Recap: The Originals 1×03 – Tangled Up In Blue

With the last TVD post, I caught up – and with this post, I’m officially back on schedule. As you can detect from the date, TO recaps will be published on Saturday and TVD will remain on Sunday, as it always has been, back when I was still on track.

Now, let’s get started.

We start with Hayley reading up on all the good times of the past – turns out, Elijah kept a diary. In 1359, he states his “sweet” sister has grown “quite indifferent to brutality”. I can see that.
Anyway, Klaus has burnt the – I was going to write hybrids, because I’m so used that minions = hybrids, but they’re only – vampires they killed last night. Rebekah is unnerved, because she likes to burn things, too. They’re just talking about the werewolf “carrying your hybrid bun” when Hayley enters and states that she’d like to know the plan. Klaus and Rebekah bicker a bit, as they do, and hilariously, this happens:


He just caught it! Jeez.
Rebekah says that the plan is to just ask for Elijah back. Hayley’s all: “Dafuq?” but Klaus, of course, has a plan B.


Blood drop.

Over at the villain’s headquarter, Marcel is dressing up for a masquerade ball they’re throwing. Because neither TVD nor its spin-off could live without a dance every five seconds.
Thierry – the guy Klaus bit and healed – is updating him. They figured out that the vampires they sent to look into the werewolf-sighting haven’t turned up again and are dead. Klaus shows up and asks for Elijah back and Thierry gets quite worked up about it. Marcel demands peace and then leads Klaus outside. He explains a bit about Thierry’s background and then says that he can’t give Elijah back as to not loose his face. Klaus plays it cool, but he’s clearly annoyed.

Klaus returns to his mansion and we see that he has that one living vampire chained up. Joshua, the new guy they turned last episode is there to bleed him off vervain. He’s taking too long for Klaus’ taste, though.


So Klaus gives an example (that sure looked like it hurt). He explains about vervain for all those who haven’t watched TVD (are there people who did not watch TVD but watch the spin-off? Like – seriously?).

Rebekah, meanwhile, meets up with Sophie to see why the shop-owner has ratted Hayley out. She’s very threatening and the witch reveals that she’s in love with – guess who! Right, Thierry.

Rebekah brings Sophie back to the Mansion and she and her darling brother tell the witch about their plan – Sophie is to perform a locator spell so they can find Elijah. Klaus tells her about Davina, whom Sophie obviously knows. The plan is to make that Katie girl – the shop-owner – perform a huge spell so Davina’ll be distracted when Sophie does her locator spell.
Sophie’s not exactly fond of ratting out her friend to Marcel, but Klaus maniputalks her into seeing it a strategic loss in war.

Klaus meets up with Marcel. They talk about Thierry, and as it turns out, Marcel’s pretty sure that Thierry’s not going to betray him. He’s boasting about how it’s unusual that vampires have a community and are hosting fancy charity events. Dude. Have you ever been to Mystic Falls? The human population practically consist of Matt Donovan. How’s that for a supernatural community?

Meanwhile, Rebekah is at the bar Camille works in. Seen as this is probably gonna be the local pub, I’ll tell you the name; it’s Rousseau’s, for future reference. Anyway, Rebekah’s talking about herself and then asks Cami about Marcel. Rebekah then invites her to the masquerade that night.

Marcel has ordered Thierry to cause a bit of an uproar amongst the witches. Klaus, in turn, evil mastermind that he is, has it arranged that the guy who he’s been bleeding dry would go after Katie; as Thierry sees this, he rushes up and kills the guy. Klaus hopes that Katie will go and (magically) try and save her lover.
By the way, he’s telling all this to Rebekah over the phone, just in case you were wondering…

I have to quickly rant about how much I love Klaus in the Originals. Seriously, it’s only now that he can live out his true potential, plotting and scheming; and though it’s still all sorts of morally wrong, he now is our hero and we can properly appreciate him without having to see him conquered again and again, because he’s the villain. And now here he is, fighting for power and family and the damned child instead of trying to create a hybrid army, which was really stupid in the first place. End of rant.

Klaus and Rebekah enter the masquerade ball (the background music goes, “Don’t cry… mercy – there’s too much pain to come”. Poetic.) Can we just quickly talk about how stunning Rebekah looks?


I mean, apart from the fact that they just ignored the party’s theme. They’re not the only ones. Compare Camille:


What the hell is that? An angel? Is that supposed to be a metaphor? If yes, it’s a horrible one. If it’s not, well then, what did they do in the costume department? How are these wings appropriate in any way?

Klaus isn’t happy that Camille is there, but he goes over to her nonetheless. After clarifying that no, he’s not Rebekah’s boyfriend, but her brother, he compliments Camille (and that from a man who has set admiring eyes on Caroline Forbes *sigh*) and she admits that he does clean up pretty well himself.



Rebekah goes off to talk to Marcel; she’s obviously jealous and he calls her ‘Bekah’, that’s all there is to say about it, really.
Klaus and Camille watch them and Camille figures that Rebekah has a thing for Marcel; Klaus tells her not worry about it and Camille says that she thinks Rebekah’s a “bit of a bitch” – and KLAUS JUST LAUGHS. What the hell? Usually, anyone goes after his siblings, Klaus is there to defend them. I mean, he himself’s mean all the time, but he’s very protective, right? So why in the actual hell are you laughing, Nik?
Klaus heads off and Marcel arrives, more or less asking Cami to dance.

Hayley is back at the Mansion, staring at a wolf that turned up out of the blue. The promo made it seem as though it was an important one, but it’s just, you know, aesthetic. A witch, Sabine, arrives to look after Hayley and offers to check the baby’s gender.

At the party, Rebekah and Klaus are watching Marcel and Camille dance. I already saw ship-names, but quite frankly, I have forgotten them again. Camcel? Klamille? Something like these. It’s a bit ridiculous, really.
Well, anyway, Marcel and Cami get interrupted by one of Marcel’s guys who tells him about Thierry. Marcel strides off and chokes Thierry; unfortunately for him, Camille sees it all.

Meanwhile, Sophie and Katie are working that bit of big magic that is to distract Davina, to whom we cut to see that she’s painting (and by painting I mean smearing lines on a valuable canvas) as she realizes that there’s magic being done.

Over at the party, Marcel is interrogating Thierry, and no, he’s not very happy. Not happy at all. He gets even unhappier when Joshua appears, bearing an envelope Klaus gave him; it contains the recipes for a daylight ring. Joshua claims that they have found it at Katie’s and Marcel assumes that Thierry stole it from him.

“Here’s a rule in friendship: Friends don’t lie to me, they don’t break my rules, and they do not steal what is mine.”

You should definitely think about your buddy Klaus in terms of friendship, Marcel…
Marcel then sentences Thierry to “100 years in the garden”. Er – okay? Klaus, still watching from a distance, just smiles devilishly.

Rebekah meets with Sophie in the cemetery (even amongst graves, her outfit is still great) and Sophie gets ready to perform the locator spell.
Katie appears in the street and attacks Marcel and his guys. She’s pretty damn powerful and Davina, up in her room gets really frantic. She obviously tries to help Marcel with magic herself, but it looks very much like Katie is going to win.
Just as she’s about to kill Marcel, though, Klaus speeds down and snaps her neck.

Sophie senses that Katie’s magic has stopped, but she’s willing to keep going as they haven’t found Davina yet. Rebekah stops her though as she’s worried about Hayley and the baby.

We cut to “the garden” – turns out, Marcel pretty much buries the ones who failed him alive. It very much reminds me of Interview with the vampire. And it’s really, really cruel, too.
Marcel definitely is cruel… he’s very much influenced by Klaus, I think. Klaus, himself, he doesn’t take quick deaths for revenge; he planned to torture Katherine for centuries before finally killing her; he wanted to chase Tyler forever and never let him come home… I want to tell you so much that Klaus is a better man, a more merciful man, but frankly, I’m not so sure.

Back to the main course of events, yeah?
Marcel meets with Klaus and he’s very worried that Camille saw too much, but Klaus reassures him. He also tells Marcel that he’s sorry about Thierry.

M: “I made him what he was. Obviously, my trust was misplaced.”
K: “Doesn’t make it easier.”

I see what you did there, show. I see it.
Marcel thanks Klaus for saving him and says that in turn, he will give Elijah back.

In a bar, Camille is still wearing the hideous wings. Klaus sits down next to her and tries to smooth things over for Marcel. Camille’s not really having it, though and Klaus states that it seems like it’s more than just a broken heart.


And then, they start gazing longingly at each other.


Oh PLEASE, NO. Not another love triangle. And not the girl in the horrible angel costume. Hayley, I could dig that. Seriously, even though I hate her. But Camille? She’s got no spice. They had a beautiful scene in the pilot, but since then… she’s plain.

Klaus returns home, where Rebekah is waiting for him. She’s pretty mad when she learns that it was Klaus who killed Katie ahead of time. He tells her that they cannot trust the witches, who – he believes – will try and use Davina for themselves and against him. Rebekah doesn’t care because ELIJAH. So Klaus tells her that Marcel is going to return Elijah to them and that he, himself, wants Davina to work for him. Rebekah’s still mad at him, though. She tells him he disgust her. Harsh.

Marcel goes to Davina, who is very relieved to see that he is fine. He tells her that he is going to return Elijah, but she refuses. She says she won’t give Elijah back until she knows how to kill one. I don’t know why the writers are even bringing this up; we all know that they won’t get killed because of all the people that would die with them…

Klaus goes to talk to Hayley, who is quite happy that Elijah will be returning.


He’s about to leave when Hayley tells him that it’s probably going to be a girl. Klaus actually smiles.
The poor girl will never have a boyfriend. Just imagine, if noone was ever good enough for his sister, no one will stand any chance with his daughter. Still, I like that better than a boy I think. A boy would eventually become a threat and it would end in disaster…

Rebekah is wandering the streets and meets Marcel. She accuses him of stalking her and he backs her into pillar. It looks as though they are going to kiss but he just says, “Maybe you’re just in my way” and walks off.

The witches are burying Katie and they are not happy with Sophie’s plan at all. Sabine then tells them what happened when she was with Hayley earlier. She had some sort of witchy vision and yelled the following words:

Nos omnia perdetu el eam.

Now Hayley sits in front of her computer and tries to translate it. She’s searching Czech and Croatian and Belarusian and… she didn’t even try Latin. I’ve seen several translations already, something about the child dooming everyone, but you know, Hayley just didn’t even get the idea to try Latin. Nope. I thought she was getting better but no. I still hate her.
[People are already translating and speculating about definite versions, and it’s something along the lines of “we will all lose”. ]

Roll credits.

So, plus points of the episode: Klaus’ evil masterplan which almost worked (he didn’t have Davina’s teenage fits calculated. No one can blame him). Rebekah’s outfit, definitely. I like that the baby is a girl. And also – Rebekah and Marcel have the greatest chemistry.

Minus – Marcel’s not just a dick anymore, he’s a cruel dick and I really dislike him. Hayley’s stupid and Camille is plain.

Tell me about your thoughts on all this in the comments and I’ll see you next week or over on the TVD recap.
Have yourself a lovely day :)


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