Recap: The Originals 1×09 – Reigning Pain in New Orleans

See. I said I’d hurry.

Blah-blah-bloob, usual voice-over from Klaus. His siblings are horrible, he is the king, you know the drill.

I have to give this some thought now. This was formerly Marcel’s place and now it’s Klaus’ place. Klaus’ place just sounds stupid, though. Mikaelson Mansion was so nice… uh… okay, how about Klaus’ compound? Or King Klaus’ compouns to get the alliteration in there?Anyone with a better suggestion? We’ll just talk about it again until then it’s Klaus’ compound.

Anyway, we are there and Klaus has invited Marcel, his buddies and Hayley for dinner. It’s as awkward as we’d expect it to be. Klaus rambles about the joys of being a vampire just to remind the viewers of the heightened emotions.
We get a few flashbacks of Marcel talking to Rebekah and Diego. Marcel hasn’t given up yet, especially since Rebekah asked him to just stay alive, pretty please?
Diego asks about Hayley and Klaus walks over, explaining that he expects him to treat her with respect.


Klaus says that he understands they worry about the werewolves and that he, in fact, will let them kill them all. Hayley’s appropriately upset but Klaus has no f**ks to give.

Blood drop.

At the Mikaelson Mansion (see, that is  a nice name), removal workers are packing up. Rebekah’s not please.


Rebekah is the best. Elijah is on his way out, see, to make sure Hayley is all right. Like – Nik’s angry at you for thinking he doesn’t want the child, which now proves even to you that he wants the child, so why would Hayley not be safe? Explain, please. Cause, here, in my pro-Klaus world, that doesn’t make any sense.

At Klaus’ compound (I don’t like it), he’s dictating to Cami again. She’s pissed because she doesn’t want to do this anymore and find someone else to do the work, pretty please. Marcel walks in and realizes that Klaus compelled Cami all the time. He says that he thought Cami really liked him and Cami says she did as well.


Cami is even more pissed now and tells him she found out he is a vampire. Like, really, girl? She actually redeemed herself somewhat last episode, but now she ruined it again. You’re stupid, Cami.
Anyway, Klaus compels her again and then sends her away.

Outside, Hayley is trying to sneak out. Diego steps in her way, but gets soon temporarily killed by Elijah. Hayley says he shouldn’t be here because Klaus is having her watched. Elijah says not to worry, because Rebekah. She walks in and knocks out a few minions in the process. She wins this episode.

They want to take Hayley with them, but the wolf says she’d rather they go and save the werewolves.


Apparently,  they do, cause they agree after Hayley gives her trademark ‘I want to know my family’-speech.

Inside, Marcel tells Klaus that they’re invited to a Faction meeting. Remember? It’s NOLA’s not so secret secret society. Klaus, as per usual, doesn’t care. Instead he confesses to Marcel all the things they’ve done to put him down (Thierry, Cami, Davina’s deal with Elijah…). Marcel isn’t too pleased.

At Cami’s appartment, she has left herself all sorts of post-its, telling her to check her purse. It contains a mobile phone with a recording of Klaus’ voice from before. So she even planned to tell him? What – ugh. CAMI. WHY?

At the Attic of Anger Issues (awesome name that we’ll soon lose, as well) Marcel tells Davina that she’ll move to Klaus’ compound. She doesn’t like the idea, but Klaus walks in and says there’s excellent light for her painting. And he would know. Believe the hybrid, Davina.

Downstairs, there’s a Faction meeting. The Sheriff and Mayor want Klaus to please pay all that Marcel has paid in the past and they will pretend to not know anything. Father K. remarks that maybe there are rules. Klaus gets pissed because he sure as hell ain’t answering to humans. He says that they’ll have to be happy with anything he gives them and then leaves.

Bayou. Marcel’s daywalkers are searching for werewolves, but they don’t find any. Rebekah and Elijah appear and tell them to GTFO. Diego very reluctantly accepts.
Rebekah wants to go, then, but Elijah senses Eve, the werewolf from last episode.  Eve says they don’t need Hayley’s help but that she knows something the Originals will be interested in.

Marcel and Klaus are at a bar. Marcel is grumpy because Klaus wasn’t very diplomatic. Klaus’ phone rings and it’s the Mayor who tells him they reached a decision. Just then, there’s a huge explosion, causing the windows to burst and the nightwalkers to catch fire. Marcel hurries to save one of them, but gets hit by wooden bullets.
After a break, he and Klaus are alone in the bar. Marcel is very upset, maybe because there’s a burnt corpse just chilling on the floor.

You comfortable, buddy? Good. Moving on.
Marcel blames Klaus for this, but Klaus has a solution: let’s just go kill the Faction. Marcel is on board with this plan.

At the bayou, Eve explains that a lot of werewolves have recently moved in because word spread about the baby. They wouldn’t know the bayou as well and need protection from Elijah and Rebekah, who – as Eve claims – will want them alive.

Cut to Klaus’ compound, or rather, in the garage, Josh is hiding. Davina walks in and they greet each other. Josh is hiding from Klaus until the sun is down, see? Davina says she won’t let Klaus hurt him. Just then, Hayley walks in, and this happens:


What’s there to ‘ew’ about, huh? I would – okay, you know what, I’ll take that to my corner of fangirl-shame.  Anyway, they don’t quite believe her, even as she suggests to look out for each other.

Cami has called Father K. as she’s freaking out. Father K. doesn’t have much time, though because the Faction is calling. Negligent parenting for the win!

At Rousseau’s, the Faction is meeting. They’re all pissed at each other. Father K. thinks it was stupid to upset Klaus, the others think it’s stupid to just let him do whatever he wants.
Klaus and Marcel walk in and they start killing them all. There you go. The destiny that awaits all members of a not so secret secret society.
After a break, only Father K. remains. Marcel figured out that Klaus cares about Cami, though (ugh, God, please no) and he reminds him that K. is Cami’s uncle. Klaus therefore refrains from killing him but tells him to form a new faction, put new people into office and make sure they’ll bend to his will. I’m paraphrasing.

We cut to the bayou, where Elijah and Rebekah are still searching for werewolves. We get an adorable sibling moment:


It’s so good to see them interact like a regular family. My love for Elijah and Rebekah has fully returned this episode.
Anyway, the hunting party, lead by Diego appears again and Elijah tells them to GTFO for good. They finally depart, and leave the siblings to tend to the werewolf they’ve been hunting. They see a ring he’s wearing and it’s obviously important because there’s ominous music and cryptic questions.

Klaus’ compound. Klaus tries to apologize without apologizing, I guess. He explains that he had to agree to the plan, afraid that the witches might kill his child and he would not do to his child what his father has done to him.


This proves my whole theory that Nik’s just afraid to become like Mikael, by the way.
On more important news, Klaus offers to lead New Orleans alongside Marcel because otherwise, Marcel’s daywalkers will never be loyal. Marcel agrees.

Later on, Hayley walks in to confront him about killing werewolves. He says he only tries to protect her and the child and she wants to know what happens once the child is born. He doesn’t answer and she threatens to make him pay.

We cut to Davina’s new bedroom. Room of Ridiculous Rage? What do you think? So many new rooms, so little inspiration…
Davina is looking for the violin Klaus once threw off the balcony. Hayley suggest to just go and get it from the Attic of Anger Issues, but Davina says she can’t because the witches are after her. Hayley informs her that Agnes is dead.
Davina demands to know what Hayley really wants – she wants Davina to undo the curse placed on her relatives (the reverse werewolf-moon-thing, remember?). She says she wouldn’t lie to Davina, though, cause that’s just not her style, I guess?

Shall we take a quick break to remember, Hayley, how you screwed Tyler and all the hybrids over, saying there was a witch when there wasn’t and then tipped Klaus off, just so there’d be a massacre planned by creepy Professor Shane. DO YOU REMEMBER? You awful hypocrite. She ain’t doing good, today.

Hayley leaves and Josh walks in, bearing the violin! Awesome. That’s a real friend. He says that it’s true, Agnes is dead and Davina finally figures that Marcel might not be entirely truthful. She wants Josh to get her out of there.

At the Mikaelson Mansion, Klaus is sitting at the piano. Elijah and Rebekah walk in and he’s pissed because they stopped the vampires from their werewolf slaughter. They tell him that the werewolves they met have that legend about one of their elders fathering a hybrid way back when. They found his family!
I thought Klaus would be a little happier, but he’s still pissed at the two of them. He says he had enough family to last him a lifetime ( a pretty long lifetime, indeed) and then walks off.

At the church, though, Klaus tells Father K. to please go and protect the newly moved-in werewolves. NIK. I KNEW IT.
Father K. says that he’ll do that if Klaus makes Cami leave town.

Klaus walks over to Cami’s apartment and finds out that she found out again! She says he’s just a coward for not wanting her to know about him. He says if she really knew about him, it would break her. To prove his point, he uses Elijah’s magic flashback powers to show her how the hybrid curse was placed on him.


That is finally the amount of compassion I wanted for him! Yay! Although, I still dislike Cami, so meh.
Klaus compels her and tells her to leave town for good.

At the Garden, Marcel tries to break things off with Rebekah. She blames him for choosing Klaus over her, again. Marcel says he’s got his people to look out for and has to take every chance. She threatens to tell Klaus “the words that will make him hate [Marcel] forever”. Uuuuh! I feel flashbacks coming up! Awesome!

Remember the balcony from that first episode? Yes? That’s where Hayley is hanging out when Elijah walks up to her. Elijah tells her that her family is safe and they hug. Then, this happens:


TENSION IS SO THICK, it’s killing me, guys.
Anyway, they depart without anything happening. AGAIN.

Elijah walks inside and meets Klaus. He actually apologizes for not believing in him! Elijah, you’re officially fully redeemed. Klaus appreciates it as well.


As he walks upstairs, Klaus offers both his siblings to move in with him.

At Cami’s apartment, she’s preparing to leave when Davina bursts in, rambling about how she wants her to help. Cami can’t even remember who Davina is and the witch gets to freeing her off the compulsion right then and there, making Cami scream in pain.

I liked this episode. Very much, in fact. Klaus and Marcel teaming up to be badass is a real plus-point and Elijah’s and Rebekah’s sibling-bonding was great as well. I love Davina and Josh, they’re just so cute and happy. And Elijah apologizing to Nik? The greatest! I’ll never give up dreaming of a happy, united original family… I’m sick of Cami, though. Ugh, Cami. Get off my screen, pretty please? Speaking of off screen – where the hell did Sophie go? Hello? You out there? No? Oh, well.

Anyways, I hope to see you soon on the Vampire Diaries or in already 2014, after the obligatory winter hiatus. At least, The Originals will be back January 14, while TVD only returns January 23, though they had that extra episode before the hiatus, so… anyway, I’ll see you then!
Have yourself a lovely day :)


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