Recap: Vampire Diaries 5×10 – Fifty Shades of Grayson

First off, seriously?? A Fifty Shades of Grey references? Because that’s such a good book, yes? Everyone who thinks Fifty Shades is a good book deserves to be injected with Frankenfield’s Vampire Cannibal Poison.
And so we keep in style, this episode was not a good one. It’s full of plotholes and contrivance and shitty characters (Enzo, I’m talking to you). Last year, the midseason finale showed us Klaus killing off all his hybrids and Carol Lockwood with Christmas carols playing in the background. It was awesome. The year before, Klaus killed Mikael at Homecoming and Stefan kidnapped all of Klaus’ family. It was dramatic. This year this happened.
I can only hope that all the energy and goodness went into the 100th episode which will be next and is said to be a crowd pleaser, so – yay?

Anyway. Let’s get this over with.

Damon almost breaks his arm by trying to grab a bullet with which Aaron shot him last episode. He manages to grab it, puts it in the lock, hits it with a loose rock and thus makes it explode.
To sum it up: He just broke free after, IDK, two days. But he didn’t manage to find a way to break out in five years. And Enzo hasn’t found a way since he was captured in the 40’s. Does this make any sense? No.

Blood drop.

At the Salvatore Boarding House, Katherine wakes up in Stefan’s bed but her good mood soon turns into a bad mood because she found a gray lock. She wraps herself completely in the blanket and attempts to get out without Stefan noticing.


Haha, oh, Katherine… She gets dressed and downstairs where she meets Damon who just quickly drove over to Mystic Falls from college, that is about 2 hours away, even though he hasn’t found Elena.

Katherine tells Damon that she has spent the night with Stefan.



Frankenfield has Elena still tied up and he’s running his experiments in a new location which Elena might or might not recognize, we don’t learn that just yet. All I know is that Frankenfield starts to creep me out for good.

So then, Damon grabs Stefan and the two head off to college again. Seriously? Couldn’t he just have called instead of driving back and forth? They usually call each other about everything! WTF, show?
So Damon and Stefan quickly drove back to college, only to harrass poor Aaron.


LOL. The Police.

Over at Frankenfield’s lab, he’s draining Elena of blood. He rambles about how she lost a lot of blood but is still conscious. She asks him how he justifies this madness and he just says, “science”. Get off my screen, Frankenfield.
To top it all, he reveals that the notes he’s reading from are those of Elena’s father.

Over at college, Aaron says he has no clue where Frankenfield is. The Salvatores tell him to call the mad scientist, pronto, or they’ll simply kill Aaron.

Elena finally figures out that they’re in her Dad’s old lab. Right in the Mystic Falls. They burnt the Tomb Vampires in there in Season 1. This lab doesn’t look very burned. Am I missing something here?
So Aaron calls up Frankenfield, who just walks outside, right onto the streets of Mystic Falls where nobody is wondering why he just left that empty and burnt building. RIGHT. Aaron informs him about the death threat and Frankenfield says they’ll meet in his classroom.
Then, he walks inside again and wakes up Enzo! Hello, Enzo! He injects him with some poison or other and tells him to come back after taking care of things up at college.

So, wait.
Let’s just recapitulate. Last episode, Aaron punched Frankenfield in the face and then went and shot Damon. So, subsequently, Frankenfield left Damon in his cell, but took Elena and Enzo to Mystic Falls for new experiments, which he could have done in the original lab. And now he sends Enzo off again for a ‘quick’ trip to campus.

On to better things. Really.
Katherine is training in the woods with Matt! Awesome. She’s not doing so good, though. She feels she’s going deaf and her eyesight starts getting really bad. Just a few impressions, if you want them:


Oh, Katherine…
Nadia arrives. She found the suicide note and she doesn’t appreciate it. She slaps Katherine and I think of it as figuratively slapping the writers for making Katherine attempt suicide.

So, the Salvatores and Aaron are on their way to Frankenfield’s classroom. They take their sweet time, probably so Enzo has time to get there. Man, IDK, I don’t really understand this episode. Anyway, Damon tells Stefan about the years he was tortured and Stefan is appropriately upset until Aaron interrupts them.


Sassy Stefan is the best version of Stefan.

At the Boarding House, Katherine tells Nadia she changed her mind about living because of a ‘who’. It screams Stefan, but Nadia obviously thinks Katherine’s talking about her. Katherine wonders if she’ll ever be forgiven and Nadia assures her that she will. She even has an idea how to prolong Katherine’s life!

At the lab, Elena gets lost in flashback times. When she was five or so, she dropped a ball and it fell into the cellar and she heard electro-sounds from the hidden lab!
What exactly was her father thinking, though? Letting a five-year-old play upstairs, alone, while he experiments on vampires in a underground torture-laboratory?  What the hell?
Frankenfield reveals that Grayson wasn’t just mindlessly torturing, no, he wanted to use vampire blood to cure diseases and whatnot. That still doesn’t justify the torture, though.

We cut to college. The trio walks into Frankenfield’s classroom and they find – no surprise – Enzo.
Enzo reallyreallyreally wants to complain, you see? So, he goes to tell the horrible story about how Damon left him.
I’ll be honest right now. If I had been in a fire, and I’d had a friend locked in a cage, ‘course I’d make an effort to break them out. But if I couldn’t, I would go and save myself. And I’d feel terrible about it, but I would do it. We all would. Enzo would’ve, too,  if the fortunes were reversed.
I’m not saying he should forget all about it, but maybe set priorities? Like, escaping, for example. Not Enzo, no. He throws a fit because the others don’t pay proper attention and downright refuses when Damon offers to just help him get away.

Meanwhile, Elena figured out that Enzo killed Megan, her roommate of one episode.
Stefan calls up Frankenfield again who threatens to kill Elena if they kill Aaron. Stefan’s unfazed.

On to the only plotline I properly care about. Nadia suggested that they just transfer Katherine’s spirit into another body. It would work, she says, because Katherine’s father was a Traveler. (You don’t really need to be a Traveler to do that, though. Klaus is not a Traveler and he does that spirit-jump-thing all the time.)
Katherine’s not thrilled, because Stefan appears to like her in this body and she doesn’t want to lose that. Nadia finally figures out Kat only cares about forgiveness by Stefan and not so much by her daughter. Fuming, she walks out. The usual stuff between these two.

At this time, Aaron and Stefan have left so that Aaron can show him some info Frankenfield gave him on Augustine.
Meanwhile, Enzo throws Damon out of the window and onto a car. He stumbles out after him.
(Does he have a ring? Where? I don’t… and even if he has, aren’t these supposed to be super rare? Where did he get them? WHAT’S HAPPENING?)
Anyway, Enzo’s dessicating due to the poison Frankenfield injected him with.

In Aaron’s dorm, he tries to shoot Stefan, but Stefan’s quicker. Aaron encourages him to just kill him already as to not give Damon the satisfaction.


Seriously? I honestly don’t think you have any reason to be all holier-than-thou, Ripper.
Anyway, it convinces Aaron and he hands him the files.

In flashback times, Grayson caught Elena in the basement. She heard someone screaming but he says not to worry about it. He tells her he is going to save a little girl.
In present time, Elena figures that must have been Megan (explains the picture on Megan’s phone. That sure was anticlimatic…).
Also, Frankenfield has developed a Vampire Cannibal Poison, which causes vampires to only crave vampire blood. He plans to inject Elena with it and already has the syringe in her chest (why in her chest????) before he gets stopped by Stefan.
Luckily, he hasn’t released the contents, so they just pull the syringe out and nothing happened.


So, they’re starting up again. Awesome. (<– sarcasm)

Outside the Grill, Nadia gives the Traveler’s knife, which never served any purprose so far, to Matt. They bond over crappy mothers and flirt a little.
Something about the idea of Matt and Katherine’s 500 year old daughter is rather traumatic.

In Frankenfield’s lab, Enzo awakes. Damon just injected him with various ‘antidotes’. Why didn’t Enzo do this in the first place? Kill Frankenfield, stab himself with antidote and begone. Whatever. I feel like I’m trying to understand something that doesn’t want to be understood.
They fight and Enzo accuses Damon of just being a monster.

At the Boarding House, Elena is recovering. Also, she’s reading Grayson’s files and found the passage about saving Megan. Damon says all that doesn’t make her father any better. She says she can’t help defending him and Damon tells her he knows that, because she always defends him as well.


GOD, DAMON. He worked so hard, so long to be with Elena and then he listens to Enzo, who’s petty and mean and dumb. Really? But I mean, all right. We need to keep up the love triangle.
Do you still care about the love triangle? I know I don’t. Just… don’t date each other anymore. I honestly don’t care.

Up in Stefan’s bedroom, Katherine wants to talk. As it turns out, Stefan is not head-over-heels for her, which was rather predictable. He says that after almost 150 years, he can’t just forgive her.


Oh, Katherine, you break my heart.


I am, too.

Aaron obviously just drove over to Mystic Falls, as well. There’s no reason or any hint as to how he knew the location, I just… whatever, whatever.
He fights with Frankenfield and then grabs the syringe. Uh oh! Then, he tells Frankenfield that he never wants to see him again.

Katherine calls Nadia and says she changed her mind and wants to do the body-switch thing. Before they can make it definite, though, this happens:


I don’t want them to kill her off, pretty, pretty, please. Katherine’s the best! She can’t just die!
At least, the next episode (the 100th!) will evolve around Katherine so I’m excited! I don’t really think they’ll kill her off, but I might just be wrong. Let’s hope they don’t.

Feel free to share your thoughts on this episode with me (Did you like it better than I did??? How do you explain the plotholes away?) and I’ll see you soon as The Originals has started up again and the next episode of TVD will air next week!
Until then, take care and have yourself a lovely day :)


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