Grim(m) Stories: Sheherazade – It’s good to know a lot of stories

I remember that I once saw a bit of Sheherazade as a ballet when I was really young; and I loved it to no end. I tried to see if I could find any part of it on YouTube, but unfortunately, I couldn’t. There was that awesome montage of the Sultan’s wifes in what I remember and… I’m rambling. But I thought seeing how 1001 nights began was a good idea, so we get to have a look at Sheherazade’s story.

A guy named Schahriar becomes Sultan. He’s also got a brother, called Schahzeman, whom he makes Sultan of an own, small kingdom which he cuts off from his own territory.

Schahriar also has a wife (who doesn’t have a name), whom he loves very dearly. He spoils her, too, giving her all sorts of precious jewels and dresses.

It says that she deceived him completely and I figure that she choreographed an affair behind his back. Therefore, Schahriar pulls a Henry VIII, and orders his Vizir to behead his wife.

Schahriar is so mad at this betrayal, that he decides that every woman has to be cheatery cheater. But, instead of staying away from women – which would have been logical, but boring – he does the following:

Every day, he marries a girl and then, by the next morning (morning, not evening. Just wanted to put that out there.) he  orders his Vizir to behead them.

Naturally, the whole country is filled with horror and everyone who has a daughter gets really freaked, afraid that they might be the next.

One day, the Vizir’s eldest daughter, Sheherazade – who is both very clever and very beautiful, of course – tells her father that she wants to be married to the Sultan, pretty please.

So, the Vizir basically says, “WTF? You know he’s gonna kill you, right?”

And she’s like, “Yeah, Dad, just… trust me on this?”

After a bit of discussion, the Vizir agrees and tells the Sultan that Sheherazade wants to marry him.

So, the Sultan basically says, “WTF? You know I’m gonna kill her, right?”

Sheherazade, though, has made a plan with her sister, Dinarzade. They agree that the sister should ask to spend the evening with Sheherazade; and Sheherazade should start telling a story.

So Sheherazade marries the Sultan and they do as they have planned; Dinarzade asks for a story and Sheherazade starts telling it. She gets through 1 1/2 stories before the sun rises. The Sultan is pretty captivated by this story and by morning, agrees to let Sheherazade live another day, so he can hear the end of the story.

And so it goes on for 1001 nights – every day, she mysteriously manages to end in the middle of a story and the Sultan agrees to let her live another day. By the time she runs out of stories, the Sultan has fallen in love with her and is sure that she is not a cheatery cheater and agrees not to behead her, ever.

Also, Dinarzade gets to marry the Sultan’s brother, Schahzeman! Who never beheaded any women, so I guess she’s lucky.

So, I guess this tells me that every time I tell my brother to finally stop talking, I’m at fault. It might just save his life some time. Though I’m sure he’s never ever gonna marry a Sultan…

You can read the original version from 1001 nights here. If you have a fairy tale that you would like to see recapped, be sure to leave a comment and I will definitely do it.


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