Recap: The Originals 1×08 – The River in Reverse

Ugh. I’m so late. I’m so sorry, too, I really am.  This episode. Well, I kind of am a little bit disappointed of the outcome in some parts, and still am in awe of Joseph Morgan’s acting skills. Then again, when am I not? Let’s just do this.

Rebekah’s at the church of Father Kieran. She wants him to hear her confession. He’s not very fond of the idea and Rebekah tells him she needs some kind of absolution so basically, DO YOUR JOB, FATHER K.

Blood drop.

We flashback to a day before. Klaus and Rebekah are at the Mikaelson Mansion. Klaus inquires about Marcel and Rebekah says she hasn’t heard from him. He remarks that she’s brooding and orders her to just tell him.


Awesome. He’s being an arse, though, telling her that he would not bite her but dagger her if he wanted to punish her. She and I are both outraged. She tells him that there is something serioulsy wrong with him.

You speak my mind

Seriously, I love Klaus, really. He’s my favourite. But he’s such an idiot.

At the bayou, Elijah is ill. Hayley is still there, looking after him while also doing some occasional research on her family.
Granted, biting him was a bit extreme, but I still haven’t fully forgiven Elijah. Klaus really was on his best behaviour towards his siblings ever since they tried to get Elijah back (I mean, sure, he daggered him in the first place but let’s just stop nit-picking) and Elijah was very quick to jump to accusations which were based ton the madness that is Tyler Lockwood. So SUCK IT UP, ELIJAH.

At Marcel’s place, he’s briefing his daywalkers. Tyler is there and GET OFF MY SCREEN ALREADY. He explains about his history as a hybrid and Klaus’ sort-of Christmas slaughtering.
Rebekah shows up and continues the story about the baby being able to sire hybrids. Rebekah says she’s here to help and she thinks her brother to be “a crap enough individual” without siring a ‘superior species’ (superior, as in really good at being beaten by regular vampires, like, all the time.). Also this happens:


THANK YOU, REBEKAH. Ha. That was satisfactory.

Klaus is with Cami and she’s typing as he monologues about his sibling’s betrayal. She sasses about having to use a typewriter and he says it’s been good enough for Hemingway. She gets a little more pep as she tells him that he’s really dumb for trying to get rid of his siblings again – she says that he’s architect of his own unhappiness and he says to please stop psycho-analyzing him.
She tells him that basically, he only orders her here to do just that, but that he makes her forget because he’s scared to trust. He says he isn’t scared of anything and this happens:


Marcel and Rebekah walk into the garden. He just drops Tyler on the floor and Rebekah doesn’t give shit about what happens to him. As do I.
Marcel plans to just lock Klaus in the far back for about 52 years, as long as he had Rebekah daggered back in the day. He’s afraid she’ll have second thoughts but she tells him they should’ve done this a hundred years ago.

At the bayou, Elijah is flashbacking because of fever. Okay, show, whatever. He’s dreaming of a woman named Celeste. Also, she’s in a bathtub, so there’s that.
He comes back to reality and as we learn,  he transferred his memories into Hayley. Elijah’s mental powers are almost as great as Uri Geller’s. Even though he’s all feverish, his super vampire!powers tell him that they’re being watched. It’s a blonde woman running around outside, who leaves quickly when Hayley calls for her. Clever approach, right there. Someone’s creeping around your house. Go and shout for them.

In a garage, Klaus walks up to Josh, whom I really pity now. Mainly because he made Davina smile. It’s rare and precious. Anyway, Klaus wants Josh to steal the daggers from Rebekah. Josh is freaked out and goes to Marcel to seek help. Marcel orders him to tell Klaus that he’s got the daggers on him, prompting Josh to see disaster unfolding.

Josh goes back to report to Klaus, who promises him a daylight ring when he beat Marcel. Also, he threatens to make him suffer forever should he betray him (I feel really bad for Josh).

At the church, Klaus tells Father K. that he compels Cami. He actually does like her, though, so he wants her out of the way when war erupts. He would compel her, see, but he wants her to make that decision out of free will. As long as her will is the same as his, of course. Because otherwise, he’ll just compel her again.
They did a really good job of making Klaus unlikable so far this episode. It’s so like him, though.

At the bayou, Elijah is still having magic!flashbacks. He was in love with Celeste and considered just letting his brother do his thing in the favour of his own happiness.
He wakes up again and asks Hayley to leave. She says his sex-dreams are no big deal for her.

Marcel’s place. Klaus walks in and demands the daggers from Marcel. Rebekah appears and says she feels great about being in possession of the daggers. Marcel whistles and a few vampires appear. Klaus is all, “LOL, cute assembly.” but then Marcel calls again and a whole lot of vampires appear. Klaus looks slightly taken aback.

Another magic!flashback shows us Klaus in costume and wig. Awesome! Look at this:


On a different note, his French sucks. One would think that after a 1000 years, at least his French would be a little better. ANYWAY. He just shoots the guy and drags him to a pile of dead bodies. Elijah appears and we learn that Klaus has been doing this for weeks. Also, he spread the rumour that it was all the witches’ fault. Elijah panics because his Celeste is a witch.

Elijah awakens, but he keeps hallucinating, thinking that Hayley is Klaus. Because reasons. He gets staked, though, by the woman who has been creeping about. Who ever said having a stalker was bad thing?

At Marcel’s place, Klaus gives a speech, inviting the other vampires to join him instead of Marcel. He drops a coin and tells anyone who wants to join him to pick it up. No one does. Burn.
Instead, they start fighting him. It doesn’t look good for him, though we still have to give him a lot of credit for the fight he puts up.
Then, of course, we get this shot:


Afraid of all powerful hybrid Niklaus yet? Because Rebekah is as he starts fighting the vampires again. She tells Marcel to pick up the coin and he does after short hesitation. Marcel pledges loyalty to Klaus.

Father K. meets Cami in the cemetery. She’s cleaning her brother’s tomb again because people keep smearing things on the headstone. Seriously, what kind of people live on this show? Show some freakin’ respect. Cami shows him the drawing she showed to Klaus earlier. She says it’s a code she and her brother used as kids. Father K. says she should leave New Orleans for a while, but she says she’s about to figure it out and doesn’t want to leave.

Hayley and the woman are talking outside the cabin. The woman’s called Eve. Obviously, there was a curse placed on a lot of Hayley’s family: instead of turning a wolf once a month, they’re wolfs all the time and only turn human on the full moon! That’s awesome! Werewolves are still lame but that’s actually an interesting storyline.
Elijah walks up and being temporarily dead obviously cured him. Nothing cures you like a short trip into heaven. Or hell. Or whatever. (Did he say hello to Bonnie while he was knocked out?) He’s pretty angry and wants to take it out on Eve, but Hayley stops him and promises Eve that she will be back.

Marcel walks up to Klaus as he watches Diego and some others burn/bury their fallen friends. He says that he may have one and now be the ruler of New Orleans, but he will never have loyalty.

Klaus got told off so many times already, but his face as the message sinks in still kills me. My poor baby.

Elijah and Hayley arrive at the Mikaelson Mansion. She wants to know what happened to Celeste and he tells her: as he returned from Klaus’ shooting party, he found Celeste drowned in the bathtub. This chick spent too much time bathing.
Hayley says that he should just leave Klaus and search his own happiness, but Elijah believes it’s his duty to make sure Klaus is redeemed. Hayley touches him, but Elijah pulls back and says that she heard what happened.
Elijah, honey, you break my heart. (I’m all Team Elijah, again, if you wondered. )

Inside, Klaus is waiting with the dagger as Rebekah walks in. She says he only has one, so he’ll have to choose.


He’s pretty upset about her betrayal. Elijah walks in, stopping him last minute.


Rebekah tells him that they don’t leave him, he drives them away. Klaus yells at them that in fact, all he did was cooperate the last few weeks and had only pure intentions for his child; still, they chose to betray him and not believe in him.


Whenever I see Klaus crying, I want to tear up myself. Poor lad.  He says he’s going to live at Marcel’s place, which is now his place, and they can stay here and rot.
Both look like they do feel guilty. Good. YOU TELL THEM, NIK.

Outside, Klaus orders Hayley to get in the car, because he won’t leave his child because it’s the only thing on earth that matters to him.

At the church, Cami is talking to Father K. again. She says that sent herself a code. It says to search for an article from 1919, containing a picture of both Marcel and Klaus. Father K. does his best to look surprised.

There you are. What I think that, besides the fact that the fight scene was pretty badass on Klaus’ part, this whole conquering of Marcel’s empire felt really easily done. We prepared for war and that was it. One fight. I mean, I wanted Klaus to be king, so that’s good. Also, Elijah redeemed himself somewhat. Klaus was unlikable for a lot of this episode, but turned it around effectively in the end.
Cami! Oh, Cami had some good moments in which she seemed less plain, but rather clever. I’m worried about Josh. I don’t want him to be tortured forever. And let’s face it, Klaus could pull that off.
Also, whatever happened to Sophie? I haven’t seen her in ages. I mean, no one really cares about her stupid ritual, so it’s not that bad, but still, she’s been absent for a few episodes now.

Please do tell me your thoughts on this episode in the comments and I’ll see you again soon with the Mid-Season Finale or over on the Vampire Diaries!
Have yourself a lovely day :)


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