Recap: The Originals 1×14 – Long Way Back From Hell

And we’re back! I missed The Originals terribly in these past two weeks and that after they left with that cliffhanger. They were on a real run before this, three amazing episodes in a row. I by no means want to say that this episode was bad. Quite the contrary, I enjoyed it very much. It wasn’t as action-packed, though, and a lot of this episode consisted of Rebekah randomly flashbacking while she staggered through an abandoned sanatorium. But this was probably a very important episode to set up the upcoming conflict between the siblings. They’re all on the same page now, I guess.

Let’s get right to it, shall we?

We start with Rebekah, who awakes, hallucinating, in said abandoned sanatorium. She still suffers from werewolf bites, you see? And in the Originals’ case, hallucination always means flashback. Anyway, she almost manages to flee, but Genevieve turns up and stakes her. What a bitch.

Meanwhile, Celeste looks as Klaus lies immobilized, and who can blame her, really?


Sorry, I just couldn’t help myself.
Blood drop.

Elijah decided to get some information and thus went and interrupted Sophie’s funeral. Look:


Creepy Monique’s unfazed, though. That bloody girl.
Monique has a message from Celeste, though. Basically, Celeste thinks it’s pretty fun to play hide-and-seek, but she wants to give Elijah a clue for suspense’s sake. Said clue comes in the form of names tattooed to his skin.

At the sanatorium, Genevieve is taunting Rebekah. (She calls the wolf boy from last episode trashy and willing – Rebekah’s type. That was just plain rude.)
Rebekah flashbacks and we saw how they met in 1919 – there was an epidemic, you see, and Rebekah worked as a nurse. She found out Genevieve was a witch and started to befriend her.

Elijah returns home to the compound. Marcel informs him that no one’s seen or heard anything. Good thing Elijah has a way to find his siblings. The tattoos, you see, are part of a witchy riddle and will only disappear if they solve it. So, Elijah calls for Hayley:


Haha, oh, Hayley.
Seriously, though. Didn’t these two decide that they would not act on the sexual tension? Why does Elijah think this is appropriate? Not that I mind, really. But I don’t get it. Do you?
Anyway, they find out that the names are of witches that Celeste possessed over the years and set out to find the witch she possessed before she became Sabine.

Meanwhile, Genevieve decides that she likes Klaus shirtless and whatnot, but she would still rather talk to him. So, she cuts him open and takes Papa Tunde’s knife out and man, that looked like it hurt.

Elijah and Marcel found out that the witch Celeste possessed before has killed herself. Elijah’s most definitely not pleased and decides to call up Hayley. He tells her the witch drowned herself in the Mississippi, jumping in from the very spot on which he first kissed Celeste.
I really do dislike Celeste. I mean, she is a great villain in a way, but I really don’t like seeing Elijah in emotional distress, you know? And he really loved the girl…
Anyway, Hayley’s in distress, too, because she realized that Elijah saved her instead of his siblings:


All I want to say to that is: THE BABY. There really was no choice because of that.

At the sanatorium, Klaus is now awake. He asks why she would help him and she says she pitied him. She’s being all touchy though and he offers to reward her “in ways [she] can’t even fathom”. I’d be like, ‘all right!’, but she declines because she needs to tell him some stuff about Rebekah first.


Klaus started out being a pretty decent brother this episode and for me, that made the fallout even more devastating. But more on that later.
She offers him a potion and I gather it didn’t have a pleasant taste because she has to practically force him to swallow. It connects his mind to Rebekah’s, apparently and since she’s conveniently flashbacking to relevant times, he’ll be able to see her betrayal live.

In flashback times, Marcel visited Rebekah at work and they kiss in a room full of corpses and this just got really weird. The weirdness doesn’t keep Rebekah from this beautiful speech, though:


I mean, this is actually really sweet and I understand her and whatnot. But calling Mikael?

Klaus is like: ‘so what?’. They’ve been over this a lot, you see, and he doesn’t have any f**ks to give. Genevieve says she symathizes and feels like he doesn’t need a reason to be a dick, he can just do it because he can, much like God in the old testament. Klaus says he doesn’t know what she’s playing at.

You speak my mind

Oh, look I found that badge again. Genevieve, that attempt at manipulation was just stupid, sweetie. Calling him Nik doesn’t make it any better, either.

At a bar, Elijah and Marcel are beating up a member of the Faction. See, obviously they kept a record of all the supernatural beings and their deaths. Like – how? They’re practically dying like flies. There’s no way anyone could keep track. WHATEVER.  Better not question things that don’t want to be questioned.

Meanwhile, Genevieve set up a phonograph playing music from 1919 to trigger Rebekah’s flashbacks. She tells Rebekah that she’s going to make Klaus see all of that and Rebekah is in panic all right. She can’t help it, though, Gen’s sensory trigger works just fine.

Elijah and Marcel have now found that death-list. Elijah finds the name of a certain Brynne Devereaux. She and Marcel were – lovers? I don’t know, what is it with Marcel and the Devereaux’s? It makes me kind of wary of Monique…
ANYWAY. That Brynne was the one who put the curse on Hayley’s family. That prompts Elijah to tell Marcel to never ever ever do anything to Hayley.
They get back on track, though. Every witch tattoeed on his skin actually killed herself. All except a certain Clara Summerlin. Elijah says she died from influenza, which causes the names to disappear. Sadly, though, the two don’t really know how that’s supposed to help them.

Flashback times! Clara, Genevieve and Rebekah met in that bar, you see. Gen says she’s quite impressed with their family and Rebekah agrees that Elijah’s quite the catch.


Rebekah says that she’d like to reach out to someone they haven’t seen in a long while and asks Gen to help her with it. The witch agrees and Rebekah adds that it’d have to be a surprise and no one could know. She wants to summon their father, Mikael.

In present time, Klaus refuses to believe that.


Told you. Decent brother.

At the compound, Elijah found out that Clara Summerlin worked at the sanatorium. Marcel is sure that they’ll find his siblings there and when Elijah insists, he finally fesses up.

Meanwhile, Genevieve shows Klaus how she summoned Mikael:


Elijah is appropriately angry at Marcel. Also, though, he wants to save Rebekah, pronto, because otherwise Klaus will get to her and that won’t be very pleasant-

Rebekah runs into Celeste, who reveals her plan to turn them all against each other. She counts on Elijah to go and save his sister, you see? Rebekah says she’ll kill her and Celeste says she already did once.

In flashback times, Rebekah suddenly has second thoughts. She wants out, but Genevieve says that there’s no way, it’s all done. Rebekah finally tells her the truth and Gen is upset. She suggests just telling Klaus, which might just save their lives. Rebekah doesn’t think that’s such a good idea and presses a cloth with blood from a sick person onto Gen’s mouth. Clara turns up and she does the same to her.
Rebekah just let two people die from influenza instead of just snapping their necks. That’s just cruel. It wasn’t such a good episode for Rebekah.

Genevieve offers her blood to Klaus and then releases him so he can go and hunt down Rebekah. And so he did.
It was definitely creepy and overall very well done how he went and stalked Rebekah through that building, Papa Tunde’s knife at the ready:


Rebekah does the one reasonable thing and runs.
Meanwhile, Elijah, Marcel and Hayley have arrived. While the boys head inside, Hayley stays. She has other plans you see, and I don’t think I ever loved her quite as much:


Damn! How did Celeste not see this coming? Smugness blinding her peripheral sight, I guess.

Inside, Rebekah has stopped running. She says she’d rather deny him the pleasure of finally catching her. He says he’ll take his pleasure from knowing how she’ll suffer from the knife. They fight and it’s rather impressive considering how weak Rebekah is at the moment.
Marcel arrives and tries to hold him off, but he doesn’t stand a chance. Rebekah begs her brother to just hurt her for it was all her idea. Klaus says that if maybe, she had shown him a bit of that loyalty, they wouldn’t be in this mess.
He’s about to stab Rebekah when Elijah arrives:


Elijah tells the others to run and they take off while Klaus blacks out in his brother’s arms.

Awesome. Let’s just all back-stab Niklaus. I mean, don’t get me wrong. I’m not at all in favour of killing Marcel and/or subjecting Rebekah to that horrible fate. But in this case, Rebekah is clearly in the wrong. Don’t tell me that Elijah couldn’t have held his brother back long enough for the other two to escape.
And Rebekah – I know there are a few people who side with her. I don’t. Summoning Mikael is the ultimate betrayal. Klaus has suffered for as long as they can remember at his father’s hand, they’ve been on the run for centuries. The fact that he didn’t even believe his sister would do that is just prove of how big of a betrayal this really is. I’m on Nik’s side here. (Then again, what’s news?)

Also, people are already shipping Klenevieve – seriously? I mean, I can kinda see the allure and she’s really into him and whatnot – but that would be one hell of a destructive relationship. At least she’s more interesting than Cami… shipping is so hard on this show.

Anyway, tell me how you liked this episode and I’ll see you again next week or sooner over on the Vampire Diaries.
Have yourself a lovely day :)


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