Recap: The Originals 1×15 – Le Grand Guignol

I’m saying this way too often, but what an amazing episode! I hit right into the feels, people, my feels are all over the place right now. I don’t even know what to do with myself.  I love this show. So much.

We start off with a flashback (flashbacks are my favourite) to 1919, obviously. In the face of prohibition, vampires and werewolves have made a pact and so they city is for once at peace. Elijah compliments Klaus, saying that it’s all thanks to him.
In present time, he brought Klaus home with the knife buried inside him. He repeats that it was all him.

Blood drop.

Elijah has inivited Cami over. See, he’s going to take out the dagger and he has the hope that maybe, Klaus isn’t going to kill her on the spot. He, himself, is going to go search for Hayley who mysteriously disappeared. Also, he wants Cami to please feed Klaus her blood because it’s laced with vervain and that’ll make him reluctant to suck her dry or something.
Seriously, though, why does the vervain even affect him? Werewolves are immune to vervain. Hybrids should be – WHATEVER. Rules in this show are meant to be broken. You want proof for that? Comes up right the next scene:

Hayley, the pregnant werewolf lady, has kidnapped Celeste and is holding her at gunpoint along with Eve, her werewolf friend. I mean, Eve is also holding a gun, not – you know what I mean.


You go, Hayley!
Basically, Hayley just wants Celeste to undo the curse on her family. That’s fair enough, I guess.

At the compound, Cami is feeding Klaus. She asks if the vervain doesn’t hurt and he gives her some weird nonsense about pain and pleasure. She says he can’t possibly hate his sister and he tells her that in fact, he can, because she ripped out his heart.

In flashback times, we see Klaus giving a toast. He says he knows Marcel and Rebekah have been sneaking around behind his back, but he doesn’t mind and gives them his blessing.
Klaus joins Rebekah and says he only ever killed all her love interests to protect her (apart from the fact that who his sister loves or not isn’t any of his business, I say he’s right about it. Rebekah has the worst taste in men).


Look at that! We had some character growth right there! Rebekah looked as if she felt really bad about it all, too.
Back in the present he says that they had already betrayed him and called his father.


In another flashback, Rebekah and Marcel are happily sitting in a bar. She says it’s been six months since the spell and Mikael hasn’t arrived, so she thinks the spell failed and they’re safe.

Meanwhile, Rebekah and Marcel are on their way out of town. But, Marcel wants to return. He wants to get Davina, see, kill the other witches to revive her. They could all flee together and Davina could do a cloaking spell.
HOLD UP. That is a stupid plan. You know what my plan would have been? Get the f**k out of there, find myself some other witch – that’s not hard, they’re literally everywhere – and get someone else (Josh, anyone?) to bring Davina once she’s alive again. There you have it.
Klaus, though, knows that they’re not that clever and he figured out they’d be coming back. 

Elijah is at the cemetery, where he finds Monique. She’s very opposed to helping him, but he proposes a spell that’ll show if “Sabine” is really on her side as the girl believes. See, it will hinder her ability to body-jump right now. Homeboy hasn’t been very specific.

Flashback. Rebekah has left the bar and Marcel gets chatted up by some guy he doesn’t know. We do, though. It’s Mikael! As Mikael reveals that fact, Marcel becomes a little panicky. Mikael tells him that he’s not going to harm Rebekah, for she was always his favourite, but he wants Marcel to show him to Klaus.

At the present day compound, Klaus wants to go and get himself some vervain-free blood, but Cami holds him back.


Haha, BURN. Klaus begs to differ and flashbacks to that one time that he seduced the werewolf lady from 1919 and she invited all his family to the opera for it.


Guys, I don’t know about you. But I would be very bothered indeed to walk in on my brother – and I’d be even more bothered if my brother walked in on me, you know? Sometimes I get the Klebekah shippers. This family is strange indeed.

In the bayou, Celeste has made a jar full of suspicious green liquid that supposedly cures the cursed werewolves.
Elijah arrives and he’s not happy with the plan at all. Hayley suggests holding the witch hostage until they’re sure her potion worked.


Elijah grabs Celeste and vamp-speeds out of there. See, Celeste thinks that by curing the wolves, Hayley will inevtiably be drawn to her family. So, either Elijah denies her the cure and she’s gonna hate him forever or he’ll lose her because she’ll choose her family.

Rebekah and Marcel have hired Thierry to do their dirty work. Remember Thierry? I’d almost forgotten about him. Anyway, he agreed and now meets with Genevieve and Bastiana.
Marcel and Rebekah burst in and kill Bastiana, but Genevieve uses the witchy migraine to get away. Marcel doesn’t want to flee, though, he says he’s gonna go and get Davina.

In flashback times, Mikael sought out Elijah. He tries to convince him to help kill Klaus, but Elijah refuses. Mikael says that Klaus is an abomination. And you don’t talk to abominations, you just erase them. Honestly, Mikael is the worst of the worst. I hate Mikael with a passion.


The feels, people, the feels.

Klaus gets a text, notifying him of Rebekah and Marcel having been spotted in town. He breaks down a statue and from the inside, takes – the Indestructible White Oak Stake! It’s been real long since we’ve last seen this thing! Somewhere in the middle of Season 4, maybe?
Klaus rushes outside and feeds on a man in the street. Cami follows him and tries again to convince him not to kill Rebekah.


I’m watching these gifs for a while now… not because of the message, but because his lips are so red…

Elijah returns with Celeste and hands Hayley the jar back.


Now that they’ve been building this up so long, they’ll have to make the kiss extra-special when it happens. We’ll see if they live up to the challenge.
Hayley leaves with the wolves and Celeste starts taunting Elijah. See, she, too, figured out that Rebekah and Marcel aren’t smart and have probably returned for Davina. Elijah gets mad and bites her.

In flashback times, Rebekah and Klaus are waiting for Elijah and Marcel to show up. Klaus suggests that maybe, the thrill of the forbidden love is now gone and Marcel has stood Rebekah up.


Rebekah gets up and goes to search for the two others in the lobby. Now that he’s alone, some unwelcome guest makes his appearance:


I HATE HIM SO MUCH.  I hate him a lot. The truth is that Mikael is a horrible person and was already a horrible father before he ever knew that Klaus wasn’t his. Not only have we heard of beatings and the like, but he took every turn to humiliate Nik, too. That’s abuse, people. It’s really no wonder Nik is as damaged as he is.
Anyway, Mikael’s plan is to kill everyone in the city who ever knew Klaus so that even his achievements won’t mean anything. Mikael manipulated the opera, too – Marcel is hung on a cross, barely conscious and the werewolf lady is dead. The siblings try to save Marcel, but Mikael is stronger. As the siblings flee, Mikael burns the whole opera to the ground.

At the cemetery, Celeste awakes. Elijah says she’s only alive for now and Celeste tells him that she can easily jump into another body time and again.


She really is horrible, isn’t she? Honestly, though. I’d get her anger at Klaus for having caused her death. But Elijah? She loved him, didn’t she? Why that horrible revenge on him?
Anyway, somewhere else on the same cemetery, Marcel and Rebekah have gotten Davina out of her grave, still dead. They want to leave, but there’s a boundary spell keeping the Originals locked inside, so Rebekah can’t leave. She urges Marcel to take Davina and go.
With Elijah, Celeste tells him they’ll be free by the next moonrise (is that even a word?). She then kills herself by ramming a shard of glass into her throat.
Luckily for Elijah, Monique has performed the spell he suggested and so, Celeste wakes up in her own body. It was only bones! How is this even – what – I don’t know what to think of this. Anyway. She’s freaked out all right when Elijah joins her. She begs him to spare her, but he stabs her with Tunde’s knife. And that my dear friends, was the death of Celeste.

Guess who we get back in turn!


DAVINA! Oh, she’s back, I’m so happy.
This is great.

1919: As the siblings attempt to flee, Mikael follows them, screaming, through the streets.


My feels are all over the place. All over the place, I tell you!

Elijah and Rebekah run into each other in the cemetery. He says he wanted her to flee and she says she could have never run far enough. That’s when Klaus finds them.


And that is where this episode ends! Oh my God.
It was a terrific episode. Mikael was a terrifying villain and all those flashback sequences hit right in the feels. Gosh, it was amazing. And this cliffhanger as the end! I’m so excited for the next episode, I can hardly wait. We have Davina back, people!

Tell me how you liked this episode and I’ll see you next week or over on the Vampire Diaries.
Have yourself a lovely day :)


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