Recap: Vampire Diaries 5×14 – No Exit

So, uh, this was a surprisingly good episode. Katherine’s schemes to win Stefan’s heart are continuously ridiculous, Matt is at an all time high concerning his cleverness, the Staroline detective agency struck again and I even liked Enzo. Of course, nothing is flawless, right? How did it take so long to figure out Katherine isn’t Elena, considering how much she behaved like not!Elena? What even is the Travellers deal? Do they have a plan or do they just team up with villains for no specific reason? I just don’t know.

Anyway, let’s start this episode. It was artistic how they shot the outside of the house with that eerie music in the background. Inside, Damon and Enzo are waiting for the man they are turning to wake up. Enzo says with a bit of luck, they can turn the wife to when she returns home, but Damon believes she has left the man.
The man awakes and confirms that his wife has indeed left him. Damon takes a little time to gloat before his ripper instincts take over:


Blood drop.

Stefan and Katherine are studying for a history exam. She gets everything right except for the end of the Holy Roman Empire. She says the book got it wrong and explains why. Stefan gets quite confused, because basically, Elena sucks at history (or anything else school-related. Girlfriend barely attended highschool). Katherine tries to cover it up and more or less gets saved by the arrival of Caroline.
Sheriff Forbes has traced Damon, you see, and they figured out he’s a ripper. They realize that Frankenfield probably injected him with the vampire cannibal poison.


Caroline switches topic, because she’s a little confused about “Elena’s” presence. Katherine tells her about studying and Caroline’s all, “This dude doesn’t even go to college!”


Haha, that nod. As if he, along with us all, remembers the time when he humiliated his history teacher way back in Season 1. Damn, that’s so long ago.
I have to say, though, Katherine doesn’t do a good job at being Elena at all. She’s so cheerful about studying, how does Stefan not know that something is wrong???

Tyler calls Caroline and says that Matt is missing, so Caroline says she’ll come over ASAP. After she hung up, she explains that she and Tyler have to move from hatred to a “pre-friendship-relationship”. Ugh. Whatever. As she makes to leave, Katherine and Stefan decide to go on a road trip and find Damon:
Katherine says she’ll go and pack up her things at college, and then Stefan will go and pick her up. College is, like, two hours away! I DON’T UNDERSTAND WHY THEY KEEP DRIVING BACK AND FORTH! All this makes no sense!

As she’s packing, Katherine calls Nadia. She reveals that Matt has figured it out and Katherine is very pro-murdering Matt. Nadia basically says his eyes are very blue and she doesn’t want to, but Katherine has no f**ks to give.
After they hung, Nadia assures Matt that she’s not going to kill him.

At the farmhouse, Damon and Enzo are about to leave, but unfortunately, there’s a slight hindrance:


Yup, the travelers are back along with Frankenfield and they lock the two of them in the house. Trouble is that eventually, Damon will probably eat Enzo and nobody wants that. But Frankenfield is experimenting again, see? He wants to know how long Damon will make it.

Meanwhile, Katherine and Stefan are at a gas station. So, as to slow them down and prolongue the road trip, Katherine rips out some hose when Stefan is gone to buy a snack.  Oh, Katherine.

At the farmhouse, Enzo has it figured out: They just need to call Stefan and “Elena”, so that they’ll sweep in and save the day. Damon isn’t to keen on this plan, because he fear he’ll hurt them.


So, I’m not really sure about this whole thing. I mean I get the vampire-cannibal thing, but why must said vampire turn into a ripper? I remember Mikael, who also only fed on vampires, but who wasn’t a ripper. So – what exactly did Frankenfield do to that thing?

Anyway, Caroline and Tyler’s plan on finding Matt consists of sitting together and drinking cofee.


They don’t get to dwell on it too long, because Matt walks in along with Nadia. His cover-up story is that they’ve spent the past day in bed, apparently.

Back at the gas station, Stefan is really confused, because obviously hoses don’t just fall off, usually. He hands it to Katherine and she smears the grease all over her shirt. Her plan is, you see, to go get a hotel room while they’re waiting for the car to be repaired, so they can shower. Stefan is a bit reluctant but gives in.
DUDE. She doesn’t behave like Elena at all! What is even going on?

Lockwood Mansion: Matt and Nadia have developed their story a little more. Apparently, they visited Atlantic City (like – really?). Caroline doesn’t buy it, but Tyler reminds her off that one time that Matt went on a trip with Rebekah and also, he’s still pissed she slept with Klaus.
Look, okay. I get he’s not thrilled, because of all that horrible stuff that Klaus did to them. But, honestly? Tyler has dumped her. He left her to go threaten a pregnant woman and he was a douche about it. He has absolutely no right to slut-shame Caroline. UGH.

At the hotel, Stefan is sure they’ll get Damon back, even if Katherine doesn’t believe in that. Stefan says he knows what his brother is going through, though.


At the farmhouse, Enzo is chaining Damon to a chair for safety measures. He accuses Damon of always running away and Damon says he does so because he destroys things if he stays. Enzo thinks that’s bullshit and then calls up Stefan.

Unfortunately, Katherine answers the phone and tells Enzo to please text her the address to her phone and assures him they’re on their way.
They’re totally not on their way, though, because Katherine just doesn’t hand that information over to Stefan. Instead, she goes showering.

Damon is decidedly not happy, but Enzo doesn’t care. He says Damon can eat them instead and then tries to be all, “j/k… or not.”
Anyway, the door is open and Frankenfield just shoots Enzo to see if the bonds will hold Damon for good. Apparently, they don’t, cause Damon breaks free.


Damon attacks him and feeds on him and it does look pretty bad for Enzo (who has a very good episode today, btw. I really disliked him the past few episodes, but today, he’s great. Congratulations, Enzo, you were approved by me. That, of course doesn’t buy you anything considering Damon is about to rip your head off.)
Then, though, Damon suddenly stop, coughing. As it turns out, the Travelers have somehow altered Enzo’s blood to make it not so delicious. These guys are just creepy.
Frankenfield offers Enzo to let him go and Damon convinces him to go.

So, er, back at the hotel room, Katherine deliberately leaves the door open as she changes. Stefan looks and then decides not to look. She comes out and kisses him.


Yup, and after that happened, he’s all, “Nope, that was a mistake. Going to check on my car RIGHT NOW.” and leaves.
Katherine, of course, is happy with herself:


Haha, oh, Katherine.
She calls Nadia and tells her about the cannibal poison. Her plan is to make Damon attack her, so Stefan will have no choice but to kill Damon. Nadia says that’s pretty dark and Katherine just thanks her.

Nadia is meanwhile playing cards with Matt. Matt has made a real good plan, you know? Watch:

Seduce Nadia, text Caroline for help. Unfortunately, Nadia remarked that and so he was only able to send, “Help K.” Nadia compels him again, but Caroline has arrived in the mean time. They fight, but Nadia is obviously stronger because she’s older. Look who came to the rescue:


Haha, right. Apart from all the times that Damon just ripped out a hybrid’s heart without so much as a fight.

Stefan and Katherine arrived at the farmhouse, and apparently, the Travelers have hidden behind a bush or something, because there’s no sign of them.
Anyway, Damon wants them to leave, but Katherine walks inside, telling him that he can fight it. She cuts into her wrist and forces him to turn around, saying that he can do it. He can’t. He attacks her and she kicks Stefan a stake so he’ll kill him.
Instead, Stefan cuts himself, which turns Damon’s attention on him and then he snaps his neck. Bravo, Stefan!

At the Lockwood Mansion, Tyler says he’s sorry for attacking Caroline a few episodes back, but also, they’ll never be good. He even says he’s not trying to be a dick. Mate, I don’t think you have to try.
Sorry. Am I overdoing the Tyler-hate? I don’t even know why, but I just want that guy off my screen.

At the Boarding House, Stefan has locked Damon in the basement. Damon says that there’s no hope, if he keeps him around, he’s gonna kill his brother one day.


Good point. Very, very good point.


Damon says that “Elena” did, though and reminds Stefan of the stake that she kicked to him. He believes she wanted him dead.

At a diner, Katherine meets with Nadia. Nadia assures her that her secret is safe because she compelled Matt. Katherine thinks that’s good but also says that she doesn’t want to worry about Nadia being mopey right now. Nadia says she won’t have to worry much longer, because Tyler bit her:


Oh, look! She looks actually concerned! More importantly, what are they gonna do now? Crossover time??? Petrova family death? I don’t know, guys! I’m always hoping for crossovers, though.

At the Boarding House, Caroline and Stefan are playing detectives again. Stefan says “Elena”‘s been acting really strange (she kissed him!). Caroline says that Elena would never do that to Damon and she doesn’t understand. Slowly, Stefan’s putting it all together. Help K., Katherine knowing Traveler magic and “Elena”‘s odd behaviour.


So! The cat is out of the bag!
It was a good episode as I said before. I love Steroline putting things together like this. Damon was really beaten up about dangerous, too, which is great considering how much of a dick he was the past few episodes.
Let’s talk about Katherine quickly, though – I lovelovelove Katherine, you all know that, but I kinda liked her better when she had an actually villainous scheme, you know? She was always a survivor, plotting for that one goal, even when she was human again. Now, though, her whole scheme evolves around Stefan and sorry, I don’t buy it. This is not the Katherine I know and love.
Writers, please. You can do better than that! (I feel like I said that a lot of times already…)

Anyway, tell me how you liked this episode and I’ll see you, hopefully on time, on Sunday or over on The Originals.
Have yourself a lovely day :)


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