Recap: The Originals 1×01 – Always and Forever

Any fan of TVD will recognize the title of this episode – which is not really a season premiere, yet it is – “Always and Forever”, the oath the Original siblings swore to each other way back when.

Basically, we just relive 4×20 again, but this time we don’t exactly get Klaus’ point of view, but – guess what – Elijah’s. I love that guy! Actually, it’s really great to see him have so much screen time. But let’s get on with the recap, shall we?

We start the episode with a lovely flashback. It’s not quite so lovely, though, considering everything. Some soldiers see a ship lingering before the port – so they set out to look what’s up. They don’t find anyone on the ship and as they descend below deck, they find two coffins, containing the daggered Kol and Finn. The group of men are attacked and killed until only one is left.
Rebekah appears first; sadly, I have yet to find any gifs for this episode, so I ask you to forgive me when I just transcribe, I’ll try and get the gifs in later…

“Can I eat him, brother?”
“I’d rather you didn’t.”

Elijah, as always, is very polite and I can only imagine how horrible it must be to have them be all merry and good-natured when they just killed your friends. Damn it, Elijah. I want to like you, don’t be such a creep.
They introduce themselves and Klaus, too, is shown, standing at the top of the stairs the last body still in his arms and his face smeared with blood. At least his entrance was in style, right?
The soldier informs them that they have arrived just off the shores of New Orleans and Elijah recommends that he searches for assistance in transporting their luggage. Roll credits.

Elijah is in the bar in which Sophie Deveraux (remember? J-A’s sister?) and Camille, the karate bartender work. Elijah’s telling Camille about Klaus, who, in his opinion, is “defiant, ill-mannered and a little temperamental”. I’d say Nik can very well behave if he wants to. And, also, “a little temperamental” is the understatement of the century.

Camille points him to someone who might shed some light on Klaus’ newest predicament so Elijah goes out to stalk that someone. It’s a tour guide and I don’t think I heard her name in the episode, but the wiki tells me her name is Sabine.

“Are you going to continue following me, Elijah, or do you wanna talk?”
“You know who I am?”
“Original vampire, always wears a suit.”

Elijah looks quite pleased. Doesn’t last long, though, because Sabine tells him that J-A is already dead. They set off to the corner where J-A was killed. Her body’s still there (gross) with several witches, including Sophie, gathered around it. They want to bury J-A but get interrupted in their mourning when Marcel arrives.
He asks Sophie whether she knows why Klaus is in town and she lies, saying she has no idea. Marcel obviously saw through her and decides to take the body with him as leverage. Honestly, I liked Marcel well enough in the pilot. He was a good character, but now he’s just being a dick.

Elijah calls Rebekah (we had to be reminded that this is a TVD spin-off. Phone calls are their trademark -.-) to tell her what he found out. Rebekah isn’t very interested, though, mainly because she’s still mad at Klaus. Elijah reminds her of their pact to stay together “always and forever” but Rebekah is not impressed by this.

We get a repition of a scene from the pilot, Sophie praying to her sister and then getting attacked by two vampires. Luckily, Elijah is there to safe her.

They go to Lafayette cemetery and we find out that Elijah needs to be invited in since this is sacred ground. This is definitely news to me and I do recall Stefan and Elena meeting on a cemetery. So, WTH, show?
Sophie tells Elijah about Hayley’s pregnancy. They bring Hayley out and the girl’s quite a bit irritated.

Elijah and Hayley get to talk alone and Elijah shows her  a magical flashback.
We see a few scenes from Ordinary People and then, all right, a new scene, showing Klaus’ first kill and the transition into a werewolf that follows it. And then, we see the actual curse that suppressed Klaus’ werewolf side. It’s quite tragic, really, how Elijah doesn’t dare to disobey his father, though it’s obvious he’d much rather want to help his brother. They bind Klaus to a wooden cross and Esther casts the spell.

Back in the present, Hayley pretty much sums it up.

“Your dad was a dick.”

Yup, he was.

We get this little exchange again, and luckily, as its from the pilot, I do have gifs.


At this point, I have to tell you, I already had the whole recap written, and then my browser collapsed and I was left with only half of the recap. Doesn’t this suck? I mean, time’s money. And short and you know, I’m pissed.


We get the repetition of the scene when Klaus finds out Hayley’s pregnant – for the sake of my lost time, I recommend you to just go ahead and read 4×20 “The Originals” again if you need to be reminded. Yeah, I’m lazy. Sue me.
We also get the repetition of Elijah running after Klaus to try and convince him, but it has the same unsatisfying result it already had in the pilot.

Elijah returns to the cemetery where Sophie and her coven are discussing the plan. Elijah tells them that he can’t control Klaus so Sophie gives him an ultimatum. As it turns out, she has linked herself to Hayley, as we have seen several times throughout the prior four seasons of TVD. Anything that happens to Sophie also happens to Hayley, as demonstrated with a needle to the palm (ow!).

For good measure, the scene of Klaus biting one of Marcel’s friends is repeated as well, with Elijah watching from the balcony.

After seeing this Elijah calls Rebekah. Yay! We had much to less phone calls this episode, so it’s good he gets the count up, right? Anyway, Rebekah says she doesn’t care about the baby, but I call her bluff. She’s the one who always wanted to be mortal, have a normal life and family – she’ll love that child.

Elijah has a plan, though. He goes to Marcel, who is pretty pissed at Klaus for a) biting his guy and b) being “cocky” and looking down at him. Mate. It’s Klaus we’re talking about. ‘Course he thinks he’s the best (BECAUSE HE IS! Sorry. Fangirling.). Worst of all, Marcel insults Nik’s paintings, meaning we know for veryveryvery sure now that he’s bad. You don’t go insulting Niklaus Mikaelson’s paintings!

So, Elijah offers him a deal – Klaus’ blood to heal Marcel’s friend in exchange for J-A’s body. Luckily, Marcel gives in and Elijah brings the body back to the cemetery. The witches go ahead and bury J-A. I hope that we now finally reached the end of that story-arc revolving around a corpse. Jeez, Julie Plec, was that really necessary?

Elijah finds Klaus again, who has obviously drunk a bit. I gather that from the fact that he’s stumbling and holding a bottle. The two of them start fighting, mainly because Elijah wants to save his brother from himself and Klaus doesn’t even want to be saved.

K: You’re beyond pathetic, Elijah.
E: Well who is more pathetic? The one who sees hope to make his family whole, or the coward who only see the world through his own fear?
K:  I haven’t cared about anything for centuries. Why on earth do you?
E: Because I failed you. Because the first time our father laid a hand on you, I should have struck him dead. I made a promise to you: always, forever, family above all. 

Somehow, I find these family moments the most emotional things in the TVD universe.

Elijah calls Rebekah again, but she doesn’t pick up. So, instead, he goes to repeat the next scene from 4×20 on the bench, though it is slightly modified. Elijah tells Klaus that the child might offer him “the unconditional love of family” and Klaus decides to agree to Sophie’s terms.

The witches have released Hayley, so she and Elijah start moving into an old house their family still owns in New Orleans. He asks her how she feels about being a mother and she tells him that she had quite a difficult childhood (orphan, and the adopted parents kicked her out when she became a werewolf. I try to feel bad for her, really, but  I hate her. Ever since she first cuddled up to Tyler, then betrayed him and finally slept with Klaus. And really, look what came from it.).

Elijah promises to always protect her. Now, we all know that Elijah is a man of his word, but he won’t get to keep his promise very long. Want to guess why? Yeah, it’s that.

Before we get to that, we cut to Marcel, though. Now, unless you have seen the edited pilot, you don’t know her, so let me introduce Davina:


She’s a very powerful witch and she is the one who can sense whether magic is used or not. She says she’s worried about the “Old Ones”, but Marcel tells her that she can easily take them down.
Bonnie had to channel I-don’t-know-how-many-witches to take on Klaus at his WEAKEST. And this girl can just go ahead and take them. I don’t buy it. THAT DOESN’T MAKE ANY SENSE!

We go back to Klaus and Elijah. Klaus tells his brother that he hopes Rebekah will stay away since he figured out his own weakness. Elijah asks what it is and Klaus tells him that it’s – yup, right, his family. Subsequently, he daggers Elijah.

NIK. Nik, mate. I like you, all right. Adore you, even. But you’re a fucking idiot.
I don’t want Elijah daggered. I love that guy! You know, he’s gentleman-y and awesome and wears suits. I don’t want him gone.

I really did like this new show. It has a darker touch than TVD which I like and think appropriate for this spin-off. No highschoolers around here, after all. I liked Marcel much better in the pilot, but then again, they probably couldn’t afford another villain that they would never be able to kill off. I’m really interested in Davina, that seems like an interesting story arc. I couldn’t care less about Hayley, of course, but I do hope that Klaus grows to care for the baby.

So, I guess I’ll see you next episode, or over on the TVD recap. If you have any comments, opinions, you know, just write a comment below and make me happy ;)

Have yourself a lovely day!


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