Recap: The Originals 1×06 – Fruit of the Poisoned Tree

Ugh. Finally. I’m pretty much a week late. How am I ever going to catch up in the midst of NaNo? I don’t know… anyway. 1×06. I liked it, mainly because of many sassy Elijah moments. Shall we get right to it?

We get a voice over again, from Rebekah, but luckily, it’s not as long as they tend to be. Seriously, what’s it with this show? Why can’t we get a normal ‘previously on XY’ like on any other show? I’d prefer it.

Anyway. The whole set up of this first scene is so amazing, I can’t even with it. So. There’s classical music playing in the backround and there’s this dead, bleeding girl lying on the coffee table while Elijah and Klaus just sit around, reading. They just sit there like they haven’t got a care in the world.
Rebekah walks in and is all, “Dafuq are you doing? Vampire book club?”


These two. Elijah says Nik brought the girl as a peace offering but that his forgiveness can’t be bought. Rebekah doesn’t really care, mainly because the girl is bleeding onto the very old, very valuable carpet.

We next get a little pretty montage, including Klaus reciting the poem he’s reading. It’s probably deep and meaningful, apple from a poisoned tree and whatnot, but I’m really bad at interpreting poems so screw that.
Anyway, Cami is walking the cemetery to her brother’s grave and finds that someone smeared “murderer” on it. Now, that is harsh.

In the kitchen, Hayley meets Elijah and Rebekah. Rebekah’s busy bringing the trashcan and orders bleach for the carpet while Hayley complains that there is no milk. Elijah does find the milk later on, so there’s that. He says he hopes his siblings have behaved and she gives him a talk about everything that happened while he was gone and how the witches think her baby is Lucifer.

Something like that. She goes on to say that his siblings have been very protective, though.
Rebekah appears again and she’s just casually dragging this dead girl through the kitchen. This show really should never be seen by children. She’s all for unlinking Sophie and Hayley and wants to know whom they’ll have to kill.


Blood drop.

Is it just me or was this teaser really long? Whatever.

At Rousseau’s, Sophie and Sabine are having a talk. Sabine tries to comfort Sophie and says that the others will come around eventually and join in on Sophie’s plan to save the harvest. As they’re talking, they are attacked by some strange men who knock Sabine out and make Sophie pass out with some mystical powder.

At the Mikaelson Mansion, Rebekah is scrubbing the floor because of reasons. (Why couldn’t they just compel someone to do that?) She mocks Klaus for reading poetry about foul apples and says that he’s obviously worried about being a father.


I keep wondering if it’s more sad or sweet that Klaus is worried about being a bad father.
Elijah walks in and tells them that he considers their deal with Sophie to be void. He wants to go to Davina, give her a page of the grimoire and make her unlink Hayley and Sophie.

Marcel is in a bar, moping after being shown his place by Elijah last week. Josh walks up and asks if he can get Marcel anything. Marcel tells him to just drop the boot-licking already, for he won’t get a daylight ring in about the next century. Also, he realized that Klaus is not living in the hotel anymore. He tells Josh that “uneasy is the head who wears the crown” and Josh thinks that it’s from Lord of the Rings. I just can’t get over how pretentious and narcissistic he is. I mean c’mon. You do pretty much nothing but partying all day, Marcel. Do get over yourself.

Cami goes to the church to confess her sins, but really, she just talks to Kieran, her uncle. She doesn’t feel so bad about her brother’s death – probably because of compulsion – and she doesn’t understand why. Kieran is all, “Yeah, moving on’s great” and she goes, “I’m sorta worried that I’m more worried about Marcel staying away from me.” I’m paraphrasing.

Meanwhile, Elijah gives the sanguinum knot and  the grimoire page to Davina who doesn’t quite believe that untying a bit of rope will be especially hard. If only you knew, Davina.

At Lafeyette cemetery, the men have chained Sophie up. Agnes appears and reveals she was behind all that. Also, she wants to get rid of the baby, because of the ominous Latin prophecy. So she pulls out a syringe and stabs Sophie in the neck with it. RUDE.

Over at the Mikaelson Mansion, Hayley feels the stab, and she and Rebekah realize that this is a bad, bad thing.

Elijah and Klaus arrive at Rousseau’s. Sabine tells them that Agnes took Sophie but refuses to let them know where Agnes. Agnes is their only remaining Elder, see and Sabine kind of doesn’t want her to die. Klaus gives her a quick speech:


Elijah feels the need to clarify and tells Sabine that none of them actually cares about their magic and INFORMATION NOW.

Marcel goes to the one person he trusts: he goes to visit Thierry whom he BURIED ALIVE. I remember why I fucking hate this guy. You might find it confusing how I keep switching from loving to hating him. I don’t really know why, either. He’s so awesome one episode and then I remember how he’s a complete dick the next.

ANYWAY. Back at the Mikaelson Mansion, this happens:


Well. You speak my mind, Hayley. To get to actual plot development, though, Hayley doesn’t feel well and Rebekah says she’s burning up. She just touched her. HOW WOULD YOU KNOW? You’re a freakin’ vampire. You’re naturally cold. How do you tell a human’s (wolf’s) temperature, huh?

Elijah and Klaus find Sophie. Agnes and her henchmen have conveniently left the needle lying around. Sophie explains that it’s cursed to raise body temperature, which will eventually lead to miscarriage. Klaus says that great, they are just going to unlink the two. Sophie doesn’t like that plan but Elijah tells her that the deal is off.

In the garden, Marcel’s personal cemetery for undead people, he offers Thierry some blood. He’s going to bury him again, so there’s that. Thierry’s sort of cool with it, though, mainly because Marcel offers to let him out by Mardis Gras. At least he’s not going to miss that. Anyway, Thierry’s got it all figured out. I keep wondering if the fact that he saw through it makes Klaus’ plan any less diabolical. But I don’t think so. It was a masterplan, after all.

Father Kieran hosts a Founder’s Council  “Faction” meeting. It’s NOLA’s not so secret secret society, including the mayor and a random police officer. Why does this not surprise me?
Klaus walks in and goes, “So cool what becomes of things I founded.”
They tell him to GTFO because the Faction is exclusively human. Klaus is all, ‘LOL, as if’d join’ and tells them he wants to find Agnes. Also, because they need a reason to help, he explains that Agnes was the one that caused Cami’s brother to run amok. They want to discuss, but time’s of the essence, because HAYLEY. They usher him out nevertheless but Kieran wants Agnes found either way.

In the Attic of Anger Issues, Davina tries and fails to untie the knot.

At Mikaelson Mansion, Rebekah tries to comfort Hayley.


Elijah and Sophie appear. Sophie says that they need some special herbs to cool Hayley down a bit and they send Rebekah off to fetch them.
She goes to dead Katie’s shop, where Marcel walks in on her as she searches for the herbs. He says he’s protecting the city from thieves, but he always finds some Original stealing. There’s an innuendo in there, but I’m tired of Marcel so I don’t bloody care.

Kieran has found out where Agnes is and wants to go and get his revenge himself. Unfortunately for him and fortunately for us, he gets stopped by Klaus. Not long after, the police officer brings Agnes. She goes on a tirade about how Klaus can’t kill her as all the witches will turn against him. He doesn’t care and just wants her to undo the curse on the syringe. Turns out, she can’t.

At Mikaelson Mansion, Sophie gives the herbs to Hayley. To cool her off, Elijah climbs into the pool with he. Yes, they have a pool.
Anyway, Elijah tries to calm Hayley down, but it doesn’t really work seen as she’s in pain. Last minute, we see how Davina unravels the knot and thus lifts the bond between Hayley and Sophie.
Sophie begs Elijah not to let Klaus kill Agnes and he promises her that. Also, this happens:


You tell her, Hayley! She’s winning this episode.

Rebekah follows Elijah and says that she’ll leave now that he’s awake and Hayley’s unlinked. She wants to be free. Elijah tells her that she is and they say goodbye.

She next goes to Marcel because she wants to say goodbye in person. It happens as it has to.


God, Rebekah. I know you have trouble with guys. But you just went from a perfectly nice, good guy (Matt) to someone who tries to be a carbon copy of your brother. And your brother is a dick. COME ON, BEKAH. You can do better. Sorry. Not shipping Marcel and Rebekah at all.

At the church, Klaus is still pretty angry at Agnes.


He’s about to kill her when Elijah walks in. Klaus is pissed that he doesn’t get to kill Agnes but backs off for the sake of getting Elijah’s forgiveness. Elijah found a loophole, though. He said Klaus wouldn’t kill… never said anything about himself.


At Marcel’s place, Rebekah is asking him to leave New Orleans with her. Marcel doesn’t want to leave though, because of his family of vampires and more importantly, power. Rebekah tells him that his whole empire is worth nothing if he has no one to share it with.

Josh has stepped by at Mikaelson Mansion to warn Klaus. It’s only Hayley home, though and she sends him away. After she closed the door, it knocks again. As she opens, Marcel is standing in front of her.

At Rousseau’s, Klaus meets with Cami. He tells her that he killed Agnes. He obviously thought she would be pleased to get revenge on the witch for doing that to her brother. Unfortunately for him, she still has a moral compass. Also, she tells him that she will undo his compulsion and she’ll make him pay for it.
Outside, Klaus meets Marcel, who says that he just went by his place but missed him. Klaus says the hotel didn’t suit him and Marcel informs him that he knows already. Turns out, it’s the plantation where Marcel used to be a slave back in the day. Well. That’s rude.

Anyway, Elijah comes home and doesn’t find Hayley. He calls Rebekah but she is on the road and says that Hayley isn’t with her either. Just then, Klaus enters and informs them that Marcel was there.


So. Marcel’s horrible. Really, I didn’t like him at all this episode and kidnapping Hayley just when she was improving just adds to his douchery. Elijah is awesome. He is the awesomest of all the awesomes there are ;) Rebekah is obviously going to come back now, it was very obvious she wouldn’t leave for good, anyway.

Please comment with your thoughts and I’ll see you as soon as possible with the next episode or over on the Vampire Diaries
Have yourself a lovely day :)


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