Recap: The Originals 1×02 – House of the Rising Sun

There is a house in New Orleans…

Yes, there is. In that house lives a werewolf, pregnant from none other than the original hybrid himself… and yet his sister is the one this episode focuses on, just so we’re sure that this series is not “Klaus” but “The Originals”.

Still, one doesn’t want to spill the beans to soon (like I did. Sorry not sorry), so we start the episode with Marcel and Klaus. As is it turns out, Marcel now and again throws a party for his nightwalkers – the “occasional all-you-can-eat buffet”. They heal the poor humans after all right, so no one gets suspicious.
Thierry, the guy Klaus bit and healed, walks up and tells Marcel that six of his nightwalkers have been killed outside the quarter and no one saw who it was.
Well. We do get to see it.


She arrives at the Mikaelson Mansion, meanwhile calling Elijah, who obviously can’t answer her call as he’s daggered. She walks in and meets Hayley, who warily crept down the stairs. She orders her to grab the luggage as she thinks that Hayley’s the maid, but she quickly realizes who the girl really is.
Rebekah inquires about Elijah and Hayley tells her that he’s long since gone.  Rebekah figures out pretty quickly what must have happened.


Klaus tells her about Marcel’s rules on not killing his guys, but Rebekah doesn’t give a shit. Also, Klaus refuses to tell her where Elijah is, but he does not kick her out, so I’m guessing that’s a plus-point on the Klebekah relationship.

In a magical flashback, we see Rebekah, 1820. She’s happy with the governor’s son and Elijah has found some girl called Celeste. Meanwhile, Klaus is rather busy feeding from two women. Rebekah arrives and asks Elijah if she’s allowed to turn the governor’s son, because she loves him. Klaus rather rudely tells her that she may not.
The governor’s son steps in to defend her, so Klaus grabs him and throws him off the balcony.

Back in present day, Klaus concludes, “Well, he wasn’t good enough for you.”
He’s off for another drink with Marcel and Rebekah takes the chance to search the house with Hayley. For people who don’t know, she explains about the daggers and Klaus storing them in coffins. (I’m so used to it, writing it down like that makes it seem so creepy.)
Hayley says she feels sick as she sees that and Rebekah advises her to go and run if she can; trouble is, the witches made it that she can’t leave New Orleans while she’s pregnant.

Rebekah goes and searches out Sophie Deveraux. Rebekah threatens to hurt Sophie if she doesn’t help finding Elijah, but Sophie tells her that everything done to her happens to Hayley.


C’mon, Rebekah, you have to remember her. You both share a mutual past as mermaids…

In another flashback, we are shown how Klaus and Marcel met, Rebekah claiming that Klaus loved Marcel like a son. In fact, Marcel was a slave-boy and Klaus stopped to save him. It makes sense in a way, that he would feel for a boy who openly gets beaten and is obviously alone…


Back in the present, Klaus meets up with Marcel. Two dead tourists have turned up, two of the ones that attended the all-you-can-eat-buffet from the beginning of the episode. Klaus doesn’t care very much about that and instead figures out that Marcel is here for Camille, who is writing in the café.
Klaus tries to convince her to go out with Marcel that night, but she does not seem to be very keen to do it.

Meanwhile, Hayley is off to purchase some wolfsbane in order to get an abortion, I guess.

Hayley departs and the shop-owner makes a call to inform Marcel that a werewolf is in town.

Meanwhile, Marcel and Klaus go to the two tourists who are now in transition. It’s a girl and a boy and Marcel tells them about becoming vampires. He shows them a coin and tells them that who ever grabs it first will get to live.
The girl does and snaps at her friend when he’s hurt that she betrayed him. Marcel proceeds to kill her because she’s obviously not very loyal and instead the guy gets to survive.

In a flashback, Rebekah is shown having a fencing lesson with young Marcel. He says that he is going to marry her someday and she says she won’t marry someone who cannot best her in a duel. The memory segues into a later one, showing grown Marcel and Rebekah fencing again. They are about to kiss when Klaus interrupts and they step back from one another.
Seriously? We got it. Rebekah falls in love with everyone who is even remotely nice to her. Why do we have to go through this over and over again?

Marcel finds Rebekah on the balcony where she watched the scene and she tells him she’s looking for Elijah.
In a flashback, we see Klaus telling Marcel to stay the hell away from his sister.
Back in the present, Rebekah threatens to kill Marcel should she find out that he knows where Elijah is, but Marcel doesn’t seem overly worried.

Marcel meets up with Klaus again and is not so happy that he never knew Rebekah was back in town. He receives the news about the werewolf in town and tells his guys to run it down. He then proceeds to tell Klaus to keep his sister in line.

Hayley is debating with herself whether to take the poison or not. As she’s at it, she gets attacked by vampires. It doesn’t look good for her until Rebekah saves her.

Klaus is furious with them for causing an uproar. Rebekah shouts at him for not honouring Elijah’s wishes, but Klaus tells her that he’s had a plan all along. He killed the guy Marcel now turned into a vampire and compelled him to work for him before Marcel could give him vervain. Also, he made sure Camille is now going on a date with Marcel and will report back to him.

One vampire is still alive and Klaus plans to drain him off vervain and compel him as well. He rather unceremoniously drags him into the house and then asks Hayley what the hell she’s been doing out of the house. She tells him she wanted to get rid of the baby. Klaus attacks her and is stopped last second by Rebekah. She tells him it’s okay to care, okay to want the baby.


It almost looks as though there’s hope for these two, huh? I’d love to see them as real siblings again.
But then, Klaus tells her that he gave Elijah to Marcel because Marcel was nervous about having the Originals in town. Rebekah is legitimtaly upset.

Later she sits on the porch with Hayley, who thanks her for saving her life (repeatedly). They conclude that Rebekah still loves Klaus, but that it’s hard to see past the hate because of all the terrible things he has done.
In a flashback, we see Marcel and Rebekah making out until Klaus walks in and stops them, threatening Marcel with his sword. Rebekah convinces him not to kill Marcel and instead, Klaus daggers her.
Rebekah tells Hayley that she’s afraid to cross Klaus because of the daggers. But Hayley can rid her off that fear – she has stolen the daggers and gives them to Rebekah.

She goes to confront Marcel, who is just having his date with Camille. First, Rebekah threatens to kill him, but he rightly says that she won’t, so she goes after Camille next. Marcel gives in almost at once and agrees to take her to Elijah.
Marcel takes her to Davina’s room, where they in fact stored Elijah’s coffin. Davina invites her in but then decides that she doesn’t like Rebekah. Without even moving a muscle, she slams her against several walls before throwing her out the door.

In a flashback, Rebekah awakens from being daggered to find it’s been 52 years. Marcel, meanwhile, has decided to not undagger her, but become a vampire.
In the present, Rebekah awakes in the same bed. Marcel tells her that everything they once owned is now his – and that he won’t give back Elijah. Instead, he tells her to never threaten Camille again.

At the Mikaelson Mansion, Klaus goes to check if Hayley really has not taken the poison. She confirms that she has not and that she decided that she wants the baby. Klaus says that they both learned to fight back when they are back in a corner.


As he moves down the stairs, he meets Rebekah. She tells him about Davina, but can’t remember the location, because the witch made her forget. She tells him that she will do whatever it takes to get Elijah back and Klaus agrees to help, whatever it takes.

In Davina’s room, she is drawing as Marcel walks up to her. He apologizes for bringing Rebekah and then tells that they’ll need to figure out how to kill an Original. Roll credits.

Now, Marcel, by all means. Go ahead. Kill Nik, and you kill yourself.  It would be beyond stupid, really. I heard some people say that they found this episode boring. It sure wasn’t action-packed but it had some real nice Klebekah moments in it. Also, I love flashbacks, so there’s that. I still hate Hayley, though, mainly because she tried to off the baby.  Davina’s just bratty and I do hope she improves a little.

Please, do share your thoughts with me in the comments and I’ll see you in the next episode or over on the Vampire Diaries!
Have yourself a lovely day :)


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