Recap: The Originals 1×13 – Crescent City

Guys, they’re on a run! This third amazing episode in a row. What is this madness of a show, I am… out of words. Amazing. I mean, some of it was kind of weird, but isn’t it always?
Let’s get to it.

We open… in a grave! We suddenly hear a heartbeat and the girl lying in there opens her eyes and starts screaming for help as she realizes where she is.
Over at the church, Father K. is holding a service in honour of the church reopening. Klaus and Marcel are attending as well for reasons unknown to me.
At the cemetery, Celeste is leading a walking tour (that’s what I said. Tourists everywhere. Why are they never there when they do their crazy witchy rituals?). They pass by the Deveraux tomb, but suddenly hear the girl screaming before she suddenly bursts out of the grave. It’s Monique, Sophie’s dead-because-of-Harvest niece! Welcome to the land of the living, Monique!

Blood drop.

At the church, Klaus and Marcel meet Father K. after service. He had the council  Faction searching for Papa Tunde, but no one’s heard of him anymore.
Cami joins them. She’s not only pissed at Klaus, but also at Father K. for lying to her.


Diego calls Klaus. They found Papa Tunde’s body. Diego says that either their problems are over or they just started. I’m opting for the latter.
Klaus and Marcel leave and one of the resurrected witches, Bastiana, appears. She shakes Father K.’s hand and hexes him just like they did Cami’s brother, who, remember, eventually killed a whole bunch of people and himself.

At the compound, Elijah is investigating:

Source: teamklausbitch.tumblr,com

Hilarious. Elijah doesn’t really think it’s funny, though. They wonder why the witches would kill Papa Tunde off and then leave him at their doorstep.
Rebekah arrives and tells them of Monique’s resurrection. Marcel immediately goes to hoping that they can get Davina back if they kill all the wrongly resurrected witches off. Trouble is, they don’t know who they are. Hayley joins them and suggests that one of them has to be Celeste, for Davina kept drawing her.

Inside, Elijah asks Rebekah to take Hayley to the Mikaelson Mansion! Yes, I love that we revisit that place! He says he trusts her with this and she says she’ll do it for him to end their quarrel.
Before she can meet up with Hayley, though, Marcel corners her. He thinks he saw one of the resurrected witches – Genevieve, a woman we just shortly spotted last episode when they made the plan to get Mikael into town. Rebekah is appropriately worried and tells Marcel to please go and end this as quickly as possible.

At Rousseau’s, Father K. comes to talk to Cami. She’s not really in the mood, though, but he soon fesses up that he’s been hexed. Genevieve joins them and says that she’ll un-hex Father K. if Cami stabs Klaus with Papa Tunde’s knife.

At the Mikaelson Mansion, Hayley has a plan: it’s the full moon and she wants her werewolf clan, who due to the curse will all be human tonight, to stay with them. She send Josh to deliver the message.


Can we please see Josh again? He’s one of my favourites…
A worker leaves the mansion, already setting up the party for that night. Rebekah isn’t all that pleased, but Hayley convinces her:


This is the Mystic Fall’s spirit! Fitting or not, we’ll just throw a party of some sort!

In the Quarter, Elijah meets Celeste, who he still thinks is Sabine. He wants to make a deal in order to prevent the war looming on the horizon.

At Rousseau’s, Sophie has to tell Monique about her mother. (J-A, remember?) . Marcel arrives and he wants to discuss how to bring the other girls back. Sophie accuses him of only wanting Davina’s power back but Monique says she can feel he’s being honest.

Klaus meets with Camille in the church. She tells him about Father K. and says she’s still angry about all the lies. Klaus says he understands why she hates him, but she shouldn’t hate K., her family, who only meant to protect her.
Cami decides to just hand him the knife.


Right you are, Cami! Bonus points for you, apart from the fact that ugh, Cami. #stillnotafan
So, Klaus has the idea that if they bleed K. off the vervain, he can compel him and override the hex.

At the Mikaelson Mansion, the wolfs have now transformed into humans. One of them obviously thought the clothes Hayley put out were just decorations and didn’t bother with them:


Oliver, that’s the guys name, knows that she is an Original. She says he needs to show a little more respect and then calls for Hayley.

At Rousseau’s, Sophie is attempting a locator spell to find the wronlgy resurrected witches. She makes a deal with Marcel; she wants money so she and Monique can leave New Orleans for good. She doesn’t want her niece in the middle of a war, you see?

The party is on at Mikaelson Mansion and Oliver persuades an at first reluctant Rebekah to dance with him. She’s won over pretty quick.


I really enjoy Rebekah being happy and all, but whenever she’s having fun, doom is just around the corner and at this point in the episode I was already dreading it.
Anyway, inside, Hayley is tidying. A man, Jackson, walks in and reveals he is the one who kept watching over her.  He doesn’t do that just cause, no, he’s got a very good reason:


He says the pack was made up of two families, so at least it’s not that incestuous. Still, though, what the hell? Hayley was, as far as I know, adopted REAL early. So they basically decided these two babies were to marry each other. Sure. What century is this again?

In the Quarter, Elijah has finally figured out Sabine is Celeste. He also figured out she made up this whole prophecy about the baby being evil so that the Elders would be killed and she would be the one who controlled the Harvest.
Now, that makes her a mastermind, doesn’t it? It’s probably just to rectify that go-nowhere plot with the evil baby, but the mere suggestion she might be that manipulative… awesome.
Anyway, this happens:


If you think that this was a little weird – yeah, it was. She only kissed him because she hexed him with it; diminishing his strength. (Poisoned with a kiss. How poetic.) See, her plan is to kidnap Klaus, Rebekah and Hayley. Elijah’s got to play her little game if he wants to save one of them!


Sorry, wrong fandom.

At the church, Klaus feeds Father K. his blood to heal him and then compels him to resist the hex. They wonder if it worked, but it’s apparent that it didn’t when K. gets really hostile.
Worried, Cami asks what they’re gonna do now.


What you do best indeed.

Sophie is still attempting the locator spell, but it doesn’t really work. Marcel urges her to try harder when Klaus appears and swiftly abducts Monique as leverage.
NIK, REALLY? I mean I get the whole ‘drastic times, drastic measures’-vibe, but can’t you give the girl a break?

So, Klaus walks the streets and tries to lure the witches out. Marcel followed him though and starts a fight because he doesn’t like children being threatened. So, uh, then this happens:


That slow neck-snap just looked very uncomfortable. We had a few scenes these past few episode that were just uncomfortable to watch and in it’s own, gruesome way I think that to be genius.
Anyway, Sophie decides that she’s got to do something for a change and stabs Klaus with the knife. Again, very uncomfortable:


What the actual-

At the Mikaelson Mansion, Jackson still tries to convince Hayley that arranged marriage = great. He says their pack lost against the vampire because they fought amongst each other and that their parents wanted to unite the families to prevent that.
He says she’ll be the leader of them, now that she found a witch to break the curse. Hayley’s really confused, because frankly, she didn’t.

Somewhere in the woods, Rebekah is making out with Oliver.


I feel like I’m overdoing it with the references today.
Anyway, it happens as it has to, Oliver wasn’t really into her but made a deal with some witches and now Rebekah gets attacked by a whole pack of werewolves.

Hayley calls Elijah, who just picks himself up, while Celeste, Bastianna and Genevieve start chanting in the cemetery. Hayley tells him that there’s something up with the witches just as a fire starts around them. They can’t get out and it’s a very close call until Elijah suddenly busts in and takes Hayley outside.
He asks about Rebekah, but Hayley doesn’t know where she is. Instead, she asks Elijah to save Jackson, which he does.

Meanwhile, Rebekah isn’t looking so good:


Genevieve arrives and takes Rebekah.

At the Mikaelson Mansion, Jackson and Hayley say their goodbyes. Hayley promises to find a way to break the curse once and for all.

Cami and Father K. leave the church, while she is desperately trying to reach Klaus. Bastianna joins them and says she isn’t going to undo the hex because Cami didn’t stab Klaus.

Elijah walks into the compound, and he’s really angry:


He stops his fit, but orders each and every vampire to help him find his siblings. He says he’s going to kill all the witches.

Speaking of witches, Sophie is about to leave town with Monique. The girl says that she doesn’t want to leave, though, because she’s a witch. She says she hoped Sophie had enough faith, but now she sees that the ancestors were right. Instead, she starts using her powers on Sophie:


Again, uncomfortable. How cruel of a sixteen year old girl to just kill her only living family like that. And I just keep thinking – will Davina be the same when she returns? Or was Monique just always crazy?


And Sophie is dead. Just dead.
From what I hear, the actress is leaving the Originals for good because she’s in the main cast of some other show now, so… I mean, Sophie was pretty useless but it’s almost painful to lose her so quickly after the death of Davina. Which is to say, I’m pretty sure Davina will be back soon. They wouldn’t kill off two main characters so quickly one after the other.

But, my, what an episode! What a cliffhanger! I’m so worried about Rebekah and Nik and so excited to see Elijah fighting for them. But – we have to wait three weeks due to the Olympics. That is just cruel.
Please, do tell me what you thought of this episode and I’ll see you sometime. Have yourself a lovely day :)


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