Nice for no reason

It is so rare that I post something other than a recap, that I get really excited for it when it happens. It’s probably because I don’t have any reason for rage when it comes to these posts, compared to when I write about My Immortal.

ANYWAY, let’s get to the real topic.

It’s this little thing that I so love, I’m so excited about it; Carrie Hope Fletcher (go check her out.) has posted this video under the same title with this beautiful idea.

Wherever you may be – say, on the train, at a shop, any public place, really – you leave these little notes. Like, a sticky note, for example. And you just write something nice on it. Like, “Have a good day!” or “Take care!” . You can choose anything to write on it, as long as it’s something nice.

For example, I just recently left this note:


Someone else can find it and pick it up and hopefully, they are happy about it. It’s such a beautiful idea! It doesn’t cost you anything and is just so nice. I know I would be so happy to find one of these notes.

You can also go check out @TheHopefulNotes at Twitter and see what people who wrote or found notes have to say about it.

Have yourself a lovely day :)


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