Recap: Vampire Diaries 5×02 – True Lies

With this post, I have officially caught up. My, with two series now running, and me in the total chaos during the past week, the past two days have been total madness as I tried to catch up. But I did it! And therefore I present the recap for the second episode of season five. Welcome to True Lies.

Bonnie is telling Jeremy about the death of her father, which we witnessed at the end of last episode. She’s clearly grieving, but pulls herself together and tells Jeremy that Silas is after Katherine.

Speaking of her, she’s stumbling onto a street and holds up a car. Unfortunately for her, the woman realizes that she looks just like Elena.


The woman goes to notify Silas, but Katherine manages to knock her out. As she’s a feeble human now, she actually hurt her hand in the process and promptly gets taunted on it when Matt arrives.

Stefan, meanwhile, is still hallucinating. Now, he’s on a picnic date with Elena. Elena tells him that this can’t last forever before she starts choking and coughing up water. Real life Stefan is still underwater and drowning.

At Whitmore College, students are laying roses for Megan. Caroline calls them overly dramatic since Megan died after just one day and no one really knew her. Caroline, honey. This isn’t Mystic Falls. People don’t regularly get killed on parties.
Elena went by the hospital and has gotten hold of Megan’s death certificate. Turns out it makes no mention of vampire bites so they conclude that whoever signed it must be part of the Council equivalent on campus. Elena has also found out who it is: their Microbiology Professor, Wesley Maxfield.


Elena says she switched their classes and Caroline freaks out. Elena reminds her that she can just give up the hope of being a drama major if they get exposed as vampires. So, it is Elena’s plan to infiltatrate the cover-up team, just like Damon did with the Founders Council.

As we are already on topic, we cut to Damon and Sheriff Forbes above the quarry. He wants her to let it all be searched so that they’ll find Stefan, but Liz isn’t all for it, especially since they are not entirely sure he is in there. In the end, she accepts, though.
Damon gets called by Jeremy, seen as he and Matt have captured Katherine.


Katherine is the actual best in this episode, so you’ll see a lot more gifs of her, I promise…
She complains about being bound and says that she was just protecting herself when she crashed Jeremy’s car. She also says that she got it – she’s the leverage, the one thing that everybody wants.


Oh, the good times when we were still worrying about moonstones…

Elena and Caroline are going to the Microbiology class, though they definitely shouldn’t attend due to being freshmen. Elena makes yet another attempt to get Caroline and Jesse together. Unfortunately for them, Doctor Maxfield sees through them pretty quickly and kicks them out of his class.

Later on, Elena is talking to Damon on the phone (rate is going so far up again…). She tells him that no, she neither threatend nor tortured him. Then, she spots Stefan and therefore says, “Stefan?” Damon misunderstands her, though and says that Stefan would probably mope at the professor.
Damon goes to tell her that it’s not Stefan she’s seeing, but Silas tells her to hang up and so she does. Silas lies and tells her that he’s in search of Jeremy, who supposedly bolted after being expelled.

At a gas station, Katherine asks for some medicine because she’s feeling really groggy.


Matt finally relents and goes to buy some stuff as they let her use the loo. Unfortunately, the cashier recognizes her and they have to take off in a hurry, again.

Meanwhile, Damon has driven to Withmore.


The two of them decide to go and find her before it’s too late, Caroline accidentally telling him that Elena’s had that bad feeling about Stefan all summer.

Silas has grabbed Elena’s phone when the cashier texts him that he saw Katherine on Route 9. Elena tells him that they used to go to a campsite around there when they were kids. She seems to realize something is wrong before we cut over to Damon searching the crowd.
Silas appears in front of him. He says he gets why Damon likes Elena.



Silas doesn’t say anything else, so we cut to later when Damon and Caroline are searching the bonfire party. Damon asks a random guy if he’s seen Elena and that boy tells him that if he were Elena, he would run from Damon, too. Damon looses composure for a quick second (okay, he looked pretty murderous) but Caroline stops him.
Meanwhile, Elena is perfectly fine. She talks to Jesse and goes to help him with the firewood. Jesse tells her that Dr. Maxfield is part of secret society on campus. This has just turned ridiculous. If any average student knows about it, how is it secret?
Damon runs in and knocks Jesse out.

At the same time, Jeremy, Matt and Katherine are at a campsite.


I already said that Katherine was made of ALL THE AWESOME this episode, right?
So, Jeremy wraps a blanket around her. I’ve seen the comments on youtube to this scene. Seriously, people? Who could possibly ship this, based on one scene and considering that she looks JUST LIKE HIS SISTER??? Jeez.

Matt is off to get firewood and meets Silas. As it turns out, he can not be manipulated by Silas, though. Angry, Silas snaps his neck. Matt jumps up literally seconds after (he’s got the Gilbert ring), but Jeremy and Katherine run past him without noticing him. Bonnie walks up to him and reveals that right now, they both are dead; only Matt can return when he reattaches to his body.

Over at college, Elena is all over Damon; as it turns out, it’s only part of the plan. She ties him up and forces the vervain water down his throat. Turns out Silas has told her to kill him.
Elena figures that she has to resist, but can’t. Instead, she rams and iron poker through her leg to pin herself in place.

Caroline tries to apologize to Jesse; she has found a frozen popsicle to cool his wound. He’s flirting and she blurts out that she has a boyfriend. Jesse’s kind of nice about it, though.

In the woods, Jeremy is leaving Katherine to go and look for Matt, who is still dead and talking to Bonnie, comforting her after her father’s death.
Jeremy finds the body, but Silas stuck around to, I don’t know, watch the corpse? They fight and it looks rather balanced until Silas shoves a branch through himself and Jeremy (yeah, it was weird). He goes to kill Jeremy for good, but gets shot by Katherine, who returned to save the day. Told you. All the awesome.

Elena is pretty mad at Damon about literally everything. She goes to lit them on fire when the compulsion breaks.

Matt urges Bonnie to tell everyone the truth about being dead, before he goes and re-attaches to his body.

Silas goes to the gas station. He feeds from the cashier when the two people arrive who grabbed Matt last episode. Turns out they’re gypsies. Like, okay. I get Buffy was a great show. No need to steal from it, all right. They want to lock him back in the tomb, but Nadia has an own agenda and kills the other guy. R.I.P. guy without name.

Elena is returning to Mystic Falls with Damon, because reasons. They want to find Stefan. Dr. Maxfield walks up to tell Elena to come by his office; he quite obviously knows something. Elena declines though, because Stefan.
Damon has snagged Stefan’s daylight ring from Silas and tells Elena that he’s fine with it that she cares about Stefan – apart from the fact that it sucks. Something like that.
He gets called by Sheriff Forbes. They have found the safe that Stefan’s been locked in. They wait until Elena and Damon arrive, seen as they’re afraid Stefan might be hungry. Damon opens the box and they only find a bloody corpse inside; seems Stefan is back and in ripper mode.


No, seriously. I love Ripper Stefan. He’s much more entertaining than when he’s only brooding and combing his hair, you know? Still, we had that storyline already. I’m hoping they won’t just repeat all of that… I lovedlovedloved Katherine this episode. The secret society is still kind of stupid.
Please do feel free to comment with your thoughts. I’ll see you in the next episode or over on the Originals.

Until then, have yourself a lovely day :)


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