Recap: Vampire Diaries 5×06 – Handle with Care

Oh my God. Oh my God. GUYS. I LOVED Silas this episode. He was SO AWESOME. And I used to hate that guy. Can we keep him around to be randomly narcissistic and deliver the most brilliant jokes? Pretty please.

I really need to start from the beginning.

Katherine’s sitting in a diner and ordered a whole lot for breakfast. The waitress compliments the bold choice she made with her hair. Katherine checks her reflection and finds that a strand of her hair has gone grey.

Blood drop.

Okay, so this teaser was really freakin’ short. Trying to get to average again after that really long one over on the Originals?

Elena and Damon are cuddling on the couch, because that’s obviously what one should be doing when the ex-boyfriend and brother respectively have no memory, a maniac witch is running around and her equally mad ex-fiancé is out to destroy the Other Side. How is that not a problem worth considering anymore, huh? It was a big deal last season and now everyone’s just, yeah, let’s do it…

Anyway,  Damon is making fun of just the fact that they should be expecting someone walking in to destroy their lives. And he is right. Silas walks in. He is very happy that he’s back to being an all powerful wizard. Excuse me. He always says ‘witch’. Because reasons. So the plan is to go and destroy the anchor that binds the Other Side. Silas is then going to kill himself by bringing Bonnie back. He’s pretty damn sure that he can do it because he’s awesome. Something along those lines. Elena’s worried though.


Yup. Also, this:


Told you. He was hilarious this episode. Stefan’s face + a fun guy – what happened to this show? AND ALSO, THIS:


Meanwhile, Stefan, the brooding, memory-less version of Paul Wesley,  wakes up to find that he’s been getting drunk with Qetsiyah the night before. Qetsiyah doesn’t want Silas to find the anchor, because then he could die and find peace.
Gosh. Okay, Silas is a dick, left her at the altar for the original version of Elena. He sucks. But HE SPENT 2000 YEARS DESICCATING. Don’t you think he suffered enough? Just let him die, get that plotline out of the show, pretty please.
She tries to explain her plan without giving away any details. She kind of fails. She says that she planned it all and it’s not possible for her to fail because she’s a master schemer. Promptly, it is shown that she did fail, because Silas locked the two in the cabin by magic and they can’t exit till sundown. What a pity. NOT.

At the Boarding House, Jeremy appears with a crossbow. Damon tells him to put it down and also, he calls Jeremy Pocahontas. Jeremy doesn’t think trusting Silas is a smart idea.


Silas made this episode, guys. Elena wants to come destroy the anchor, but Silas doesn’t want her to come. Reminds him of Amara, you see? Damon says that makes no sense and Silas tells him it would if he ever loved someone who looked exactly like Elena.


Hilarious. Silas shoots an arrow into Elena’s leg and then threatens to shoot the next one in her heart.

Katherine has dyed her hair in Caroline’s dorm. Caroline walks in as Katherine comes out of the shower. She keeps talking about Tyler and packing until Katherine asks confusedly why they’re leaving. Caroline finally figures out that it’s not Elena. Katherine says that she just needs a place to crash. She offers to help Caroline exchange for a place to stay and Elena’s meal card.


Katherine and Caroline teaming up is the second best part to this episode.

Shall we get to the worst? Elena calls Stefan and  Qetsiyah answers his phone. She insinuates that they slept with each other. Elena is pissed, but hangs up and calls Damon instead. He tries to tell her that amnesia Stefan’s just weird, but Silas cuts in and tells Elena that they kept breaking Stefan’s neck last episode. Elena decides that she needs to go to Stefan pronto. Why does she think it’s a good idea, huh? NO SENSE.

We stay in the car with Jeremy, Damon and Silas. This happens:


I thought it was a hilarious joke. Then again, I never cared for the mayor, so yeah… who’s mayor now, anyway? Who is running this freakin’ town?

Dr Frankenfield is busy analyzing Jesse’s blood. He’s startled by a noise and finally sees Caroline. As he’s about to scold her for barging into his lab, Katherine stabs him with a needle from behind. There’s  a recurring theme this week.

At the cabin,  Qetsiyah opens the door to Elena and invites her inside. Stefan’s all, “Girl, you shouldn’t have done that!”, but Elena’s more upset because he slept with Qetsiyah. Stefan gets very confused because he didn’t.  Elena goes, “Great, then my work is done here.” But she can’t exit because of Silas’ spell.
Seriously, this girl. I used to like Elena. I remember that. Nowadays, she’s horrible. WTF were you thinking, Elena? Going there solely to confront him about sleeping with Qetsiyah. He can sleep with whoever he wants and it’s NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS.

Ugh. On with it. Silas tries to taunt Damon about Elena and Stefan being fated. Damon tells him that it’s all bullshit.


That’s actually legit observation. Then again, looking at how Elena’s behaving, I say both Salvatores are better off without her. I really dislike her for that last course of action.
The trio wants to get to work now. Jeremy and Damon want to know what the anchor looks like but Silas says he doesn’t know, but he guesses it doesn’t look like an IKEA sink. HAHA. But also, how does he know IKEA? Did he set up a flat over the summer? I don’t know.

At Dr Frankenfield’s lab, Katherine looks up what she stabbed the doctor with (etorphine). They decide that they need to bleed him off the vervain.


Frankenfield panics and says he wants to find the vein himself, afraid that they might just kill him because they have no idea what they’re doing. Katherine does have an idea of what she’s doing, though. Frankenfield tells them that there is a meeting of the not so secret secret society  that very evening, but that Elena and Caroline, being vampires, could never get in. Katherine and Caroline share this dazzling smile:


At the warehouse, Jeremy talks to Bonnie. She doesn’t want to get her hopes up but Jeremy tells her to do just that. It’s obvious they’re going to fail now. You jinxed it, Jeremy.
Meanwhile, Damon and Silas are searching as well. Silas says the Travellers hate him and try to get in the way of himself and Amara.


RUDE. Damon’s phone rings and it’s Qetsiyah. She wants him to kill Silas and he tells her the guy wants to do it himself. She says he has to do it before the Other Side is destroyed, or she’ll hurt Elena.

Katherine, disguised as Elena, arrives at the not so secret secret society party. The officer from the first episode greets Katherine and obviously expects Elena (and us) to remember her. Katherine sort of brushes over that and heads for the buffet. Homegirl’s hungry! Aaron arrives and obviously thinks her a bit weird.


Oh, Katherine. Anyway, she tries to get some info on the not so secret secret society from him, but Aaron’s oblivious. She doesn’t get to ask more questions, though, because one of her teeth fell out. I SWEAR TO GOD, WRITERS. IF YOU KILL KATHERINE, I WILL COME AFTER YOU.

At the cabin, Stefan and Qetsiyah want to make pizza. Elena is sulking, because bringing Bonnie back will not happen now. You wouldn’t have this problem, girl, if you didn’t throw your little jealousy fit. Anyway, Qetsiyah says she maybe rather eat roasted duck (because of course) and says she’ll try to lure on inside. Can’t be much cleverer than Elena, who she also got inside.

Damon tells Jeremy that it’s all off and they can’t get Bonnie back. Bonnie says it’s all right because Elena’s life = 100% more important than hers. I say kill Elena, bring Bonnie back, but that’s just in the rush of this episode’s hatred for Elena. I don’t think I really mean it.
Inside, the Travelers arrive and attack Damon. They say they don’t want Silas dead just yet, but Damon swiftly kills him because he does want Silas dead ASAP.

Frankenfield is still bleeding in his lab. He kind of freaks out when Caroline says she spaced because HEARTACHE. Tyler’s a douche, honey, forget him.
She gets to work and compels Frankenfield to answer her questions. The not so secret secret society is called “Augustine” and they keep a pet vampire, basically.
As the officer from before arrives, Caroline compels him to forget about her and Elena being vampires. The officer walks in and scolds Frankenfield for missing the party. Also, she tells him that Elena is obviously not a vampire and he basically shrugs it off, saying that he must have been wrong.

At the cabin, Stefan is cooking. As Qetsiyah leaves to call Damon, Stefan whispers to Elena that he’ll save her.
Qetsiyah calls Damon and he tells her the Travellers attacked him. She says they probably want Silas’ blood, which now is the cure. She also tells him that she bound the Other Side to something immortal that Silas could not destroy. All right, I figured it out. Nina Dobrev is going to have so much work to do…
Stefan stabs her with a knife and tells Elena to run. As the sun is down now, she can leave and Stefan takes off after her.

Damon figured it out as well and says that Qetsiyah is a genius. Silas opens the crate and finds Amara, desiccated, in it. He grabs a Traveller and feeds her the blood.
He then helps her outside and tells her that unfortunately, he took the cure already. She says she can’t live another day and stabs him with a piece of glass before drinking his blood. WHOA. Okay, girl, fine.

Katherine goes to Frankenfield and reveals that she’s not Elena. She threatens to spill all the secrets of the not so secret secret society before showing him her tooth. (That sentence was really weird). She wants him to save her life.

Amara is obviously hearing voices in her head before stumbling into Damon.


Good answer, Damon.

Stefan and Elena arrive at the Boarding House and she thanks him for saving her, which is something typical for Stefan. He goes upstairs to sleep and Elena joins Damon and Jeremy in the living room. She tells them about Stefan saving her life. Damon says that’s a least something good on a day full of failure.
Damon, you always fail. That’s just what you guys do. Plan to kill Katherine? Failed. Plans to kill Klaus? All failed. Plans to kill Silas? FAIL. It’s your thing.

Damon says that Silas is gone right now and that Amara, being now human, needs to be protected so that the Other Side is protected – but you did want to get rid of the Other Side. I don’t understand anything anymore.

We cut to a scene outside and find that Damon locked Amara in the trunk of his car. Why, though? Why not just put her in the cellar, where you usually put your prisoners, huh? Poor girl already has enough issues. She looks pretty horrified at seeing Elena, too.

Stefan goes up to his bedroom and finds Qetsiyah waiting for him. Creepy bitch. Anyway, she thinks the best punishment is for him to remember everything, and she especially points out the horrible things he’s done and all the hurt. We get several flashbacks and Stefan looks positively horrified. At the end she tells him that it wasn’t Elena and Damon who saved him from the quarry, but herself. God, Qetsiyah sucks.

Silas was awesome this episode, and Katherine and Caroline teaming up was great as well. More of that, pretty please! Elena… ugh. How is slut-shaming Stefan in any way appropriate, huh? Damn.

Please do share your thoughts with me in the comment and I’ll hopefully see you soon with the next episode or over on the Originals.
Have yourself a lovely day :)


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