Recap: The Originals 1×04 – Girl in New Orleans

This Tuesday, I was torn again. Sometimes, I downright laughed at how everything made NO SENSE in this week’s The Originals. And on the other hand, this episode was just terrific. I had to rewatch a few scenes over and over again because they were SO GOOD.

But let’s give my ranting some structure, shall we?

This episode starts with a ridiculously long voice-over. They tend to do that, but when I say ridiculously long, I mean really long. We cut between the Mikaelson Mansion and a church and then it is revealed that Davina lives in the attic above it.
Anyway, it’s also revealed that Klaus is talking all this crap about Originals and building this town while he’s staring at a painting with Cami. This is so weird… okay, so he goes to talk about how he is sort of not evil (yet he is. Just because he says he wants to “save” Davina, doesn’t mean that really is his intention). And she says,


Klaus says he is going to offer her a job as a stenographer,  to write down his memoirs. (This whole opener is one huge WTF for me.) He also adds that it will grant them time to talk some Marcel. She’s all, “Er – private!?”
Klaus reveals that there are vampires and witches. Cami is shocked, so I guess she missed the part of the voice-over that said that they built this city 300 years ago. He compels her not to be afraid and she is all, “Damn, that’s one interesting power, how does that work, like scientifically?”

Blood drop. About time.

In Davina’s Attic of Anger Issues, she still refuses to return Elijah. Instead, she wants to go to some music festival that is taking place. Marcel says no, but Davina feels it’s time for a little show of force. She freaking makes his blood boil! He decides that maybe, letting her go is a pretty good idea. He doesn’t let her go alone, though, but wants her accompanied.

At Rousseau’s, Klaus meets Cami. She only remembers about vampires and the like when he is with her (clever) and starts asking question about how exactly compulsion works again. Klaus rather unceremoniously changes the topic back to Marcel. Cami tells him she refused to babysit Davina, so Klaus compels her to do just that. Because screw free will! Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Meanwhile, at the Mikaelson Mansion: Hayley is overdue for a check-up and Agnes, one of the witches, insists that she goes see a doctor at the bayou, where vampires won’t see her. Hayley whines because she doesn’t want to, which Rebekah does not understand.


I’ve got so many Rebekah feels…
She focuses back on the computer, looking at satellite pictures of the French Quarter. Klaus arrives and he doesn’t believe in Rebekah’s success.


Rebekah calls bullshit on his taunting, because he just wants Davina. He goes to say that  no, he’s just killing two birds with one stone, getting Davina and Elijah. Rebekah is pleased.

At a bar,  vampires are hanging out. Joshua tries to ask Diego, one of Marcel’s trusted ones, how he will get a daylight ring. Diego tells him to just forget it and gets angry when Josh says that there might be a spot open because of Thierry’s extended vacation.
Rebekah walks in and asks Diego if Marcel’s seeing someone. Diego’s all, “Yeah, Cami, remember? Plain girl in an angel costume?” and Rebekah asks if there’s someone else. Diego says that if there is, she must be close by.

We cut to Marcel walking the street with his daywalkers, giving out orders. That’s the way I like him. Not sure why, but I loved this scene. He orders to keep Cami and “Cami’s friend” watched at all times and also, no witches. Marcel takes Davina to a bar and introduces her to Cami.

Agnes is taking Hayley to see the doctor, but as soon as Hayley’s gone inside, the witch calls someone and says to “send the men and do it quickly”.

Davina is enjoying herself at the festival. She knows one boy in the band and she clearly has a crush on him. I like her much better now that she is in a good mood. Smiling definitely suits her.


At the church underneath the Attic of Anger Issues, a man is cleaning up the rather messy place. Rebekah arrives and claims to be interested in blinds – this is another one of the WTF moments. If you lie, then at least make it believable! Anyway, she asks to see the attic, but the pastor says that the church is closed and she should GTFO. She compels him and he sends her up to the attic.
She wants to go in but for some reason can’t enter (she was invited in, though, what the hell is going on?). It doesn’t matter, though, because he suddenly opens his eyes.
That just creeped me out!

Elijah transports her into flashback time, a memory of the two of them going to the Opera. He tells her that Davina didn’t put the dagger in properly when she removed it to have a look at it. So he’ll be up and about in a few hours. He orders Rebekah to look out for Hayley.
I’m so happy he is back! Elijah is THE BEST.

Hayley is with the doctor who says that everything’s fine with her baby, but that her blood pressure is a little high. As she goes to fetch something for that, Hayley sees some men entering the place. Hayley figures that something is very wrong and knocks the doctor out before escaping through the window.

Klaus sets another plan in motion. He makes sure that Davina and Tim meet up in the church.
The two of them are catching up and she compliments his playing. So he gets out the fiddle and starts playing for her. Isn’t he cute?

Cami and Klaus are watching the scene. The church is so messed up because of a massacre that happened there. As it turns out, it was Cami’s twin brother who murdered all these people out of nowhere. She’s worried that she might have a dark side as well.

At a street, the priest from before meets with Marcel. He warns him that Rebekah has been to the church. Diego walks up and tells Marcel that he lost Camille and Davina.

At the church, Klaus interrupts Davina and Tim.


That’s one of the scenes I kept replaying over and over again; the way he delivers these lines, it’s just perfect.
He compels the boy to just go and count to 100.000 at the back of the church. He then turns to Davina, offering her to switch alliances – he claims that Marcel is keeping her prisoner, while she could very well take care of herself; he also says that if he were the one to protect her, he would allow her more freedom (RIGHT. Because that’s just what you do, isn’t it, Nik?).
Davina’s not having it and starts making his blood boil. So Klaus grabs Tim and threatens to hurt him. Davina gets properly angry and knocks Klaus backwards with a spell so powerful, it breaks all the church’s windows. And the place was already messed up before…

Hayley is running away as the men set off after her. She’s fighting them, quite effectively knocking them out before Rebekah turns up and finishes off the last one. Hayley definitely gains points this episode for badass fighting. Only then they realize that there are more and the two girls are both shot with arrows.

Marcel finds Cami on the street and she tells him that Davina is with Tim.
We cut over to the church, where Davina is waking up alone. Klaus is standing on a balcony, watching her. Rebekah calls him and tells him that they were attacked and that Hayley is gone. Klaus doesn’t look happy at all.
He decides that it’s time to speed up a little bit, so he throws Tim off the balcony. That in itself wouldn’t be very great, but then, this happens:


Klaus throwing things off a balcony is my new favourite thing.
Davina is pretty desperate when she finds Tim. She obviously thinks that her magic hurt him. Klaus shows up and offers to heal him. He does so and then compels Tim to forget even seeing Davina.  He then tells her that she now owes him a favour.
Klaus leaves and Marcel shows up. He asks Davina what she’s doing all alone in a destroyed church and she goes, “Dude, I live here, remember?”

Klaus finds Rebekah at the bayou. She hasn’t found Hayley yet and Klaus looks almost worried. Hayley staggers out of the woods, completely healed. They figure that it must be the baby’s vampire blood that healed her so quickly (they actually said that it was Klaus’ blood inside her. CREEPY.). Rebekah tells Hayley that Elijah will be back soon.
The wolf girl wants to leave, but she almost falls as she’s getting up.

Source: &

Marcel is very annoyed that his guys haven’t watched out for Cami and Davina. Diego gets a little pissed and Marcel snaps his neck.
Rebekah arrives and tells him that she wants Elijah back, pronto. She’s also kinda paying him back for last episode, pretty much telling him that he only wants Cami because he can’t have what he really wants – Rebekah.

Speaking of Cami, Klaus finds her at her home and she invites him in. She figures that it’s definitely weird for him to show up, though. She also figures that maybe, her brother wasn’t mentally ill as she had presumed, but was in fact compelled to do what he did.
He tells her that whatever lies on the end of this mystery will only offer her pain.


I have to cut in quickly. People are compelled on this show ALL THE TIME, and most of the time, I don’t have great issues with it. Making someone forget they saw a vampire or a bit of magic or whatever – still not nice, but at least, it’s justified. This – this is just taking decisions away from people. There was no actual need to do it; Klaus just felt that it would be best and he didn’t care if it was what Cami wanted. This is sending a seriously damaged message about consent.
It was a very dramatic, very emotional scene; a great scene, even, but I have serious issues with this.

Davina is in her attic when she hears the casket close. She whirls around to inspect it and Elijah appears behind her. He freaks me out again because he still has this vein-y make-up on. He tells the girl that they need to have a talk.

So, as I said, I’m torn. Huge WTF-moments (the voice-over at the beginning, Rebekah’s not very elaborate plan and Cami’s insistent wondering how exactly compulsion works. Klaus’ scene with Davina was awesome, as was his catching Hayley at the bayou.

Please, do share your thoughts on this episode with me and I’ll see you next week or over on the Vampire Diaries.
Have yourself a lovely day :)


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