Recap: Vampire Diaries 5×12 – The Devil Inside

I know, I know, I’m a day late. I’ve got reasons that I won’t bother you with, just know that I won’t let it become as bad again.

So, guys. I quite surprisingly enjoyed this episode very much. It had some fun, it had some gruesome Traveller magic and Tyler Lockwood got punched in the face. What more can I ask?


He guesses she’s Elena and she says he’s right. She asks him about vervain and he reminds her that he is now only wearing a bracelet. She rips it off and tells him that she’s in fact Katherine. Matt’s sufficiently astonished.
Nadia arrives and basically wants her to hurry up. They want to make it permanent, you see? Before that, though, she needs to learn essential things about being Elena Gilbert.


Matt says she loves them both equally. Katherine rolls her eyes and then asks how Elena broke up with him.

Blood drop.

Earlier that day, Nadia chained Katherine to the bed. They were afraid that Elena might just pop up again. Nadia has to leave, though, because they need Katherine’s body in order to make the change permanent.

At the Boarding House, Damon returns from burying Katherine’s body. Stefan says that’s unfortunate, because Nadia’s there to get said corpse. They fight and for reasons unknown to me, Damon overpowers her and says that she won’t get the body – Katherine’s right where she was always meant to be. At that point, I already knew where it was and I’m guess you realize it as well, but I still won’t spoiler you.

At the Lockwood Mansion, Matt wakes Tyler up. Matt decides to throw him a welcome-back party that very night. Ugh. Who, aside from Matt, really wants to welcome Tyler back, huh?

Over at college, Caroline is stress-cleaning.


Aaron walks in and awkwardly asks for Elena, who is obviously not present. He asks Caroline to tell her that Augustine won’t be a problem, anymore. Seeing as all the money is basically Aaron’s, he cut them off.
Aaron leaves and runs straight into… Enzo! Looks like he’s pulled himself together.

Stefan and Caroline are talking on the phone. Stefan wants her help in getting Delena back together. She’s not really for it, but Stefan asks her how she’d like to be judged solely based on whom she’s attracted to. It gets really weird for a while, but Caroline manages to cover it up somehow.
Stefan wants Damon to be happy, cause if his brother is happy, then…


RIGHT. So, Caroline agrees.

In the hotel room, Katherine is alone and annoyed because Elena’s phone keeps ringing.  Suddenly, though, Elena’s consciousness breaks through again. To her credit, she very quickly realizes what’s going on. Trouble is, Nadia appears and Elena’s not exactly subtle about being herself, so Nadia calls Katherine forth again.

Over at the Grill, Damon and Stefan are playing pool.


Exactly. Damon was awful last week and he is awful this episode. Katherine was dying a.k.a is dead – at least that’s what they think – let bygones be bygones!
Anyway, Caroline arrives and says that Bonnie and Jeremy haven’t talked to Elena, either. Damon wants her to leave, but Stefan invited her to help with Elena.


I love Caroline’s expression, haha! Angrily, Damon leaves and Stefan decides that maybe they need to focus more on Elena herself.

At the hotel, Katherine is still complaining about people texting her. She forms a plan, though: Stefan invited her to Tyler’s party and she decides she’ll go and casually ask about her body.

With Matt and Tyler, we are reminded that Matt still legally owns his house. Tyler reminds him that he’ll need to invite a lot of people in tonight. The real point of it is that Caroline is coming as well.
Katherine calls Matt and asks for help. We cut to the beginning of the scene we saw at the start of this episode.

Damon comes home to find Enzo sitting in his parlour. Enzo brought Aaron in a sack and he wants Damon to kill him. See, Enzo found out that Damon kept killing Whitmores and it impressed him so much that he’s willing to give Damon another chance.

At the party, Matt invites Katherine inside. She joins  Stefan and first tries to find out if he’s sad about her death. Stefan’s fine, though. She pretends she wants to go and drop off flowers at her grave (this is all really weird), but Stefan doesn’t know where Damon put the body, either. He just tells her what Damon said: that she is where she always belonged.

Boarding House: Enzo is still trying to convince Damon to kill Aaron. Damon’s rather reluctant, though, because he fears Elena wouldn’t be in favour of that. Caroline calls and tells him that Elena’s is at the party. So, Damon swiftly snaps Enzo’s neck and compels Aaron to get in his car and drive until he reaches ice. (So – somewhere in Canada?)

At the party, Katherine tells Nadia that she figured it out: Damon put her body in the tomb. (See? Told you it was obvious.) They make to leave, but Caroline interrupts her. She wants to confess and says she’s done a bad thing; she kissed someone and then it felt really good, so she slept with him. I feel you, girl.


Haha. Katherine’s almost impressed. She assures Caroline that she isn’t awful at all, but starts asking for details so loudly that Tyler has to hear it. Caroline turns to watch as he walks away and Katherine leaves.

Katherine’s body really was in the tomb. A Traveller witch is about to do the spell. Katherine has to cut in her hand, because that’s what you need to do when you work magic on this show. The more gruesome part comes now, though: the Traveller slams a knife into the chest and cuts through the ribcage. Katherine finds this about as hard to watch as I.
Then, though, Elena’s consciousness pops through again. This time, she keeps her cool and quite convincingly play Katherine.

At the Lockwood Mansion, Tyler is really pissed. Caroline meets him and starts to apologize but he goes into attack-mode. Stefan stops him and Tyler reveals that she slept with Klaus. Stefan looks astonished, which leads Tyler to think Stefan’s on his side. Luckily, Stefan is definitely not on Team Tyler. Look:


AMAZING. Oh, this is the best. Stefan tells him that Caroline sure hasn’t deserved that. Oh, Stefan. I love you.

Meanwhile, at the tomb, Elena attempts to escape. She pushed the Traveller away and pushes a stake into Nadia before she can call Katherine forth again. She then runs outside and tries to call help, but Katherine changed her PIN. (Good thinking, Kat!)

At the tomb, the Traveller starts chanting again to complete the spell. Elena, on the run, sees various snippets of Katherine’s memory, including meeting the Mikaelsons (hey, Klaus and Elijah!) and killing Jeremy at Silas’ cave.
Anyway, she reaches the party and runs into Damon, but unfortunately, the spell gets completed just then:


Katherine draws back and Damon starts apologizing. He says she (Elena) is the one thing that brings out the good in him and that he needs her. Katherine tells him that she doesn’t want to be the only thing that he lives for and that she’s seen how he’s really a horrible person for what he did to her (Katherine) on her deathbed. Damon’s incredulous and Katherine tells him it’s over.
It’s already really confusing to recap who is who and I’m afraid it’s only going to get worse…

While all this important shit is going down, Tyler is busy feeling sorry for himself:


Maybe, just maybe, if you weren’t such a douche, you would not have to comforted by Matt, but still would have a girlfriend that probably wouldn’t have slept with your nemesis had you not broken up with her. I’m sorry if you’re a fan of Tyler, but I just… I just kind of really hate him.

At the tomb, the Traveller asks for her payment. She never gets it, because Katherine appears and rips out her heart. She hates loose ends, you see? Nadia’s pretty chill about it, too.


You know, I was a big fan of Katherine’s redemption so far, but honestly? I adore villainous, bad-ass Katherine at least as much. Maybe even more.
Nadia wants to leave Mystic Falls now, but Katherine has other plans. She wants to stay because everyone here will protect Elena and that makes her safe. Also, she wants Stefan back. As she doesn’t want to lose Nadia, though, she offers her to stay as well, which Nadia accepts.

Caroline is at the Boarding House and she asks Stefan if he thinks she’s a bad person.


Are they going there? Please tell me they aren’t going there. Keep this friendship pure, writers! No Steroline, pretty please!
On a different note – can I have a Stefan for a best friend? Like – what do I need to do to get one? I want one!

On a highway, we’re revisiting an old trick! Lying on the road so someone will stop so you can eat them. In this case, the one lying on the street is Enzo, hoping that Aaron will stop – which eh does – so Damon can eat him. It happens as it has to.


I feel bad for Aaron. Is he dead for good? Will he be back? Will anyone care?
Also – yay, evil!Damon! I’m really excited for this change and hope it will make for some interesting storylines.

So, on the whole, as I said before, I liked this episode very much. Elena kind of annoys me most of the time, so it’s rather refreshing being rid of her for a bit (as mean as it sounds seen as she’s the protagonist… #whatever). Travellers really are creepy, aren’t they? Why would you need to violate a corpse, Christ… I also loved Caroline this episode! I’m a fan of Steroline friendship (just friendship!) and that had nice moments. Also, I’d love to see an actual Caroline-Katherine friendship. How awesome would that be?
Anyway, feel free to tell me what you thought of this episode and I’ll see you – hopefully on time – next episode or over on the Originals.
Until then, have yourself a lovely day :)

P.S. Also, wordpress just told me this is my 100th post!


I think, in this metaphor, I am the Ewok, and I guess you’re kinda R2D2. Something like that. I’m happy, leave me be!


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