Recap: The Vampire Diaries 5×04 – For Whom The Bell Tolls

This week, TVD decided that it was a bad thing I haven’t cried yet this season. They also decided to rectify this situation immediately. And God, did I cry. You wanna know why? Let’s get to it.

Stefan and Damon are in a car. Stefan’s reading his old diaries and it is the text from 3×03 when Elena and Damon were reading this on their way to Chicago. Stefan’s not remembering any of that. He’s not even properly remembering that he is a vampire; he moves to throw the blood bag he was suckling on out of the window, but Damon stops because pollution = bad.


Oh, the irony.
Damon thinks so, too, and makes the car crash. Damon looks rather pleased when Stefan says that nope, Damon’s the fun brother.

Blood drop.

Elena is on the phone with Caroline. Damon hasn’t send word to her and Caroline suggest that maybe, the brothers set out to suck out a few innocent girl scouts. Elena doesn’t think that very funny and Caroline instead tells her that she’s been taking pyschology and biology classes in the hope of maybe learning something that might help Stefan.
Also, she wants to impress Dr. Maxfield & she has study date with Jesse.

Because there always has to be some kind of get-together, there is Remembrance Day this episode, mainly an excuse for people to hang out in the cemetery in Mystic Falls.
Damon reveals the morbid past of this festivity – people were so paranoid about the cholera back in the day that sometimes, they buried people too early – and because people started to get paranoid about that, too, they were buried with a string attached to a bell, just in case.
The Salvatores go to  a bar and Stefan finally feels like a vampire when he sees the waitress’ neck. Damon stops him before he can bite her, though.
Elena walks in. As it turns out, Stefan can’t even remember her name.

Meanwhile, at the Boarding House, Jeremy is working out.


Bonnie says that she can’t do anything to help Stefan, because she’s dead. Jeremy tells her that maybe, they should just tell everybody. Matt calls and tells Jeremy that he’s been blacking out.

This is one of the best things that ever happened on TVD. Seriously. Not telling people about important things is what gets them into trouble half the time. At last, someone’s being reasonable. Congrats, Matt.

Matt’s been setting up cameras all over the place to see what happens when he blacks out. Also, he fears that he’s done something to piss Bonnie off, because she’s not writing back to him or returning his calls (see?).

At the bar, Stefan is talking to the waitress while Elena is anything but thrilled at Damon’s progress. He tells her to just let Stefan be happy without his memories until Bonnie gets back to them. Turns out, this isn’t such a good idea, because Stefan’s promptly disappeared with the waitress.
Before he can actually harm her, though, Damon shows up and pulls him away.

They decide that a change of location is in order and so they go to the Remembrance Day party. Why do they still bother going to these things? People die or almost die ALL THE TIME. But, sure, let’s bring the ripper without memories to this party full of humans. Why would there be a problem?


They go into the family crypt and Stefan’s all, so – who didn’t I kill? Actually, he has only killed his father. Zach was killed by Damon and,


Damon leaves because Jeremy texted him. Stefan turns to Elena and says he hopes her history is happier. It sort of not is, but he still manages to smile and say that he can’t believe he doesn’t remember her. He thinks she’s smart and strong and funny.
Now, that is all very well, if he actually DID know her; he doesn’t really remember her, though. So he just says that to remind us, the viewers, that Elena’s supposed to be smart and strong and funny. Showing, not telling, writers. No telling.
She tells him to come along, she’ll show him where they met.

They go to the school, to the bathroom where they first bumped into each other. Elena makes him replay the scene, but nope, he still doesn’t remember.
A few football players enter and one has been hurt. To get Stefan away from the blood, Elena drags him outside. She jumps up on the roof and tells Stefan how to do it, too. She tells him about that one time when he jumped up on a Ferris wheel. He figured out that they were dating, but thinks that she broke off with him because he kept ripping people’s head off.
She goes, “No, no, you were great. In control and all that jazz” (except when he wasn’t, but whatever). So he assumes that she was just bored by him and she goes, “No, no, you were great.” And then, she actually says, “It wasn’t you. It was me.” Girl, please.
Elena offers to show him how she became a vampire and they set off towards Wickery Bridge.

At the cemetery, Caroline and Jesse are actually studying. She says that she wants to prove Dr. Maxfield wrong and will show him that she can do it.
Jesse asks about Tyler and Caroline admits that he hasn’t been in touch. He distracts her so that she won’t realize he’s getting close and then this happens:


Okay, Jesse, are you done tricking girls into kissing you? Yeah? Fine, then let’s get on with it.

At the Salvatore Boarding House, Jeremy is trying to tell Damon that Bonnie is dead without actually telling him.


Damon finally figures it out and tells Jeremy not to say it. Jeremy decides that now is the perfect time to say it and tells Damon that Bonnie is dead. Damon gets upset but then walks to Jeremy and hugs him.

Stefan and Elena are at Wickery Bridge. He asks why he didn’t save her when Rebekah made them crash and she says that she told him to save Matt instead. Stefan’s all, “I’m an idiot!” and she goes, “No, no, you were great.”
He figures that he is or was a monster and she tells him he wasn’t. She’s also touching his face, reminiscing about back in the romantic days of Season 1… and he goes to kiss her.
Last second, she tells him that she’s with Damon. Stefan gets properly annoyed and takes off.

Matt wakes up at the Lockwood Mansion and goes to look at the security video. This Gregor guy inside him takes over and sends a message to Matt – he tells him to protect the knife Matt found the other day at all costs, or he would slit his throat.

Damon calls Elena, who is quite frantic because Stefan is missing. Damon tells her that he’ll be there ASAP.

Stefan is still at the cemetery and he bumps into Caroline. He recognizes her from pictures.


He says that he’s all but spiraling into Ripper oblivions when Jesse shows up. Stefan pretty much tells him that he wants to drain him, so Caroline compels Jesse to go and hide. She wants to drag Stefan off to give him a blood-bag, but as soon as she turns her back, he disappears.

Stefan goes after Jesse, of course. He attacks him, but stops pretty soon. Stefan seems almost proud of himself, but it doesn’t last long.


STEFAN. Oh, dear. He’s sure been through a lot. Damon and Elena – no matter how much I ship them – have done something really horrible to him. I mean, come on, he’s his brother. It’s why I hate it when they come along with that holier-than-thou attitude they liked to pull with Klaus, especially. How much better are they, really, if they can do that to each other?

Anyway, to get back on track, Stefan attacks Jesse again and almost kills him before Caroline arrives and heals the guy.

Jeremy is at Matt’s to tell him that Bonnie died.

Elena and Damon get home to see Stefan burning his diaries! Not the diaries, no! He says he doesn’t want to be that person anymore and he doesn’t want to be with the two of them. Caroline will call him every hour to make sure he doesn’t become a ripper again.
He leaves and Elena goes to say that they need Bonnie to fix this. Damon finally spills the beans.  On the plus side, he seems pretty sad, but Elena looks more upset than anything else. It’s not exactly a good episode for her…

Caroline meets Stefan in the crypt. She tells him that Bonnie is dead, but she doesn’t want to really talk about it. She’s devastated because Bonnie’s dead and Tyler’s away and she just doesn’t know how to deal with it on her own.


I don’t want Steroline to happen, guys. I really like Stefan and I really like Caroline and I think their friendship is absolutely beautiful, but PLEASE. Please not.

Elena is at the Salvatore Mansion and freaking out, because she burnt her house down, which contained all of her “funeral clothes”. The sad thing is, she probably did have a full wardrobe on that department.

Damon, Elena, Matt, Caroline and Jeremy are meeting in the woods to hold a memorial for Bonnie. This is where I got some damn emotional.

Bonnie tells Jeremy what to say. As she talks to her friends, they are half-crying, half-laughing (in Caroline’s case) and I just couldn’t see anymore because I kept crying so hard.
Tyler shows up and Caroline falls into his arms. Bonnie is smiling at Jeremy, saying that this was all she wanted and it’s going to be all right.

Dr. Maxfield is with Jesse at college. He’s been analyzing his blood and figures out that Jesse got vampire blood. Jesse’s all: Dafuq? but it gets even worse. Dr. Maxfield says that step one to being a vampire is now completed, and he goes straight for step two. He injects Jesse with some kind of poison and the monitor shows us that his heart is stopping.

So. Bonnie’s memorial was just so damn emotional, I was sobbing all over the place. Sometimes, I really wonder why I’m so invested in this insanity, but then again, why would I not be?
I didn’t like Elena for most of this episode. Let’s just remind Stefan of all the good times as a couple, just to rip his heart out again by telling him that his brother is the one to get her hot. What the hell?
Damon was great. He tried to look out for Stefan, and Jeremy, and Elena, and he was most definitely sad to find that Bonnie is dead, even though he always claimed to hate her.
And – what the hell is Dr. Frankenstein up to, huh? I just thought he was a part of the not-so-secret secret society, but he obviously has bigger plans.

Please do share your thoughts on the episode with me and I’ll see you next week or over on The Originals.
Have yourself a lovely day :)


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