Recap: The Originals 1×11 – Après Moi, Le Déluge

My God, what an episode! It was absolutely terrific, possibly their best so far! Important things with a huge impact actually happened, emotions were running high, characters were at their best and to top it off, we left this episode with an amazing cliffhanger. In short, this episode was epic. SO GOOD. TVD, look at this. This is what I want.

Huh. Let’s get started.
We get a introductory voice-over, as usual, but fitting this episode, it’s better than usual. Elijah talks about the importance of witches and how they were called in different languages. (His pronunciation of ‘Hexe’ is hilarious. You’ve got to work on your German, Daniel…)
Anyway, we cut to see him and Hayley still looking at the drawing of Celeste. Klaus walks in and says Davina thought Celeste to be evil. Elijah doesn’t believe that.

Up in the Room of Ridiculous Rage, Marcel walks in with a tray of food. In her anger (which is not ridiculous as the name suggests, for her love interest was poisoned) she throws Marcel against the wall. He wants to make up, but she doesn’t want to. Instead, she sends several objects at him, which he ducks and so they crash against the wall.

Downstairs, Elijah says that Klaus maybe shouldn’t have killed the boy.


I sort of wish I could be more angry at Klaus for killing Tim, but I see him smile and I forget. Can you blame me?
In Davina’s room, she’s still throwing things at Marcel, when suddenly, she starts coughing up dirt. Actual dirt. All over her duvet. It’s such a shame. Klaus bursts in and just comments ‘Bloody hell’.

Downstairs (what an awfully long opening sequence), Hayley tries to tell Elijah that she went through his things to see where he buried Celeste. She doesn’t get to do it, though, because the whole house starts shaking due to a Davina-caused earthquake.

Blood drop.

After the earthquake, Klaus wants to know how Marcel controlled Davina before. He says he didn’t need to and something is wrong with the girl. Elijah decides that he needs to talk to Sophie & Co. to see what they know about this.

As he goes to leave, Hayley stops him and fesses up. Elijah’s angry and most of all seems disappointed. Celeste didn’t want her magic to be used by the New Orleans’ witches, see, and therefore didn’t want to be buried there. He promised he would bury her some place else and now he feels he broke it.
Elijah, dear. I feel you, but this really isn’t your fault. The odds just weren’t in your favour, mate. So just be appropriately angry at Hayley for going through your stuff and be done with it.

At the cemetery, Sophie tells Sabine that she doesn’t care she needed to dig up bones if it means she gets her niece back. (Remember, the girl died in the harvest). Elijah turns up and says that he cares, all right. He orders Sophie to come with him.

At the compound, Elijah wants to know how it can be that Davina kept drawing Celeste while Sophie dug her bones up. Sophie says she has no idea, just as the house starts shaking again.


I find it hilarious that the Mikaelsons are just unnerved that it happens again. I’m still trying to decide which of their expressions was the best. What do you think?
Sophie says they need to complete the harvest. Davina holds too much power that she can’t control. Eventually, that will destroy all of New Orleans. Marcel clearly doesn’t think that to be a very good idea, but just then, the wind starts up.

Elijah and Klaus walk outside and they agree that the harvest needs to be completed. Marcel jumps down and punches Klaus in the face. Legit. I feel like that needed to be done eventually.
Anyway, Elijah tells him he believes that the girls will be resurrected. Both Mikaelsons figure that they need to do it or else New Orleans will be destroyed and they won’t let that be done to the city they built.
Marcel takes off, fuming.


That was plainly hilarious. ‘I love people’ might just be my favourite Klaus quote to date.
Klaus goes to warn a few people and Elijah goes off to join Sophie and Sabine when they consecrate Celeste’s bones.

Predictably, Marcel goes and kidnaps a sleeping Davina.

At the cemetery, Elijah watches on as the witches do their ritual work with the bones. He turns away and Sabine joins him, telling him he doesn’t need to be here. Elijah says that yes, he does, for he basically really loved Celeste. Sabine is being the kind of weird that suggest there’s something more to it.
Just then, Rebekah calls him:


These two. They all agree to split up and go searching for Marcel and Davina.

Klaus wants to go check Kieran’s church. On his way outside, he meets Hayley, who prepares food for the werewolves in the bayou. He grabs the cartons from her and orders her to come with him.

Elijah is with Sabine, who tries to do a locator spell. Trouble is, Davina has so much magic, she’s practically everywhere. Elijah asks Sabine to concentrate and try again.

At an abandoned warehouse, Davina wakes up and throws Marcel against the wall again. She accuses him of wanting to kill her, but he assures her that he won’t let anyone hurt her.

At the church, Klaus has made sure all the werewolves of his bloodline are safe. Kieran thanks him for all the things he did to support these people. Klaus asks K. if he’s seen Davina and Marcel, but the priest hasn’t. So Klaus tells him to make an effort and find them.
Hayley is astonished when Klaus tells her about the werewolves. She says this family gets more complicated by the second.


He’s so good this episode! Do you see that? Kind, sweet, self-aware Niklaus. It’s so refreshing after last episode, where he was really out of line. Now, though, caring for others, giving valuable advice to Hayley, I love it!

At the cemetery, Sabine still hasn’t found Davina. Sophie walks in and says consecrating Celeste’s bones didn’t work. There’s no magic left. She says that unless Elijah knows some super-powerful dead witch that was never consecrated, they’re done.
Elijah says, yes, he knows one. His mother!

The good thing is, Klaus still stores his mother’s dead body in the basement. They need to bury her on land owned by one of her descendants (they’re all dead – except for the baby! So, they’ll need Hayley’s help, too), they can channel the magic and give it to Sophie to use. Rebekah’s not pleased, but Klaus is.


Rebekah says she doesn’t want to give all that power to their enemies. Klaus reminds her that this is not a democracy and Elijah says that in fact, it’s family, so they need to decide together, unanimously (I’m only adding that word, because I need to know it for my English exam and I just couldn’t get it in my head. Now I can. Thank you, Elijah).
Just then it starts raining, and Rebekah, seeing shit just got real, relents.


He’s so merry about it, it’s hilarious.

They go and bury Esther on the plantation, each cutting into their hand with the same knife. Klaus reminds them ‘Always and Forever’ and it does have a rather creepy symmetry to a 1000 years back when they first buried their mother.
(Was she never in that grave? Did he dig her up again? I HAVE NO IDEA.)

At the warehouse, Davina says she knows she’s dying and she thinks it’s selfish to take everyone else out with her.


Rebekah is in the Garden. It’s even raining there and I’m not sure why a place built as a basement is leaking, but whatever. Thierry is absolutely pissed because he doesn’t feel drowning is a great thing. She tells him that if he doesn’t help her, he’ll burn instead. Thierry tells her of the warehouse.

So basically, Rebekah rushes over there as Davina tells Marcel of her most recent dream (Tim played a self-composed song and kissed her). Rebekah says that sounds beautiful, but it was only a dream. Marcel tells her to get out just as Davina starts coughing up water. Rebekah tells him that yes, he needs to fight for Davina, but waiting it out will kill her for sure.

So, Marcel takes Davina to the cemetery. Sophie asks her if she believes in the harvest and Davina says she believes.


If it weren’t sad enough, that theme that always plays in touching Mikaelson family moments plays in the background and I’m very close to tears.
Also, how brutal is this show? We’ve seen a lot over the years over on TVD, but whoa.

Sophie calls to the her witchy ancestors to bring back the girls. She calls again and again, but nothing happens. She breaks down crying and now I’m sobbing for good.


No words. Just tears.

Klaus follows Marcel, who is wrecking the compound. He accuses Klaus of bringing all this on, saying that he doesn’t care about the town or the vampires. Davina is dead.
So Klaus goes and hugs him.


Sobbing again.
Klaus says he understands, because back when he fled NOLA and thought Marcel was dead, he felt the same way and couldn’t speak his name for years for he grieved so much.
God, Klaus. Deep, deep down, he is a good guy.

On the streets, Elijah and Hayley meet. She asks him if he’s ready to forgive her yet and I HATE HER AGAIN. This is your apology? What the hell?
Anyway, Elijah tells her that Celeste still means very much too him, for love is so rare and he only found it twice in all his years.
She says she lives in the now and that she won’t chose the dead over the living. Ugh. Then she says sorry. Ugh.
Anyway, then this happens:


Am I imagining it or does she look pissed? God, I would have been pissed had he kissed her after this half-hearted apology.
You were getting better, Hayley, you were. And now look at you.

At the compound, Klaus poured himself and Rebekah a drink. He compliments her on having been quite resourceful and says maybe he doesn’t always give her her due. Rebekah tells him she really thought it would work and Klaus says, he, too, thought Davina would survive for she was so full of life.
Rebekah says she wonders where all the power of the four witches went.

At the cemetery, we see someone praciticing Voodoo magic, while two women and a man come back to life. They wander the streets and conveniently meet up. They wonder who brought them back. Sabine shows up and says it was her.
Oh, one of the dead is actually one of the Elders that died at the first Harvest. She recognizes Sabine, who says she’s been called that for far too long. Please use her real name. Celeste.

Oh my God, this is awesome. This whole episode was awesome! Devastating, of course. Davina is dead! I really hope they bring her back. Klaus proved to be a good man this episode, him comforting Marcel was truly touching, as were the scenes with Marcel and Davina. I even felt bad for Sophie, and I hate her.
It was all so good.
So, I’ll see you next week or over on the Vampire Diaries which celebrated its 100th episode this week. Good times there as well!
Until then, have yourself a lovely day :)


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