Recap: The Originals 1×10 – The Casket Girls

Well, well, well, will you look at that? This is me. On time. Shocking, I know.
I’m just so happy TO is back. Joseph Morgan is on my screen. Things are good, people, very good.

And this episode – it was mental! So many things happened!  Then, at the end, we’re pretty much exactly where we left off, but we did a hell of a lot of stuff to get there! Let’s get right to it.

We start with a flashback. Louisiana, 1751, it says. We see a carriage, in which ride three casket girls. ( I linked to wikipedia right there to spare myself the explanation. I’m lazy, sue me.)
Point is, they get attacked by a crowd of rather unpleasant men. They start screaming as the carriages sways, but then we just hear the characteristic murder-by-vampire sounds. The one man riding with them opens the door and gets eaten as well. Who came to these virtuous girls’ rescue, you ask? It was Claire Holt in a wig!


‘Us girls have got to stick together’ she says. Gosh, Bekah, it’s good to have you on my screen again…

Blood drop.

In present day, New Orleans is preparing for the annual Casket Girl Festival. Because what kind of episode would this be if there was no big party to be celebrated?

In Cami’s apartment, Davina still tries to free her of the compulsion. Josh is there as well. I love Josh to no end. I can’t really tell you why, but he’s just awesome. Back on track, Cami doesn’t remember anything so far but she wants to keep going because memories = good.

Meanwhile, Hayley tries to get into a casket girl costume but she can’t zip it up. Elijah’s more than ready to help of course. Then, she decides that it doesn’t fit very well


and asks him to unzip it again.


This served absolutely no purpose, plot-wise, but it was still nice to watch. The tension is killing me, man.

Rebekah is sorting through possible dresses when Marcel walks up to her. She’s not having any of his bullshit and tells him he has ‘relinquished the right to touch [her]’. Awesome.
Marcel answers his phone and it’s Klaus, who tells him that Davina is gone.

In Cami’s apartment, they almost made it. Cami gets some weird flashbacks as she remembers being compelled and also, her nose started to bleed. That’s not good, I guess. Medically.

Marcel and Klaus are discussing Davina’s sudden disappearances. Elijah joins them and gets immediately accused of kidnapping the witch by Marcel. Elijah tells him that he did nothing of the sort and this happens:


Oh, Elijah.
I think I like this series so much because of the large amount of characters that I absolutely love.

Downstairs, Hayley confesses to Rebekah that she told Davina that the Witch Elders were dead. Rebekah is more exasperated than upset, but promises not to tell Klaus because she’s no fan of the “boys club”.

On to characters that I do not like. Right, I’m speaking of Sophie Devereux. We finally learn what she’s done all those episodes that she was not on screen. Apparently, she’s been boning everyone whom she laid eyes on. It’s a way to deal with things, I guess. Her friend Sabine tells her that Davina’s escaped Marcel and Klaus and that means they can work magic to find her. They’re both very excited about that prospect and decide to get right to it.

In Cami’s apartment, Davina realizes that someone is practicing magic to locate her. They make plans for escape, but have to leave Josh behind because he’s still got no ring and the sun is up. Cami wants to go to Father K. but Davina tells her that K. knew about vampires and compulsion all along. Cami’s taken aback, but wants to go see him, anyways.

Sophie calls Hayley. So far, every plan Sophie made was straight-up crazy, but this is the craziest of them all. She offers Hayley to lift the curse on her werewolf family if she helps bringing Celeste back to life. Celeste, Elijah’s dead witchy girlfriend. Bringing back the dead can never be good, Sophie. Get a grip.

Cami and Davina are on the street and it’s suddenly nighttime. RIGHT. Okay, whatever. They spot Klaus and decided to hurry away. Klaus meets with Elijah and Marcel who are both anxious. Klaus makes up a plan real quick. He spotted Tim, Davina’s violin-playing crush, on the street, you see.

We cut to Josh, who calls Cami. She doesn’t answer her phone, but he really wants to know where they are now that the sun is down. After he hangs up, Klaus calls him.


Josh tries to feed him some lie about being in Turkey (where they don’t eat much turkey, apparently) but Klaus doesn’t buy it. He wants Davina to come ‘home’ or Tim will suffer.
So Josh calls Cami. She promises they’ll make a plan and text him again. Davina wants to leave to save Tim, but Cami holds her back.
They don’t get to much plan-making, though. Three witches walk in and start chanting. They knock Cami out before Davina whips out her amazing witchy powers. Look at that:


Man, that girl is ruthless. But awesome as well. This episode is all about girl power. I approve!

So, then, Davina walks off towards Klaus’ Compoud.


She goes to meet Klaus, anyway because TIM.
Klaus has him sitting on beam and playing the violin.


Elijah doesn’t approve of using Tim as a bait, but Klaus has no fucks to give. Davina arrives and she’s definitely not amused. Both Marcel and Elijah try to assure her but she doesn’t trust them, either. Klaus approaches her and Davina finally snaps.


And then, guys, she magic-snaps Klaus’ neck. KLAUS’ NECK. That’s some seriously impressive shit going down right there.
It doesn’t stop there. She makes Elijah choke on blood (which, RUDE. You don’t let Elijah choke on blood).
Then, Marcel tries to make her forgive him, but she doesn’t. before she can attack him as well, Marcel gets stabbed and drops to the floor. It’s Rebekah!
Rebekah convinces Davina to trust her, for one because she brought Josh and Josh is the awesomest of awesome and secondly, because she’s letting Tim come down from the beam. He says Klaus compelled him not to climb down.


She goes over and catches him. I love Rebekah so much this episode.
Rebekah says she has yet another reason not to trust Marcel and leads the trio down to the Garden. They’re all decidedly creeped out by that.
Tim offers Davina something to drink and she takes a sip before Tim suddenly breaks down. As it turns out, he’s been poisoned and was compelled to give Davina the water, in which there is poison as well.

Father K. wakes Cami up. He’s all ‘you fainted!’, but she quickly calls him out on all his lies. He says he only did it to protect her and she says he’s every bit as bad as all the other monsters in this city. Then she just turns around and leaves.
I have to give Cami some credit for her backbone.

Over at the compound, Marcel is the last to wake up. Klaus has meanwhile called Rebekah, who is appropriately upset about killing Tim and Davina. Klaus has no f**ks to give for moral values.
Marcel and Elijah both are about as pissed as Rebekah.


It wasn’t a good episode for Klaus’ likability.
Fortunately for Davina, Elijah and Marcel had foreseen that Klaus would do something harsh.  So when Father K. called Marcel to inform him of the slaughtered witches, Marcel made his way over to the church ASAP. When exactly that happened, I don’t know, but timelines are such a bore, why should the writers be bothered with that?
So, Marcel watched on as Sabine, previously killed by Davina, came back to life due to some protection spell she enacted. I’m a huge WTF right now, see, why didn’t they just cast a protection spell back in Season 2 when they were so worried about Elena being sacrificed? Why kill off  Uncle John if you can just randomly resurrect people??? I don’t understand. The contrivance has entered The Originals.
Sabine agrees to just cast a protection spell on Davina, so the girl will come back to life.  Tim, unfortunately, will stay dead.

Davina awakes again and starts sobbing over Tim’s dead body. It’s breaking my heart.
Later on, Rebekah walks into the compound, carrying Davina in her arms.


It’s both devastating and beautiful. She hands her off to Marcel, who carries Davina to her bedroom.
Rebekah doesn’t even say anything to Klaus, they just exchanges looks before she turns around and leaves.


Again, sad but beautiful. These two are just amazing actors. Rebekah transports all that disgust and anger by just the mere look and I like to think that Klaus maybe realized that he was over the line.

Up in Davina’s bedroom, Elijah joins Marcel who set her down on her bed. Elijah notices some of the horrible drawings Davina made. Marcel says she claimed it was something evil that she painted.

Klaus wanders the streets and comes upon Cami. He’s astounded because he had compelled her to leave town.


The sad thing is, in his own, very twisted way Klaus actually likes Cami and he wanted to keep her both close and protected. He did go about it all wrong of course, and that doesn’t make it right, but still that look gets me. My Klaus feels are still there, people! I almost got through this episode without them, but nope. They’re back full force.
Also, what’s going on Cami? Exposing Klaus to the world? Who exactly will believe your story about a thousand year old vampire-werewolf hybrid? WHAT UP, EMPTY THREAT?

In the Garden, Rebekah has awoken Thierry. She wants his help in taking over New Orleans herself. Honey, did you forget the last time you tried to take Klaus down? It was disastrous. WHATEVER, I like Thierry, so I’m glad he’s back.

At the compound, Elijah is sorting through the evil pictures. Hayley joins him as he puts the pictures together like a puzzle.


It’s Celeste! Further proof that raising the dead is a stupid idea.
Speaking of which, Hayley calls Sophie, who has found Celeste’s grave and is digging up her coffin.

Over all, it was a good episode. At the end, we’re right back where we started, Davina is back and angry, Rebekah and Klaus are at odds, Sophie’s stupid and Hayley and Elijah still haven’t acted on their feelings.
But still! This episode was all about girl power! Davina was amazing (and gosh, Danielle Campbell is so pretty), Rebekah was plain great and even Cami gained some likability by calling people out on their bullshit.

Do tell me what you thought of this episode and I’ll see you next week either here on over on TVD’s 100th episode (the Australian promo very heavily hinted at some Klaroline goodness and PLEASE SHOW, MAKE IT HAPPEN).
Anyway, until then, have yourself a lovely day :)


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