Recap: My Immortal Chapter 39&40 – I hate everything.

Previously: Ebony got shot, but has yet to die.

Hello, party people! Wonder what got me in such a good mood? Tara’s account got hacked and someone posted a chapter in which everything turns out well. For us, mind, not for Ebony, but I could care less.

Ebony coughs up blood and Riddle crouches next to her, telling her he loves her; she says she loves him too and will see him in hell.

Guys. This is the best ever.

B’loody Mary Smith arrives and screams when she realizes that Ebony is dead, but then everyone changes back into canon! This is so good… sadly, it also means that everyone who is supposed to be dead is dropping dead right that moment and Harry and Riddle start to fight. Draco and Hermione, meanwhile, hurry off to get married. There you go. We are in a decent fanfiction again.

Meanwhile, in hell,

Ebony looked down over her pale body, and frowned. ‘Where are my emo clothes?’ She asked herself in confusion.

And then it occured to her…

For her shirt, she was wearing a bright pink polo with a little seagull on the (right or left? I can’t remember) side. Below that, she was wearing a denim miniskirt with the “destroyed” look on it. Paired underneath that skirt were leggings with a little moose at the bottom. And then Ebony realized, on her shoulder, she was carrying a pretty bag with an eagle on it that said Live Your Life written all over the bag.

She rips off her shirts repeatedly, but there are always new polo shirts underneath them.

“THIS IS UNLOGICAL AND DOES NOT MAKE ANY SENSE!” Ebony bellowed out to the air. She failed to see the irony in her statement, how hypocrytical her words were, seeing as she was practically calling the kettle black here.”

I want it so badly to just end there – it would be so good. Let’s give a round of applause to the girl who hacked Tara’s account.


Now that we’re done with it, let’s face reality, shall we?

Ebony wakes up in the nurse’s office (HOSPITAL WING!). Hagrid is in a coma, because remember, Harry and Draco beat him up. Apparently, so bad that he now is in coma. HOW IN HELL IS THIS OKAY IN TARA’S WORLD???
On a side note, why is Hagrid not in St.Mungo, then?

You-Know-Who just randomly walks in, ignored by Mr.Noris (FILCH!), who is cleaning (yeah, right.) The Dark Lord is legitimately pissed because she disobeyed and hasn’t killed Harry yet. Then, he starts crying tears of blood, which worries Ebony. It worries me, too, because I suppose that’s not good, medically, and I want him to kill her.  Ebony is worried for no apparent reason.

The door bursts open and Lucius Malfoy, Professor Trewlaney, Sirius, Harry and Hermione walk in. You-Know-Who just disappears. YOU CAN’T APPARATE INSIDE OF HOGWARTS. DAMN IT. I use to many shouty capitals, but they’re required.

Everyone is really relieved that Ebony is alive, for she was almost shot. She was shot, and by the way, she was shot in another time.

Oh wait, they explain right after, the bullet could not kill her for she was from another time. Nothing makes sense anymore.

Lucius thanks her and she is surprised that he has two arms. Why would he not have two arms?????

“OMG I cant beleve Vampirz’ dad shot u!1” I gasped.

“Well 2 be honest Snap wuz pozzesd by Snap bak den.” said James.

“Yah he wuz a spy.” Serious said sadly. “He wuz really a Death Dealer.”

Firstly, where does James Potter come from all of the sudden? He’s freaking dead at this time! And Snape was possessed by Snape? Not by Serverus, his evil twin brother?

Ebony inquires “gothicaly” where Draco is and gets told that he watches some movie. She then gets up “suicidally”. How exactly…? Never mind.

I wuz wearing a blak leather nightgun. Under that I had on a sexxy blak leather bra trimed wif blak lace, with a matching thong that said goffik gurl on the butt and sexy fishnetz that kind hooked on 2 my thong (if u don’t get da idea massage me ill tell u). I put on a blak fishnet top under a blak MCR t-shirt, a blak leather mini with blak lace and congress shoes.

I only copied this to say: a thong that says “goffik gurl” on the butt. On the butt? Of a thong?


They go to the common room and as they sexily open the door, they see Draco and Snape… do I really have to tell you? There’s only one shocking thing that they would do. DAMN IT, TARA!

Source: guh-gifgarden

I’m leaving a paragraph about Draco’s thingie out now because there’s just too much rage.

Ebony runs off to her room and grabs the steak again. Just as Draco runs in, everything goes black once more and the chapter ends.

Guys, there are only two posts left until we finish this ordeal – four long chapters, I’m sure. I am already planning the wrap-up post, so tell me: what’s your (least) favourite moment of My Immortal?  Also: what to do next? If you have any suggestions, please feel free to comment and I will give it a thought.

Next on My Immortal: We meet Hedwig, who is Riddle’s ex-boyfriend and we prepare for the final battle.


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