Recap: The Vampire Diaries 5×09 – The Cell

I feel so productive today, getting things done (In the past two hours, I went grocery shopping, set up my new printer and repaired my kitchen cabinet.). I feel really good. So I decided to get even more done and do this. There go my next two hours. *sigh*

But will you look at that! It’s a flashback episode! I love flashback episodes.  What’s not to love?

We start right up with it. Flashback to 1953. Damon walks into the Boarding House which appears to be new. His – er – relative Joseph greets him and says that Stefan hasn’t called. See, last time Damon and Stefan talked was in that WW II flashback we had last season and Damon left him, so… things are tense or something. Aren’t they always, though? IDK.
Anyway, Joseph Salvatore is not a nice fellow, indeed he has sold his vampire ancestor out to Augustine. Damon manages to kill him, but still gets captured by these not so secret guys.

In present time, Dr Frankenfield has locked Damon up in his lab.

Blood drop.

We cut to the Boarding House where Stefan told Katherine that it would be great to write in a diary.

Source :

Oh, Katherine.
Anyway, Stefan is still suffering from his trauma. Caroline arrives and brought the safe. Because of course.

At college, Elena meets with Aaron, who just learned that Jesse “committed suicide”. The two bond over the fact that all their problems (a.k.a. people dying around them) followed them to college even though they wanted to start fresh.
Elena’s got more important things on her plate than Jesse’s death, though. Damon has disappeared and Elena suspects it has something to do with Frankenfield. She doesn’t say so, cause Aaron’s Frankenfield’s charge and whatnot. Aaron agrees to help.

Flashback. Damon’s strapped to a table and tries to compel Dr. Whitmore (Frankenfield’s predecessor) to let him go. It’s a futile attempt of course. So Damon tries out his charm next.


Sadly, Whitmore isn’t charmed and he stabs his eyes. It’s ugly and scary and I DON’T WANNA SEE IT.

Frankenfield tells Damon that he’s taken madness to a whole new level, though: he reveals that he wants to make vampires crave vampire blood. Damon is not amused and Frankenfield looks so pleased with himself, it’s creepy.

On Campus, Elena reveals to Aaron that she knows Megan was murdered and that she killed Jesse that she assumes the not so secret secret society is covering these two murders up. Aaron’s confused and wants to talk to Frankenfield before he judges. Applause for Aaron, the only one sane in this madhouse.
They arrive at Whitmore House and Elena tries to cover up the fact that she can’t get in. Conveniently, Aaron invites her in because he technically owns this house. He’s a Whitmore, you see? He owns the freakin’ place.
Elena spots her father in one of the pictures. As she wonders about it, Frankenfield arrives and reveals her father was a part of Augustine before injecting Elena with vervain.

At the Boarding House, Caroline tries to get Stefan into the safe to face his trauma. He doesn’t think that’s a good idea.

At College, Aaron thinks Frankenfield kidnapping people is also a bad idea. Aaron calls him out on his bullshit and Frankenfield breaks the news that there are vampires. He meant to tell Aaron on his birthday. What a great gift. “Happy Birthday! Vampires are going to ruin your life! Wait – don’t I get a thank you???”

Down at the cells, Elena awakes to find Damon in the cell next to her. To clear things up for her, he takes us into another flashback.

Damon was in there for 5 years, but he wasn’t  alone. He had an Italian cell neighbour! Classy. Meet Enzo:


The two of them hit it off, guys. Bromance on first sight. They kept each other entertained by telling their revenge fantasies. It was TRUE. It was obvious something was bad was going to happen to Enzo and that we were going to see him again in present time soon. That’s what happens to flashback characters. See you soon, Enzo!

Elena can’t believe her dad was part of the not so secret secret society.


At the Boarding House, Caroline has locked Stefan in the safe. Katherine walks in and with complete disregard for the situation wants to know if Steroline is actually happening.


Inside the coffin, Stefan is freaking out. Not because of Katherine, mind you, but because of trauma.

In flashback times, Damon and Enzo bond over the fact that they lost their love interest. Enzo knew a Maggie, see. She worked for Whitmore, but had no idea how cruel he really was. She left when she found out which totally helped the situation. NOT. Maggie sucked.

Elena pities him a bit, but says that Stefan is going to come to save them. Damon doesn’t believe so, because he never told anyone because the writers only thought this up two episodes ago  because he didn’t want to burden Stefan.

We flashback again to see that not only did the Augustines torture vampires, no, once a year, they brought them to a party and showed them off. These people disgust me. So far, I thought Frankenfield was crazy but kinda funny. Not anymore. He’s a part of this. Shame on you and your pretty face, Frankenfield.

Enzo had a plan, though: he wanted Damon to drink both their rations of blood for a year, so come the next party, he would be strong enough to break them out.

Meanwhile, Frankenfield confesses to Aaron that his parents were killed by vampires. Also, he wants Aaron to join the madness. Aaron does the only reasonable thing and punches Frankenfield in the face. I like Aaron.

At the Boarding House, Katherine joined Stefan in the safe. Stefan freaks out because he’s worried about hurting her. Katherine doesn’t care though.


Meanwhile, Damon flashbacks again. At the next Augustine party, he in fact managed to break out. A terrified guest knocks a candelabra over and soon we have that huge fire because it just wouldn’t be as dramatic. Damon tries to free Enzo, but the cages are laced with vervain so he can’t really touch him.
So Damon in truly heartbreaking fashion, chooses to save himself and turn off his humanity.


Meanwhile, in the Trauma Trunk, Katherine tells Stefan that he’s not really afraid of the safe. It’s just him focusing more on the physical pain than the fact that Elena left him.
It’s all really dramatic and then suddenly, the drama turns into full on sexual tension.


And then Caroline opens the safe. CAROLINE, SERIOUSLY?

Aaron shows up at the cells because he thinks Elena killed his parents. In truth, it was Damon. Obviously.
See, he systematically killed everyone out of the Whitmore family, apart from one person to live on, start a new family and then he would do the same thing to the next generation.
You know. I can stand for a lot of killing and whatnot in this vampire show, but that is just so cruel. And unnecessary that I really… there’s no way to justify this. There’s just no way. F**k you, Damon.

At the Boarding House, Katherine walks up to Stefan. On a side note, don’t you think her top is just gorgeous?


Where do I get that??

Stefan says that Katherine was right about the whole thing. Tensions still high and then this happens:


Caroline is just calling Elena to say that she’ll stay the night at her mom’s when she hears them making out and she’s like, “Call me back ASAP!”. Gotta love Caroline.

At the cells, we find out that Damon is fine, but Elena’s gone.
She’s strapped to a table in Frankenfield’s lab and WHO IS NEXT TO HER? Enzo, of course. Poor bloke got captured again.

There you go. I liked this episode. I’m shipping Steferine while it lasts, I guess. It was good. Katherine’s good. Everything about Katherine is good. So there’s that.
Enzo seemed pretty cool, too and I love flashbacks, anyways. I liked it.

See you soon with the next episode and have yourself a lovely day :)


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