who assures her he’ll find some other witch to get her out of there. She tells him that he needs to run, for Klaus will kill her and then he’ll come for Marcel. She also adds she thinks death to be rather terrifying now that it’s so close.

Elijah tries to convince Klaus to see reason. Klaus says Rebekah wanted him dead for she hated him and Elijah says that he’s wrong. He tells him that in flashback times, Rebekah wanted to kill Mikael in his sleep. Elijah held her off, though and he says he regrets that to this day. He says Rebekah is short-tempered and sometimes makes bad decisions, but she loves Klaus.
Klaus says he still blames her. He says the only way to stop him is to use the white oak stake. Even though Elijah denies it, Klaus assumes his brother has already thought about that.


They struggle and Klaus stabs Elijah with Tunde’s blade.
Rebekah shows up and she now has the white oak stake that Elijah threw away. She says she never wanted Klaus dead, but she wanted him gone because she loved Marcel.

Marcel meanwhile meets with Genevieve. She says she’s going to lower the boundary spell under one condition: she wants Marcel to bring her Davina. Marcel is unwilling, but Gen says she wants to give the girl a home and teach her how to control her powers.
That doesn’t sound so bad, which leads me to believe that it’s not the end of the story…

At the cemetery, Klaus and Rebekah are still fighting. He wants her to admit that she wanted him killed and she denies it. Finally, though, she relents and says that maybe she did. Klaus looks actually hurt (like, mate, you wanted her to say this…) and then he stabs her! I almost screamed out loud as I saw that.

At nighttime, Klaus is still sitting in the cemetery. Rebekah walks up to him and says he missed her heart. He says that maybe, he never wanted to kill her.


He says he know he’s difficult (understatement of the year), but that it’s Mikael who broke him. Rebekah reminds him that he isn’t the only one, in fact, they’re all broken.


This was incredibly sad, but also incredibly beautiful. ‘I love my family’, that’s probably the first time we ever heard him say that. And then she threw that ‘always and forever’ in and I was downright sobbing.

Marcel meets with Cami in the Attic of Anger Issues, where Davina is sleeping. Cami says she’d need professional help, but Marcel has made up his mind. He’s going to bring Davina to the witches.
He goes to Genevieve and says he’ll bring Davina when she wakes up. Also, he wants her to undo the hex on Father K., but she says it’s much too late for that. So, Father K. will die. That’s really sad, I sort of liked the guy.

At the cemetery, Klaus wonders whether Mikael’s father treated him the same way Mikael treated Klaus. (It’s very possible, isn’t it? Can we come back to that, writers? ). They find that the barrier is down and Klaus asks Rebekah what she really wants.


Klaus pulled the blade out of Elijah, so he and Rebekah meet in the quarter. They say goodbye and she tells him to try and find their brother somewhere deep down inside Klaus.

Klaus returns to the compound, where Marcel is waiting for him. He wants to settle things out in the open, but Klaus isn’t in the mood. Elijah joins them and he exiles Marcel from the city. Marcel leaves and Klaus compliments Elijah on sounding very much like him.

Marcel and Rebekah meet at the cemetery to say goodbye. See, Marcel isn’t joining her because he wants to take the city back. She says she understands that. The kiss and then part ways.

At the bayou, Rebekah says goodbye to Hayley. She warns her not to oppose Klaus and to watch out for enemies, since the family has a lot of them. Hayley offers that Rebekah can come and visit, for she can keep secrets from Klaus.


Tears and tears. A lot of them.
Klaus is a the compound, have a look:


And then, Rebekah was driving out of town and she suddenly looked so happy:


As I said above, I’m very happy that the character left the show like this. Rebekah got the closure she deserved, she got the freedom she longed for since we first met her. It was one amazing episode and honestly, I’m still crying. STILL CRYING. It’s been a freaking week! (Sorry about that, by the way.)

Do tell me what you thought of this episode and I’ll see you soon with the next episode or over on the Vampire Diaries.
Have yourself a lovely day :)


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