Recap: Vampire Diaries 5×05 – Monster’s Ball

Whoa. Okay. I finally managed to see it. In my personal opinion, though, I thought it a weak episode. It’s just a general feeling for now, maybe it’ll become more apparent to me as I recap. So let’s get started.

Dr Frankenfield is still holding Jesse captive. He has him chained to his operation table and is making pseudo-medical statements into his recorder. He’s calling Jesse “Subject 62547”. One, major Buffy déjà-vu,


second, 62547? Either he likes making up weird numbers or this man is a real psycho. He hilariously states that sensitivity of the eyes is an obvious 11 on a scale from 1 to 10 when Jesse snaps at him. Finally, he calls him the perfect subject.

Blood drop.

Elena is writing in her diary. I kid you not. And we get a voice-over because we don’t have enough of those over on the Originals. Trying to remind us of Season 1? Check.
Anyway, she’s still upset about Bonnie’s death, which is fair, and we see that Bonnie is beside her, invisible of course, and doesn’t look very happy with the situation.
Damon calls her and she ignores it, but Damon just called to keep the count up, because he’s actually right there. He says she’s been avoiding him and she’s all, “Nah, I’m not avoiding you, silly!” But she clearly was avoiding him. Anyway, he’s here so that they can go to the costume party together that night! Yay! Life would be so boring with out some kind of celebration every fucking episode!

In the dorm room, Caroline and Tyler are getting it on. She says that she picked out a major for him and compelled him a single dorm room. When Tyler doesn’t want to talk about all that stuff, she reminds him of how he never called her back over summer and he’s all, “No cell reception in mountains, duh!”
We also learn that it’s not just any costume ball, it’s a historical costume ball, meaning everyone has to dress up as historic figures. Caroline and Tyler are going as Bonnie and Clyde.

On campus, Elena passes Megan’s memorial and finds that shock!gasp! someone’s mourning. It’s a boy who says that he and Megan grew up together and he’s disappointed about the rather small memorial. Also, he doesn’t believe the suicide story. She asks him if he has a name and he says yeah, he does.
That was hilarious.

In a motel room, Nadia is still holding Katherine hostage. Also, she’s on the phone with Silas. It makes zero sense for these two to even speak right now, but whatever. She says that he won’t find them because he lost his powers and he says that he’s going to pull a Christian Grey and track her cell phone. She hurriedly hangs up and turns to Katherine, who’s searching the mini-fridge and complains about not getting anything proper to eat.
Katherine suggest that Nadia should just hand her over, but Nadia doesn’t think that is such a good plan, since Silas will need all of her blood to be cured.

At the Salvatore Boarding House, Damon is telling Jeremy of the plan he made with Silas, who met him at the Grill. When Silas dies, he will cast the same spell that Bonnie did last season, and will therefore bring her back just like she brought back Jeremy. She’s not all in favour of that but Jeremy and Damon agree that it’s a great idea. Let’s just forget how we cannot trust Silas.
Oh, right, brief reminder of how we shouldn’t trust Silas: He tells Damon that he needs to kill Stefan.
Also, apparently Damon called Silas and where did he get the number? He probably made a whole what’s-app group “Villains I disdain, but whose number I could maybe need one day”, including Silas’ and Klaus’.

Nadia and Katherine are at a restaurant. Nadia accuses her of sacrificing Pearl and Anna back in 1864 and Katherine says that well, she had to look out for herself, because Klaus.


Uncle John had it coming. Also, he’s Dr. Frankenstein on Once Upon a Time, which I found hilarious when I found out, Back to the recap:
Nadia says that she had herself turned into a vampire to track Katherine because she supposedly killed her mother in Paris, 1645.


I love Katherine so much. Anyway, Nadia claims that Katherine sold her mother out to Klaus’ minions to get away herself. Kat realizes that Nadia is probably not going to let her go. They make to leave and Katherine grabs a wooden cane and stabs Nadia with it before fleeing. That was actually pretty badass. I approve.

Bonnie is talking to Jeremy, saying that she doesn’t want them to make a deal with Silas, because if one abuses magic, there is always a price.


Couldn’t resist.

Tyler and Caroline arrive at the costume ball and she says she might have e-mailed them a few ideas since she wasn’t on the dance committee. Also, Stefan is apparently going as James Dean, meaning he looks exactly like he always does. He walks up to them and whisks Caroline away for a dance.
On the other side of the room, Damon notifies Silas. Also, Elena appears and the two of them are Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn! Awesome! I’m a sucker for history and Henry VIII actually is a favourite of mine. I got all excited this episode whenever Elena gave random facts about Anne Boleyn. I would be just like that the whole evening… I’m rambling too much this post. Back on topic.
Damon feels that something’s wrong with Elena and as it turns out, she feels bad about having a good time while Bonnie is dead.


Elena spots the guy from Megan’s memorial and heads over to ask him some questions, aka compel him. As it turns out, he hasn’t killed Megan.


Ugh. Hit us over the head, will you, show? We got it. Elena’s got the same problem. He finally tells her his name and it’s Aaron.

Qetsiyah is at the party, because of course. She’s Cleopatra, I guess. Stefan can’t remember her, but she tells him who she is. She offers to buy him an apology-drink, but Damon cuts in and ushers Stefan away.

Silas appears behind them and breaks Stefan’s neck. With that, he regains his psychic abilities. Nothing makes any sense.  Silas wants to go to Qetsiyah. See, he thinks she must have bound the Other Side to a powerful magical object, because that’s what you do with magic spells (comet, moonstone, we know the drill). So Silas wants to find that anchor in order to destroy the Other Side.

Caroline asks Tyler if he wants to get out of there (costumes have come with handcuffs. I don’t even want to think that through.) but he says he didn’t only come back here to get her into bed.

Silas and Qetsiyah are dancing. She says she only came to the dance to look good (I call bullshit on this. She just came here because contrivance required her to be at that party) and he alludes to her would-be wedding. She freaks because Stefan shouldn’t know that but Silas comes up with a believable lie of having asked around. He reveals that he is Silas a second later, though.
Under compulsion, she tells him that she’s here to get a talisman of hers and with that, she can find the anchor which the Travellers have been moving around. Wild guess. It’s the knife Matt has.

Qetsiyah leaves and Silas starts to get a headache, because Stefan is waking up in the other room. He’s not happy about having his neck snapped. Damon says the new Stefan sucks and Stefan ask what his old self would have done – laugh?
No, Stef. The old you was all about brooding. Anyway, Damon breaks his neck again.

Outside the restaurant, Nadia is still having trouble pulling the cane out of her chest. How come vampire can only remove stuff like that when it’s convenient? Katherine shows up and says she missed her heart on purpose. She now wants to know what is really up, because she figured out that the whole story about Nadia’s mom was a big fat lie.
Nadia finally reveals who she really is:


I KNEW IT. Did everyone know it? Probably, it was incredibly obvious. Do I care? No, I’m still good at TV :D

At the costume ball, Dr. Frankenfield has dressed up a Dr. Jekyll. Dr Jekyll’s not a historical person, though, is he? You fail, Frankenfield.
Anyway, Elena asks him to dance, which he accepts even though he is her teacher! Doesn’t matter, though, since he tells her quickly that she should just pack her things and leave, because people at this college don’t like her asking questions. I guess he’s referring to the not so secret secret society.

Caroline and Tyler meet at a staircase. He says that he can’t do college right now and also, he still hates Klaus and dislikes that they’re just together because Klaus granted permission. He also says that he needs to go after Klaus to get revenge.
Does this mean we’re getting a cross-over soon? That would be pretty cool.

Tessa performs her locator spell and Silas appears to find out where the anchor is. He’s about to use his powers but just then, Stefan wakes up. He pretends to still be dead and knocks Damon away once he’s close enough. Then he snaps his neck.


He rushes to Qetsiyah and tells her that she’s dealing with Silas. So, she makes Silas’ heart stop, making his blood stop flowing.

At the foyer, Dr Frankenfield calls after Aaron. As it turns out, he’s his legal guardian. Also, Frankenfield advises him to stay away from Elena.

Elena meets with Damon inn the room where a desiccated Silas lies. She’s rather happy that Silas is out of the picture but Damon tells her that it’s everything but good.

At a motel room, Nadia wakes up and finds that Katherine is still with her. Katherine isn’t worried about Silas for the time being, because first, he needs to destroy the Other Side. She asks Nadia where she’s been in 1498, for by that time, Katherine had made it back to Bulgaria and started searching for her everywhere.


At the dorm room, Caroline finds Tyler packing. She tells him that she can’t keep waiting for him and if he walks out of this dorm, they are done. Tyler appears to be crying, but he leaves nontheless.
I guess that  was Forewood, then. Never really shipped them, but seeing Caroline cry is hard. Poor girl.

At the Salvatore Boarding House, it becomes apparent that Damon has a new plan. He invited Katherine over, who is euphoric because Silas is out of the picture.
She soon realizes that Damon doesn’t plan for her to elude death, though. She begs him not to do it, since she doesn’t want to die. I have to say, seeing Katherine being honest is a change. Anyway, Damon bites her and then feeds her blood to Silas. He wakes and Katherine falls dead to the floor.

Soon, though, Damon and Elena hear her heartbeat pick up again.


Well, more or less.

Qetsiyah sucks. Breakups sucks. Dr Frankenfield sucks. That’s probably why I didn’t like the episode much. Even Katherine, who is great, wasn’t so good this episode because Nadia is just weird. Damon killing Katherine is just not very nice. The not so secret secret society and Frankenfield’s project remind me of Buffy, Season 4, and season 4 was their worst.
Am I being overly dramatic? Probably. It wasn’t so bad. At least they were Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn. Extra bonus points for this.

Please do share your thoughts on the episode with me, especially if you did like it, and I’ll see you next week or over on the Originals.
Have yourself a lovely day :)


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