Recap: Vampire Diaries 5×01 – I Know What You Did Last Summer

If you think that actually, someone knew what Elena was up to last summer (searching for Klaus and Stefan? Dragging both Alaric – oh, sweet times – and Damon into the Smokey Mountains? Quick trip to Chicago?), you’ll get to be disappointed. Nobody’s interested in Elena’s last summer. It this summer that actually just passed and we start Season Five at the very day college starts.

Now, you need to know that I am beyond happy that TVD is back. I got all excited and giddy and needed to use my shame-corner of fangirling again. Yet I have split feelings about this premiere. I liked it. And yet… But we’ll get to that. Let’s start the recap.

We start the episode with a montage of all the things going on this summer – summarized by the Email sends Bonnie. It’s been quite long since we had these pretty voice-overs, but it has a very first-season-y touch. I also noticed the same thing happened over on the Originals. I know what you did there, Julie.
Basically, Elena and Damon are madly in love. Caroline’s packing and hasn’t had word from Tyler in long, who is busy helping some wolf-pack in Tennessee.
Rebekah and Matt are still on their trip and apparently, they’re having a threesome with another girl. I… uhm… okay. Okay, then.  Whatever.

The voice-over is interrupted so we can see what is up with Bonnie. She’s still dead and it appears Jeremy has been sending texts and mails on her behalf.
We see a few more scenes from the summer, including Jeremy walking in on Damon and Elena. Also, Katherine is now a human and she doesn’t look good.


More paranoid then ever.

We cut back to Elena in the bathtub, reading Bonnie’s message. She tells Damon that she feels like something bad is about to happen – and I say she’s right with that. Start of a new season, something bad will damn well happen. Damon’s more worried about her going off to college than anything else.
Meanwhile, Stefan is still locked in that box underwater. Blood drop.

Elena and Jeremy are going through his alibi story. He’s going to claim he set the house on fire due to drug problems. Elena worries and says that she might just not leave. Damon tells her that she has to, because college is great, or something. They say goodbye and Elena walks out the door.
So, Jeremy is going to stay with Damon. Sure. Because Damon has always cared very much for Jeremy. I mean, I know there’s literally no one else to look after Jeremy, but still, there’s a disaster bound to happen there.
Jeremy looks rather hopeful that Damon might just let him stay away from school, but no such luck, buddy.

Over at Whitmore College, Elena tells Caroline that she has a nagging feeling in her stomach about Stefan and Caroline tells her that it’s the damned guilt. They’re both happy to have made it to college (and with Mystic Falls mortality rate, I’d say their glee is legitimate). Ghost!Bonnie is with them, smiling almost as happily.

Caroline’s mum has helped them bring their stuff and is now leaving. She’s very emotional about it, too. I just moved out last week and, not gonna lie, that got me.
Caroline and Elena are just clinking their blood-bags (a toast to surviving until college) when there’s a knock on the door and in walks: Megan, their new roommate!

Over at Mystic Falls High, Jeremy and Bonnie are talking. He tells her that eventually, she – or rather he – will have to fess up and tell everyone that she’s dead. But Bonnie doesn’t want to take away the happiness from her friends. But girl. You ARE dead.

Elena calls Damon (and that is already phone-call number 2 this episode. That’s something for the Originals to work on) to tell him that they now have a very human roommate and have to hide being vampires. He tells her to just compel Megan, but Elena doesn’t want to, because college is great, or something like that.
She asks about Jeremy and Damon tells her everything is fine. She goes, “So you and me, long distance, that could actually work?” and he goes to say, “Exactly,” as he turns the corner and finds:


Rebekah goes to say goodbye to Matt. There’s no real explanation as to why she’s leaving – last we saw, she still didn’t want to go to NOLA and now – off she goes. Sloppy writing, there. Anyway, as the have one last good-bye makeout session, they reveal that a certain “Nadia” stole both Rebekah’s earrings and the Gilbert ring Matt had. Nadia was that girl, by the way, the one they had their threesome with.

We  cut away and see Silas walking through the crowd. Of course, everyone thinks it’s Stefan, at least Sheriff Forbes does. Until he slits her arm, all right, and collects her blood because he needs blood to survive, but don’t you dare call him a vampire!


He drinks and then compels her to just remember Stefan stopped by.

Meanwhile, at Whitmore, Elena is telling Megan the basics of her love-triangle. Conversation turns to Tyler and Caroline takes the opportunity of changing the topic to set roommate-groundrules.



There’s that guy, Jesse, who shows up and invites them to a party. He’s clearly interested in Caroline and Elena gets all giddy, because cheating on boyfriends is totally a college thing to do? IDK, guys, IDK.

At Mystic Fall High, two guys are picking on Jeremy. You think that is not a smart move? Right you are, because this happens:


At the Salvatore Mansion, Katherine is drinking, but her tolerance is a joke now; that’s tragic, you know, given how everyone is always drinking on that show. Damon says that she’s miserable and offers to turn her. Katherine’s scared, though, because she thinks now that she’s taken the cure, she’ll stay very dead even with the vampire blood in her system.
The phone rings and she picks up, saying she’s Elena. She hangs up again and tells Damon that Jeremy has been expelled. Damon is angry and tells her to GTFO, but Katherine says something no one would have expected of her:


Okay, we expected that. I mean this:


Stefan, at the same time, is still underwater. When you’re drowning over and over again, you need something to occupy all the spare time with, right? So he hallucinates a conversation with Damon, who tells him to just turn off his humanity, but Stefan refuses. In the (unlikely) circumstance that he’s rescued, he does not want to be in ripper-mode.

Over at college, Caroline is going through Megan’s stuff while the girl’s taking a shower. Caroline’s freaking out because of the third roommate, and worries what’ll happen if she gets a craving or their blood-bags go bad. She pulls out one of Megan protein drinks and decides to just drink it so Megan will want to move out.
Unfortunately for her, the “protein” is vervain and Caroline coughs it all out again. Megan runs in from the shower and immediately forgives the going-through-her-things-and-drinking-her-water because she’s just glad Caroline didn’t choke to death. Either she’s really nice or a vampire hunter. Caroline and Elena obviously think the latter is the case.

That very evening, Caroline and Elena arrive at the party they have been invited to, but as it turns out, they can’t enter the place. They awkwardly stand in front of the door, hoping someone might invite them in. I call bullshit on this. Over in Mystic Falls, this was never a problem, because someone always conveniently said: “Oh, there you are! Come on in!”

Speaking of Mystic Falls, Damon is lecturing Jeremy on how he should not beat up people with his supernatural hunter powers. He also compelled the principal, so Jeremy only got suspended for three days instead of getting expelled for good. Jeremy leaves and instead, Silas walks up to him. Damon thinks he’s Stefan, though.

At college, Caroline and Elena are still locked out. Caroline’s plan is to just kidnap Megan, let the vervain wear off and compel her. Elena’s not on boat with this plan when she gets called by Megan, who’s panicking. She screams that someone’s chasing her, but Caroline and Elena can’t come to the rescue, due to not being invited in. Conveniently, Megan drops to the group right next to them and they find that her throat has been ripped open by a vampire.

At the Mystic Grill, Silas is obviously not Stefan, but Damon is oblivious. Silas finds out that Katherine is at the Salvatore mansion when Jeremy arrives. They greet each other and after that, Silas departs with no actual excuse.
Luckily for Damon, Jeremy did realize it is Silas due a tingling in his arm. (Ooookay?)

Katherine is in the bathtub when Silas arrives. He’s obviously not Stefan (he flirts with her, c’mon), but Katherine doesn’t realize her mistake until he actually attacks her. She reaches for the razor, though and cuts his face before making a run for it.


Damon and Jeremy arrive just in time to save Katherine; her and Jeremy depart and leave Damon and Silas.

At college, the head of campus security, Officer Diane Freeman, informs the girls that Megan has committed suicide – they even found a note. That, of course, leaves them even more confused, cause which vampire covers up their tracks like that?

Meanwhile, it turns out Silas is sick of secrets and he reveals the truth to Damon.


Silas offers to tell him where Stefan is in exchange for Katherine. Damon calls Jeremy to tell him to bring Katherine back. As she hears this, she freaks out and grabs the wheel, causing the car to crash.

The end-of-summer celebration is still on. Matt’s still working and meets Nadia, the girl, remember, who stole the ring after they – yeah, I knew you’d remember. She gives him back the ring before suddenly, a man grabs him from behind, chanting in Latin, causing this to happen:



At Caroline’s and Elena’s dorm room, they are again going through Megan’s stuff, especially a phone. Elena figures out that it probably has less to do with Megan and more with herself, because she finds a photo of her dad and Megan on Megan’s phone.
Seriously. I adore TVD. But does everything always have to be about Elena? Everything bad that happens automatically is because of Elena. It doesn’t make ANY SENSE. Gosh.

Katherine, meanwhile, has made a run for it when Damon appears and heals Jeremy. He’s obviously in quite a panic; understandably so, seen as he almost screwed up and got his girlfriend’s brother killed on the first day.

Tyler has left a voicemail, because that’s what he does because he’s a dick. He says he won’t go to college because this werewolf pack is super duper important.

Meanwhile, Stefan is still hallucinating. Hallucinated!Damon tells him to just turn it off, while Hallucinated!Elena tells him to not flip the switch.

Real life Elena calls Damon. He doesn’t tell her about Silas or any of the other trouble.

At the end-of-summer-celebration the disaster is just starting to happen. Silas interrupts the Mayor’s speech and tries to control the whole town square. He actually succeeds and tells them not to move a muscle. Because it’s Silas’ duty as the villain to kill the obligatory person at every party, he then slits the mayor’s throat. RIP, Bonnie’s dad.
Silas then gets to what he really wants – he tells everyone on the town square to go looking for Katherine.

Roll credits.

It was a good start, I guess. Matt sure looks like he’s going to have an interesting story-arc this season. I do hope that Stefan gets out of the water soon, because these hallucinations are just ridiculous. I do like Silas better now that he stops changing appearance every two seconds, but he’s still a villain with a death-wish, so… uh… yeah, we’ll see about that.

I do hope to catch up soon and will see you in the recap for episode two or over on the Originals! Have yourself a lovely day :)


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