Recap: The Originals 1×07 – Bloodletting

I am quite positive that the writers did not especially want this, but my heart broke for Klaus this episode. I mean, he was all sorts of cruel to Rebekah in the end, but the poor guy! I have so many Klaus feels right now. Do I have an irrational love for this character? Yes, I do. But I don’t mind. No one else cares about him, the poor baby.
I’m getting ahead of myself.

Let’s start with the ridiculous voice-over by Klaus. Blah-blah, original vampires, Marcel kidnapped Hayley.

At Marcel’s place, the night-walkers have gathered. Marcel’s hosting a Fight Night! Whoever is the winner at the end of the night will get a daylight ring. What a promise. A girl named Felicia and a guy named Otto start with the first fight. It doesn’t look good for her, but she wins in the end. As everyone applauds, Klaus appears and snaps her neck. Man. She just won. Chill.
Elijah appears as well. The two of them want Hayley back ASAP. Marcel describes Hayley as “dark-haired, bitchy attitude” and says that sorry, but he doesn’t have her. He even offers to help find her. I haven’t forgotten my new-found hatred for Marcel, though.

We cut to a SUV where Hayley is chained up in the back. She tries to escape, but her kidnapper stops the van and walks around to grab her. It’s Tyler! Welcome to New Orleans. Now, please get off my screen, wanker.


I hereby award Hayley the very first you-speak-my-mind-badge. High Five, Hayley!

You speak my mind

Blood drop.

At Marcel’s, the Mikaelson brothers are waiting for the former. Elijah doesn’t like the place.


Oh, Elijah… Marcel appears and he brought Sabine. He graciously grants permission for one teeny-tiny locator spell. Marcel doesn’t stick around to watch though, because he’s got important things to do. No one knows what they are, but WHO CARES.

At the bayou, Tyler cuts the zipties on Hayley’s ankles. She’s pretty pissed because he kidnapped her from her own backyard. Tyler says to STFO because it’s not her backyard, but Klaus’. She goes to explain that a lot of things have happened since they last talked (when she screwed him over, by the way.). He already knows she’s pregnant, though. And here I thought his douchery couldn’t get any worse. Kidnapping Hayley? Douche. Doing it despite knowing she’s pregant? TREMENDODOUCHE.
Anyway, Tyler says he also knows what’s up with Hayley’s birthmark. We last heard of that back when they were all hanging out in TVD-land, I think. In that faithful night/episode/whatever… Anyway, it means Hayley’s some kind of werewolf royalty.
Another werewolf called Dwayne appears. he’s probably going to end up dead, because why else would we learn his name? Tyler tells him to take Hayley inside.

In the city, Klaus and Elijah are bickering to relieve the tension. Sabine tells them that way out in the bayou, where she thinks Hayley is, are werewolf encampments. Klaus figures Hayley ditched them to find wolf friends.

At the nightwalker bar, Josh is watching some other vampires playing a drinking game. Marcel walks up to him and Josh says that drinking games just remind him of the bullies in High School. Marcel says if he met them now, he would tear them apart and Josh tells him he would totally do that. That awkward, “Totally” had me laughing so much. I feel you, Josh. Anyway, Marcel found out that he’s working for Klaus.

Klaus and Elijah arrive at the bayou. Klaus complains a little about Elijah being so set on finding Hayley. Elijah goes “Behave or you’ll wait in the car!” I’d give you a plus-point for parenting, Elijah, if it wasn’t your own brother you’re talking to… They keep bickering until Klaus suddenly sniffs Tyler’s scent. He’s not happy at all. He explains to Elijah and to all viewers who haven’t watched TVD (are there any?) why Tyler is kind of angry at him (namely, Caroline, killing a whole pack of hybrids  and – oh yeah, TYLER’S MOTHER.).
Elijah doesn’t approve and Klaus gets unfair.


Okay, Nik, cool it down, yeah? Don’t be a dick.

Marcel drags Josh to Davina. She’s freaked because there was magic in the quarter, but he tells her it was Marcel-approved. Instead, he wants her to wipe Josh’s mind of Klaus’ compulsion. Josh says that’s fine with him and she says that it’s going to hurt. As demonstrated, she wasn’t joking.

At the bayou, Hayley hopes that it was Tyler watching over her. He says it wasn’t. ‘Course not. He’s a douche. Anyway, she says that if he hurts her, the whole Original family will come after him. He doesn’t care. Instead, he rams a needle in her stomach and extracts blood. That, he gives to Dwayne and proceeds to kill him.

Meanwhile, Rebekah walks up to Marcel. She’s angry at him for taking Hayley (which he hasn’t, but she doesn’t know that) but he just comments that she’s hot when angry. She doesn’t have it and throws him around before he finally tells her that he didn’t kidnap Hayley. Also, she’s worried that he might tell Klaus that he found the plantations because of Rebekah. He says he would never betray her because he’s not Klaus. She doesn’t believe him and he says he’ll prove it.
Still not shipping Marcel and Rebekah.

Hayley needs Tyler to spell it out for her: he thinks he can turn Dwayne into a hybrid with the baby’s blood. He says Klaus probably knows and only wants the baby for that very reason. Also, he calls Klaus the killer of “women, children and puppies”.
Okay. Okay. He would never kill puppy, all right? And when has he ever killed a child? No need to get unfair, Tyler.
Dwayne wakes up and Tyler cuts Hayley’s neck to let him feed.

At the Attic of Anger Issues, Davina continues meddling with Josh’s mind. She says he should distract himself and asks about music. He says he’s into “club stuff” and feels the need to elaborate on behalf of Davina’s confused face.


Hilarious. He says he feels that everything has changed so much since he was turned into a vampire. Also, he’s homosexual. Also, Davina tells him that the  witches want to sacrifice her.

Tyler returns to Hayley. He says that if Klaus gets the kid, he’ll win and Tyler can’t have that. Hayley asks him to help her run, but Tyler says Klaus will find her no matter what. So – killing her is sort of his plan? It all comes down to Tyler being horrible.
Dwayne walks in right as Tyler’s about to off Hayley. He orders Tyler to stay away from her. Much to her credit, Hayley figures it out at once and yells for Dwayne to help he. So he does. While Tyler fights and ultimately kills him, Hayley manages to escape.

She runs, and bumps into Elijah in the woods.


They’re just so cute. He wants to take her home, but she says she needs to tell him something about the baby.

Meanwhile, Tyler is searching for Hayley. He finds Klaus instead. They start to argue, and Klaus says that he might just call Caroline to tell her of Tyler’s death. Tyler says that Caroline is never going to stop hating Klaus. That’s the last drop and Klaus goes into attack mode.

Marcel shows Rebekah the Garden. He says that he built it as the foundation for a house for the two of them. Once Rebekah was daggered, though, Klaus built something else over it and now Marcel just uses it as a creepy vampire prison-cemetery. Ain’t he a real Prince Charming?
Rebekah says he could have just joined her and he says he hoped she’d come home. She says she was in a coffin for ninety years, which, legit excuse. Marcel tells her she now has a choice between Klaus and himself and in turn, she tells him Klaus will kill him. Marcel says that they’ll get rid of him first.

Hayley tells Elijah all about the baby being able to sire hybrids and he says that no matter what Klaus’ intentions are, he will protect her.

Klaus and Tyler are still at it. Tyler’s throwing punches at him, but Klaus merely shrugs it off.


Okay, he’s really being arse right now. If it wasn’t Tyler he was laughing at, I’d be actually angry at him. Cause laughing at the fact you killed someone’s mother? Not cool.
Tyler retaliates by saying that Klaus fails everything, like he failed his hybrids and family. For good measure, he adds that Klaus is going to fail his own child, too. Klaus gets properly angry and jams his hand into Tyler’s chest. Before it’s too late, though, Tyler asks him to end it and Klaus decides that keeping him alive is much more cruel than killing him. (Yeah, I don’t know why Tyler’s supposedly suffering so much, but whatever.) He basically says Tyler’s not worth being killed by Klaus. BURN.

Marcel and Rebekah are still at the garden. She tells him that if he kills Klaus, he and all of his vampires will die due to the bloodline. Marcel comes up with a Plan B at once, though: they are going to bury him in the garden. Not cool, Marcel, not cool.

At the bayou, Elijah and Hayley meet with Klaus again. He found the body of the hybrid and wonders how that is possible. Hayley snarks that he would know, but Elijah holds her back. He explains what they found out to Klaus, but also insinuates that Klaus already knew and that it is the only reason for Klaus to want the baby.
My heart is breaking for him. It is so obvious that Klaus actually cares about the baby. We saw it last episode and we saw it again just a few scenes before with Tyler.


Ah, there it is. My heart breaks for him, seriously. It’s because… see, I have to go on a little rant right now. I don’t really think that he’s disappointed because of the obvious lack of trust. That, of course, plays into it, but c’mon, we can all understand that Elijah would not blindly trust his brother. Nik, though, doesn’t understand it as only a lack of trust but also a lack of love for him.




I was very close to tears at this point. I’m too invested in this character. Can we give a bit of appreciation to Joseph Morgan? Amazing work, man.
Then, of course, he goes and bites Elijah and leaves the two of them alone in the bayou. But that’s just what he does, right? He feels hurt and he lashes out…

Attic of Anger Issues. We need something happy now, right? Davina freed Josh of the compulsion and he’s really happy about it. Marcel wanted her to make Josh forget her but Josh says there’s no need and he’ll keep her secret. They pinky swear on it. vIs that a nod to TVD or just coincidence? IDK. Anyway, Davina actually smiles. She’s so pretty when she smiles.


Hayley and Elijah are digging through the dead hybrid’s stuff. She’s worried about the bite, but he’s not. He says it’s more of a nuisance, very much like his brother.
You’re not gaining points today, Elijah.
He wonders if maybe, he judged his brother too easily. (You think?) Hayley doesn’t agree. She says they’ve all done bad things but no one’s a comparison to Klaus. They have a moment and she awkwardly hurries outside. There, she finds a bible with a family tree. The last name on it is “Andrea Labonair” and Hayley tells Elijah, who followed her outside that she supposes it’s her, seen as they share a birthday. So Hayley’s real name is Andrea? No offense to any Andreas, but I think Hayley’s better off with her new name.

Rebekah walks into Mikaelson Mansion and finds Klaus waiting for her. Now that Elijah isn’t an option anymore, Klaus wants her to spy on Marcel. He says he knows that Marcel and Rebekah sort of have a thing and he wants her to spill Marcel’s secrets. She asks why she would do that after the way he treated Elijah (namely, the bite).


She tells him Marcel merely wants to make up after their little argument. Klaus says he won’t allow her to leave town and that she shouldn’t forget that he makes the people who disappoint him pay. She says he never lets her forget.
Awesome. Let’s all turn against him, yeah? Show him his paranoia and abandonment issues are totally justified. How could that go wrong?

At Marcel’s bar, Tyler wants to make a deal. Marcel says he already knows about Hayley and Tyler says that there’s more: Hayley’s pregnant with Klaus’ child, which will cause the end of the vampire species.

So, I might just be overly emotional, but I can’t help it. I like most characters on this show well enough, and I usually love Rebekah and Elijah – but Klaus will always be my favourite.
I can’t wait to get rid of Tyler. Gosh. I always thought it would be great if we got a little cross-over magic, but Tyler’s such a pain in the arse. Go away already. Ugh.
I think I’m mostly against Marcel and Rebekah as off now, because I disliked Marcel so much last episode. He actually was kind of sweet to her this episode. Apart from the fact that his idea of a romantic date was showing her the Garden, manifestation of everything I hate about him.

Anyway, tell me what you thought of this episode and I’ll see you next week or over on the Vampire Diares!
Have yourself a lovely day :)


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