Recap: My Immortal Chapter 25&26, What if Ebony had a Sassy Gay Friend?

Previously: You-Know-Who just casually appeared in the Great Hall and Professor Trewlaney is – guess what – gothic.

AN: stop flaming ok if u dnot den il tel Justin 2 bet u up!1111 n il tel al da nredz 2 put vrtuz in ur computer!11111111111 FUK UU!1 raven fangz for de help!1

Translation: If we don’t stop flaming, Justin will come to beat us up. Who is Justin? Sure can’t be Justin Bieber. Definitely not scary. Oh, I remember. AN of the first chapter:

Justin ur da luv of my deprzzing life u rok 2!

Her boyfriend. WHAT? Anyways, she also threatens that she’ll get all the nerds to put viruses in our computers.

Ebony and Draco go outside and sit in his black car. Ebony tells him that Professor Trewlaney is going to tell her what the visions meant the next day.  I don’t know when that happened, sure not in the last chapter, but whatever. Sorry. She’s not telling, she’s “grumbling in a sexy voice”.

Draco “started to fly the car into a tree. We went to the top of it.” I’m not sure that Ebony is a non-sparkling vampire anymore.


Well, this is followed by the usual blah-blah, they put on music, Gerard Way’s voice is sexy and there’s a grape coming up.

We started tiling of each other’s cloves fevently. He took of my blak thong and my black leather bar. I took of his black boxers. Then… he put his trobbing you-know-what in my tool sexily.

“OMFG Draco Draco!” I screamed having an orgism. We stated frenching passively. Suddenly… I fell asleep.

I get all confused about who is male and who is female. You may remember that “you-know-what” was Ebony’s vagina, while once, Draco also put his boy thingie in hers. Now Draco is putting his “you-know-what”, meaning his vagina –  you see what I mean? I’m confused.

Also, “suddenly… I fell asleep” was my honest-laughter-moment of the chapter.

But it’s not a normal sleep (as we all sleep, on top of a tree), but she has a vision of “a black guy [was] shooting two goffik men with long black hair.” Ebony wakes up again and Draco calls Harry with his “with his blak Likin Park mobile”. I said that once already, but it’s never enough: electronic devices do not work around Hogwarts! Too much magic.

Butt the worst thing was who the ppl who were shot in the dream where… Lucian and Serious!

You sure mean Lucius Malfoy and Sirius Black? Why are they both gothic? Whywhywhy?

AN: PREPZ STUP FLAMING SDA STRY OK!1 if u dnot lik da story den go fok urself u fokeng prep! U SUK!111 oh y and I wuznt beng rasist ok!11

Translation: the usual apart from the end where she claims not to be racist. I don’t know why anyone would think this – because it was a coloured (is that the right term?) guy shooting “Lucian” and “Serious”? I don’t think she actually meant to be racist. Am I defending her? Something’s seriously wrong.

Well, a few “mutates” later, Harry arrives. She greets him “flirtily”, but starts sobbing that very moment and Draco hugs her sexily. Why is everyone doing everything sexily?

They decide that they have to tell Dumbledore about all that stuff.

We ran out of the tree and in2 da castle. Dumblydor was sitting in his office.

“Sire are dads have been shot!” Draco said while we wipped sum tears from his white face. “Enoby had a vision in a dreem.”

Dubleodre started to cockle. “Hahahaha! And How due u aspect me to know Ebony’s not divisional?”

First thing first. You can’t run out of a tree. Second. Our dads have been shot? Fair enough, Lucius is Draco’s father, but Sirius is no ones father. He’s Harry’s godfather. Tara knew that once – almost, she called him “dogfather”.  Third. Cockle? And that leads me directly to: Fourth.  The whole next sentence. Even with correct words that sentence makes zero sense.

“Look motherfucker.” he said angrily as Dumbeldore gasped (c is da toot of crakter). “U know very well that I’m not decisional. Now get some fucking ppl out there to look for Series and Lucian- pornto!”

Yes, Tara. Yes, he’s still out of character. And Ebony’s neither divisional nor decisional.

Quelle: can-you-handle-the-lockdown

If Ebony had a Sassy Gay Friend, we all wouldn’t be in this mess.

She now also ruined the Italian language. Maybe one day I’ll make a list of what My Immortal has ruined for me. It will be endless.

“Okay.” he said in a intimated voice. “Were are they?”

I fought about it. Then all of a sudden….. “Longdon.” I said. I told him which street. He went and called some people and did some stuff.

Ebony really has the most convenient visions. Anyways, after Dumbledore does “some stuff”, as described, Draco and Ebony go up to the “nurses office”, which is the Hospital Wing and wait.

Suddenly Serious and Lucian came in on stretchers….and Proffesor Sinister was behind them!1

Wow. This was one of the worst suspense-moments. There’s nothing special happening at all, Tara, what’s with the dots?

Next on My Immortal: Mr Noris is looking happy and we finally learn what the visions meant.

Have yourself a lovely day :)


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