Recap: The Originals 1×05 – Sinners and Saints

I apologize for my lateness, but I’m at my parents’, which limits my time immensely and also, it’s NaNo, which is madness in itself. And keeping these recaps up at the same time is even greater madness.


Instead of a previously, we get an Elijah voice-over. The positive thing is, it’s ELIJAH. The bad thing is, aren’t they done with the voice-overs yet?
We pick up exactly where we left off. Elijah is standing with Davina in the Attic of Anger Issues.  She says that they call him honorable, but he’s more concerned with the fact that he’s OMG SO HUNGRY. She offers him literally one drop of her blood on a needle and it’s so magical that he’s cured of his ravenous hunger at once.

Blood drop.

Klaus is waiting for Sophie at Rousseau’s and when she shows up, he grabs her and runs them back to his mansion. Dude. Just give her a call.
Anyway, he’s pissed because she let her witchy friend Agnes endanger Hayley. She says it’s all because of that stupid Latin prophecy Sabine had. He asks her to elaborate and she tells him that Sabine thinks the child will destroy all witches.


Great. Sophie takes us into a magical flashback (it’s just 8 months into the past, nothing special). As it turns out, Sophie was some kind of rebel. Her sister – J-A, remember her? We had an episode evolving solely around her corpse – comes up as she parties and tells her that the “elders” are doing the “harvest”. By the look of Sophie, this is nothing good.

Sophie explains that it is an ancient ritual that is supposed to restore their connection to their ancestors. She did not believe in it back then, but her fellow witches did and prepared several young girls to take part in it. As it turns out, Davina is part of the group of girls.

Marcel calls Klaus and says that the dead witches from last episode have been found. He says that it practically screams “werewolf attack” but there was no full moon (Hayley was saved by a werewolf, though, so – what the hell?). Klaus agrees to go with him to check it out.
Sophie is freaked because witches who died have to be properly buried. Then why the hell didn’t you go and get that done before, girl?
Klaus is all


Marcel goes to meet Davina. Elijah hides and Davina just so manages to keep Marcel from discovering that Elijah is awake.
He wants to move her out of the attic that very night and she’s positively delighted. He leaves and Elijah comes out of the shadows. He wonders why she would help Marcel terrorize the witches. Davina takes us into a flashback, showing that she, her friend Monique, and two other girls were chosen for the ritual. She says that without her dying, the harvest won’t be complete, and there will be no “reaping” and every witch in NOLA will just lose their powers.

At Lafayette cemetery – I been to Lafayette cemetery. It’s full of tourists ALL THE TIME. How do they find these quiet, lonely corners to do their magic and meetings? – Sophie is packing her back. Despite Klaus’ orders, she wants to go and get the witches’ bodies. Hayley shows up and says she wants to go with her, because wolfs = family.


Rebekah tells Hayley to get the fuck back home, but Hayley threatens to hurt herself, so the three of them set off for the bayou.
Rebekah calls Klaus and tells him to stall.
He enters the bar Marcel waits in. Marcel says that they have to wait a bit for his informant to show up. Ain’t that just convenient? Klaus asks why Elijah hasn’t been returned and talks about Davina – Marcel never told him she excists, though, did he? So Klaus shouldn’t even know about her, from Marcel’s POV. But here he is, talking about her like it’s no big deal. And Marcel doesn’t give a shit. WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?

Marcel gives us another round of flashbacks. Apparently, before he got to know Davina, witches and vampires were getting along just fine.


Well, at least he and Sophie did. She tells him all about the ritual and also, that this thing between them has to stay a secret (not so very secret now, though…). He then says that she wend to Father Kieran (the priest from last episode) for help.
The priest tells the witches off because murder = bad. The witches, including J-A, don’t think it very nice of Sophie to mingle in their business, but she doesn’t care.  Sean, Camille’s twin brother, comes out and it’s revealed that the priest is his uncle. Before leaving, Agnes hexes him, causing him to lose his mind and do that massacre.

In the Attic of Anger Issues, Davina is packing her suitcase. She explains to Elijah that soon, the witches’ power will drain away, as will her own, and she will finally be normal, because she can’t seem to control all the power she has. She says that her best friend Monique had someone to fight for her – her aunt, Sophie.

At the bayou, Rebekah wants to know more about the harvest, but before Sophie can explain, they find the dead witches. Hayley finds pawprints and scratches on a tree, and they’re huge. Marcel’s informant shows up, realizes what he sees and speeds away before they can stop him.

Rebekah calls Klaus to tell him of the news.

He says that she should come to the bar, so she could play the distraction while he deals with Marcel’s informant. Marcel gets back to him and Klaus asks him for the rest of the story, so we get another flashback.

Turns out, the witches told the girls that all that would happen to them would be a cut to their palms that would put them to sleep. The truth is, though, that they are slitting their throats.
Wanna know what really gets me? Davina’s mother is just standing there, looking ahead, waiting for her daughter to be killed brutally. She’s just standing there.
Marcel and his guys show up to stop the ritual. They almost manage to save Monique, but Agnes slits her throat. Davina is fighting and finally gets saved by Marcel himself.


This was incredibly cheesy, but it also had a nice touch. Marcel and Klaus really are a lot alike.
Anyway, back in the flashback, Davina gets all the power that was in her fellow witches – it was supposed to go to their ancestors, see, but now she’s got all of it because the harvest wasn’t completed.
She tells Elijah that she feared that the witches lied about the girls being resurrected and that she didn’t want to die.

Rebekah shows up and that is Klaus’ excuse to go and “use the loo” (as if). She and Marcel banter a bit, as they do.
Outside the bar, Klaus meets Marcel’s informant, who indeed has information.


RIP, Marcel’s informant.

In the attic, Elijah has restored Tim’s violin. Davina gets all emotional about it, and the room starts to shake. Elijah says that he’d give her his mother’s grimoire to help control her powers. She’s suspicious, but he says that if she leaves with Marcel, he’ll never see her again and won’t be able to help her at all. He says what he’s offering is a deal.  She agrees with Rumpelstiltskin. Sorry, wrong show. But she does agree.

At the bar, Marcel has disappeared when Rebekah returns from the bathroom. She and Klaus realize that obviously, Marcel has been stalling them instead of them stalling Marcel.

Marcel goes to Davina’s attic and the two prepare to leave. As they’re crossing the church, Davina exclaims that something’s wrong and she doesn’t want to go. She then pretends to black out and Marcel carries her up to the attic again.

In a flashback, we see them arriving in the attic for the first time. He offers to get her everything she wants and she says that she only really wants revenge.

As Marcel leaves, Davina sits up again and Elijah is also still there. He gives her his trademark speech about family and she goes, “Klaus is a dick, why don’t you just give up, man?” He says that he’s given up on giving up. Oh, Elijah.

The priest, downstairs, is not happy about Davina still being in the attic. Marcel’s not really caring about his opinion, though, and Kieran tells him to at least stay away from his niece. Marcel’s all, “Who the hell is your niece?” and the priest tells him that it’s Cami.

Hayley and Sophie are still at the bayou. Sophie thinks Sabine’s vision to just be fake, but Hayley reminds her that she did think the harvest fake as well and that shit was real.

Klaus meets Marcel and he’s pissed because Marcel pulled that trick on him. They argue and Marcel goes to attack Klaus. Unfortunately for him, Elijah shows up and knocks him away.


At the Mikaelson Mansion, Rebekah has forgotten that pregnant!Hayley can’t drink alcohol. Klaus and Elijah show up and Rebekah hugs her brother (Elijah, of course, not the other one) in a rare moment honest joy.
Elijah doesn’t have time to kill Klaus as she demands, though, because he has to go after Hayley. They meet on the porch and, please be a little more obvious, show. Anyway, Hayley slaps him and tells him not to make promises he can’t keep. He doesn’t take it bad on her, though. He’s smiling. Dear Lord.

In a flashback, J-A and Sophie are both sobbing over Monique’s death. Sophie swears to her sister that they’ll find Davina and finish the ritual to bring the girl back.

Elijah tells his siblings that this whole war between witches and vampires is only about Davina and that Sophie is the one they should be most afraid of, because she’ll go any length to get to Davina.
As they speak, Sophie is kneeling in front of her sister’s grave, crying.

So… this is a change, innit? All this time, Marcel was the antagonist, but now he’s actually one of the good ones. Sort of. I’m all confused about good and bad now.
I kind of don’t get Elijah and Hayley. I mean, sure, I get why she likes him. He’s the best. But she’s – you know, she’s Hayley. I still don’t really like her. I’m all alone in this, aren’t I? She does get better, but…

Please, do share your thoughts on the episode with me and I’ll see you next week or over on the Vampire Diaries.
Have yourself a lovely day :)


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