Recap: The Originals 1×12 – Dance Back from the Grave

Okay. This episode. It was certainly no 1×11, but it was a very good episode. Flashbacks, people, you know how I love them. Not only flashbacks, but also flashbacks featuring a  badass villain with absolute style. Had a weird accent, though.
But first things first.

First thing we learn is that the witches back in the early 1900’s called said villain into town. His name is Papa Tunde. His accent might be French, though I really have a hard time defining accents in the English language. Not all that important, though. What is important is that he practices Sacrificial Magic. It’s pretty much what it appears to be. He sacrifices people and then he kind of hijacks their power.
Over at the compound, Elijah tries to negotiate with a group of criminal werewolves. With prohibition just around the corner, the Mikaelsons want to prepare, you see? Unfortunately, they get interrupted by Papa Tunde.


If you’re wondering who these two henchmen behind the villain with swag are, they’re his sons. Twins. They brought a box, in which rests the head of the mayor. This episode started right off with the gruesome murdering.

Blood drop.

At the compound, Klaus has called the daywalkers in for a meeting. Unfortunately, he’s late. They ask Marcel, but he’s still grieving and therefore has no f**ks to give.
Klaus arrives and he has freed Thierry, which immediately gains him Diego’s sympathies.  So, then, this happens:


Acknowledgment, yay! I mean, Klaus obviously can be happy, what with recent events over in Mystic Falls, but it’s kind of harsh to rub his good mood in Marcel’s face.
Klaus tells the daywalkers to go and roughen up the witches a bit – as to keep  them on their toes until their magic fades because of the failed harvest. He wants Marcel to join, too, but Marcel’s not in the mood.

In the Quarter, Elijah is all happy because Klaus showed mercy and freed Thierry. Rebekah tells him that she convinced Klaus to do it and reveals her motives: she wants to gain allies against Klaus. Elijah isn’t pleased at all and asks her to at least not provoke their brother.

At the compound, Klaus and Marcel are arguing, because bottom line, Klaus thinks Marcel should be over it by now. Or at least pretend to be over it. They get interrupted by Diego, who tells them that they found two guys dead. Klaus promises to find and punish whoever did this.

Rebekah and Thierry go to the warehouse in which Marcel hid with Davina last episode. Thierry found another sacrifice-symbol there. Rebekah is decidedly creeped out because she remembers this is what Papa Tunde used to do.
Cue for the man to walk right in there. Rebekah attacks him but he grabs her mid-speed and starts chanting (in French, by the way, so I was right).


Creepy. And pretty damn impressive, too. Poor Rebekah! Especially since Thierry just runs out of there. Coward.

Over at the compound, Klaus is out for blood. He orders Diego to grab every vampire available by nighttime and hunt the murdered down. Diego’s not thrilled:


He demands to know who will fight for him, but no one steps forward. Angrily, Klaus decides to take matters into his own hands.

At Rousseau’s, Cami is trying to call Sophie, but the witch won’t answer her phone. Marcel walks in as she hangs up. He’s looking for Sophie, too. Because if you have a witch problem, you need to ask the most incompetent witch around.
Marcel tells Cami that Davina is dead and she immediately assumes it was Klaus’ fault. It really wasn’t! I know I always defend him but this time it really wasn’t his fault! Marcel tells her so much.

In the Room of Ridiculous Rage, Hayley is still looking at the pictures Davina drew. Elijah walks in and tells her that they’ve got a problem. She’s pissed that they only get to talk when there’s trouble. Quite frankly, I’m still angry at her, even if Elijah has forgiven her. Also, she says Klaus doesn’t allow them to hang out. He encouraged you just last episode, girl! WHAT?

At Rousseau’s, Cami is inquiring about Klaus. Marcel’s figured it out, though: she wants to get back at Klaus for using her. To drive his point home, he flashbacks to 1919:


Sorry, I really don’t know how that gif got in there.
Marcel has returned from WW I. He meets Rebekah first, but she ignores him until he asks her if she isn’t going to welcome him home.


Haha, Rebekah! Oh, I love her. Of course, a little less when she’s busy backstabbing, but still, I love her.
Klaus and Elijah greet him much more warmly. They tell him of Papa Tunde. Klaus just wants to kill him while Elijah opts for negotiating. In the meantime, though, they invited the witch to the party.

At the warehouse, Papa Tunde tells Celeste that he channeled Rebekah’s power and now he’s going to make Klaus suffer.

Klaus calls Marcel again. He wants him to join in searching for the culprit. Marcel tells him he’s at Rousseau’s and is going to wait for Sophie. Then he hangs up.
Sophie doesn’t show at Rousseau’s, but meets Klaus instead.

At the compound, Elijah is worried about Rebekah. He goes to speak to Thierry, who just sits there, drinking. What a twerp! Leaving Rebekah, all right, he’s not suicidal, but why didn’t he go and get help? Ugh. At least now, he tells Elijah the truth. Elijah, in turn, knocks him against the wall. That was satisfying.
Hayley wants to accompany Elijah. He says she should stay right at the compound.


So these two are off to save the day again. That’s their thing, so fine.

At Rousseau’s, Marcel continues his story.
Klaus finally decided that he doesn’t care about Elijah’s negotiations. Instead, he found the source of Papa Tunde’s power: he channels his sons. So, Klaus got rid of this little problem:


I’m legit shuddering at the cruelty of this move. This show is so awesome. Then, Klaus proceeds to kill Papa Tunde by crushing his skull. It’s gruesome, too, but we just saw the head of two boys in a box, so…

Just then, Papa Tunde appears at Rousseau’s. Marcel orders Cami to run before the villain attacks.
Cami does the one clever thing and calls up Klaus to get his help.

Over at the warehouse, Elijah and Hayley have found Rebekah’s body, but there’s a protection spell around her so they can’t enter. Elijah calls up Sophie to ask advice. She says they’d need something more powerful to break it. Elijah suggests witch-blood and Sophie says that’d work.

At Rousseau’s, Papa Tunde is monologuing instead of getting right to the killing. He repeatedly calls Klaus Marcel’s father and even though we all knew that this relationship was sort of like that, it’s still really weird to have it spelled out like that.
Klaus shows up and now the fight is on between these two.

So, at the warehouse, they figured out that the baby is not only a vampire and a werewolf, but also a witch, because now that they buried Esther, her last living descendant became a witch. Sure. Whatever you say, show. Anyway, this happens:


Gosh, Hayley, suck it up.
Anyway, they drop the blood onto the protection ring and it works!

At Rousseau’s, Papa Tunde comes very close to defeating Klaus, when the spell breaks and Tunde’s power fades. Klaus throws him away and the witch disappears. Cami appears and she worries only about Marcel.


Er… okay. Like, I’m so confused. Who does Cami like? Who likes Cami? Has this scene anything to do with anything? Do I care about Cami? That is a definite no. #sorrynotsorry

In an alley, Rebekah confronts Thierry, who says that in the end, everyone has to fight for themselves. She’s pissed but before she can kill him, Elijah appears and snaps Thierry’s neck.
He chides her for conspiring against Niklaus, but Rebekah has finally had enough.


Elijah says they all need to make sacrifices and she calls him a hypocrite, for he risks everything in favour of Hayley.


As much as I love Elijah, I feel like she’s right. Elijah talks a great deal about family and he does do a lot for Klaus, but shouldn’t he care just as much about Rebekah? Niklaus, being the troublemaker in this family, gets all the attention  while Rebekah is often left to herself. That’s not to say I’m in favour of her betraying everybody, but I understand her. And I feel for her.

Marcel and Rebekah meet and we flashback again.
1919!Marcel confesses to 1919!Rebekah that he brought Papa Tunde into town, because he hoped that Klaus would be so preoccupied he wouldn’t even notice that he and Rebekah start up again. Like – what?? Anyway, they made another plan straight up. You want shit to get done, you need to get the real thing into town. So, they figured they’d just go and invite Mikael.
SERIOUSLY, REBEKAH? You don’t gain any sympathies for that. (On a different note, do you think we’ll see Mikael again? Cause, despite everything, I’d like that.)

At the compound, Klaus gives a speech. He only wants those who really want to fight for him and the town. All others he more or less kindly asks to leave. Thierry says he’ll go since he doesn’t owe Klaus any loyalty. He leaves, but Diego, as well as many others, stays.
Later on, Marcel compliments Klaus because he thought he’d lose more. They meet with Sophie, who explains that it has to be the Harvest, the power just went to these other witches instead of to Davina and the girls. Marcel hopes that maybe, they can transfer the power back, but Klaus first wants to make sure that Papa Tunde is stopped.

Trouble is, Papa Tunde went and killed all the vampires in the Garden, meaning he channeled all their power, which obviously is a lot.
In the cemetery, Tunde completes his magic. Celeste walks up to him and asks if he’s ready. He says yes and hands her his creepy knife. She thanks him and then slits his throat. What is it with this show and slit throats?

I think it was a very good episode. I liked Papa Tunde as a villain, he had swag, you know? Still, I think it’s a good thing he’s already killed off, I keep thinking someone so powerful would get redundant after a while. Which gets me to Celeste – what is her deal? What exactly is her plan? What’s her problem with everyone? I don’t know!
Rebekah – I was torn this week, on the one hand I feel for her, on the other, I hate betrayal, so I’m not all on Team Rebekah right now. I don’t care for Cami or for Hayley right now, though she may redeem herself. What’s the deal with Sophie? I’m not sure.

So, tell me what you thought of this episode and I’ll see you next week or over on the Vampire Diaries recap.
Have yourself a lovely day :)


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