Recap: Vampire Diaries 5×03 – Original Sin

I just want to start with this awesome pic I have seen in the aftermath of 5×03.


You want to know how we got to that point? Here’s Original Sin.

Stefan is free again and he’s on a hunt. He goes to “Jo’s Bar” and attacks the bartender, Jo. As it turns out, though, he hasn’t turned his emotions off, so he tells her to run after he’s done feeding. So much for being a ripper.
He follows her outside just as the sun goes up and he starts to sizzle.

Over at the Boarding House, Elena jolts awake. Damon complains about her tossing and turning all night, but she tells him she had a dream of Stefan. He is obviously put off. Katherine appears and tells them that she knows where to find Stefan – for she had the exact same dream.

Blood drop.

Elena and Damon prepare for their roadtrip and Katherine says she’s coming, too.


Damon wants her protected because leverage, but Elena’s pissed. Katherine tells her that all this wouldn’t be an issue if she hadn’t been forced to take the cure.


Yup. I still have endless Katherine appreciation.

Silas is on the phone with Nadia. C’mon, show. Now even the big bad 2000 year old villain with a death wish is keeping the phone-call-count up? Why can’t these people just MEET?
Anyway, he’s worried that the gypsy guy she killed is not really dead, but will come back to life because of his link to Matt. Silas tells her to go and kill Matt for good.

At a cabin wakes up to see the woman that saved him from the sunlight. Also, she pulled him out of the quarry. Or rather, she made someone do it and that someone ended up dead in the safe. Stefan says that he’s going to kill Silas, who he thinks is a monster, but the woman says that Silas used to be a simple man once. We get a quick flashback of Silas in Ancient Greece.
She says that she, herself, used to be his lover and Stefan is legitimately confused, because she should be very dead, then. She tells Stefan that they used to be very powerful members of the Travellers (like Nadia and the dead guy) and that they wanted to become immortal so that they would never have to part.


The woman says that there is a slight problem, because she loved Silas very much, but he did not love her for,


In the car, Katherine had to take the backseat. She doesn’t seem so unhappy, though. She goes on talking about how it’s weird that Elena has a sort of telepathic connection to Stefan while she should be with Damon.

Nadia meets Matt at the Grill and performs a spell to show that Gregor, the man she killed, kind of lives in Matt now? IDK, definitely creepy. This Gregor guy is pretty upset about being killed, but Nadia says that she had to gain Silas’ trust. She also says she loves him and they kiss. He then tells her to show him where she buried his body, but she first tells him to call Elena to find out where Katherine is.

Stefan is still with Qetsiyah. She says that the name is too complicated and decides that she’d like to be called Tessa, a name which is a little different but you can still find on souvenir keychains.


I have a lot of Stefan appreciation, too, today. And that says something, since I don’t often have that. Tessa says she came back when the veil lowered.
We get another flashback showing that Silas and Qetsiyah were to be married, but he stole the immortality potion beforehand and gave it to someone else. She finds out that it was in fact her handmaiden who he abandoned her for. Do you want to take a guess who this handmaiden was? Because it’s really not hard to foresee.


Now, I have to cut in, because this doesn’t make any sense. Everybody always said that Tatia, the one girl to create the hybrid curse, was the Original Doppelganger and that the doppelganger was created to give the possibility of breaking the curse. And now? Now that’s suddenly all not true? That’s just sloppy writing. Sorry not sorry. You could’ve done better than this, writers.

Our roadtrip party has reached Jo’s Bar. Damon and Elena get out of the car, Katherine is asleep. Elena wonders if maybe, they should wake her.


Elena and Damon enter the bar and talk to Jo, the woman Stefan attacked. She tells them about Tessa saving them and where they went. She then pours Damon a shot, which he gulps down; it’s already too late when he realizes that it’s laced with vervain.
Nadia shows up with her gun. Just then, Katherine enters the bar as well.


I do love the endless supply of gifs for this episode…
Elena attacks Nadia and tells Katherine to run. Nadia vamps out (she’s a vampire!?) and throws Elena against a wall before rushing after Katherine. Elena decides to go after them and tells Damon to go looking for Stefan.

Over at the cabin, we get another flashback. Qetsiyah killed Amara in a very gruesome way and Silas was properly desperate.
Stefan tells her that she doesn’t need to do anything to him, for they are on the same team.


So she makes Stefan fall to the ground in pain. HE HAS DONE NOTHING TO YOU, WOMAN.

In the woods, Elena finds Katherine again. Katherine asks why she hasn’t killed her after making her human and Elena answers that she values her humanity. Nadia appears and snaps Elena’s neck.

Damon arrives at the cabin to find Stefan bound to a chair. It is Tessa’s plan to link Stefan to Silas and then rob Silas of his mental powers as to grant them a better chance at killing him. Damon has to rain on her parade, though, saying that Katherine took the cure. Tessa says that Katherine was supposed to be with Damon and he figures that Tessa has planted these dreams in both Elena and Katherine.


Stefan’s all, “yeah, he’s right” but Tessa convinces them that it is their best shot at defeating Silas.
Tessa starts chanting and we cut over to the road where Nadia is dragging Katherine to a car. Silas is waiting, though. He tells Nadia to shoot herself, but last moment, Tessa completes the spell and Silas breaks down in pain, enabling Katherine and Nadia to get away.

At the cabin, Stefan has lost consciousness and Damon goes to free him and take him home. Tessa taunts him, saying watching their love-triangle was like watching a bad soap-opera (she’s got a point. Sort of.) She also says that she spent the past 2000 years on the Other Side watching versions of Stefan and Elena finding each other. She tells Damon that he is just an obstacle standing in destiny’s way and that Stefan and Elena will end up together.
Damon attacks Tessa, but is easily defied. Elena runs in shortly after, and she only has eyes for Stefan who is still unconscious. Damon, lying on the floor, doesn’t seem happy about it at all.

Nadia still won’t tell Katherine who she is (we have to prepare for a big reveal soon, probably. She’s someone really special. Wild guess: she’s described to come from Eastern Europe + is probably a vampire + has business with Katherine. Might she be her daughter? This is speculation. Please join me speculating in the comments.)
Silas calls Nadia. He has figured out that Qetsiyah has to be back. He also says that he wants Katherine still alive and warns Nadia for now both he and Qetsiyah are after the cure. Katherine grabs the phone from Nadia and demands to know what he wants with her. He reveals that now that she’s taken the cure, her blood is the cure.

At the Lockwood Mansion, Matt wakes up as he’s called by Elena. He doesn’t remember calling her beforehand and when he hangs up, he finds that everything is muddy and also, he’s carrying a bloody knife.

Over at the Boarding House, Stefan is still unconscious. Damon tells Elena what Tessa said about the doppelgangers. She says that it sounds crazy and that she won’t let Tessa screw things up between them. Damon tells her that he won’t let some prehistoric witch tell him who to love.


Elena smiles happily when Stefan wakes up. She goes to him saying that they missed him. Stefan looks absolutely confused.


Okay. So the whole doppelganger thing really put me off. Throwing in more and more of them, adding to this mythology, it’s just lazy. As if they had no other ideas. I liked the flashbacks, though, no matter what, just because I love flashback episodes. Stefan had some really good lines this episode + it’s very good that Silas lost his psychic powers, it was about time. Tessa is completely mad.

Please share your thoughts with me in the comments and I’ll see you next week or over on the Originals.
Have yourself a lovely day :)


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