TVD Season 4 – Wrap-up, or, I counted some stuff

Season 4 is officially over and we have a huge break ahead of us until Season 5 starts in fall. Time to look back at what happened this season.

We started right with Elena’s transition into a vampire. She had some difficulties keeping down blood, which is bad for a vampire. Sooner or later, the gang figured out that it was pretty much all due to her sire-bond to Damon, which totally ruined Delena for me this season.

We got introduced to a new “species”, namely hunters. Those guys are dangerous, since they get murder-y for not obvious reason at all. Also, why didn’t they show up at a convenient time, like back in Season 1 when they tried to get rid of all those tomb vampires?

We found out that there is a cure for vampirism so we spent most of the season wondering where the cure was, who had it and who was going to take it. We also met Silas, who is a lame villain with a death-wish who can create illusions like a boss. Also, he looks like Stefan, so we got a new doppelganger scenario there.

Elena turned her humanity off after Jeremy’s death, which made her incredibly interesting for a while until she became sort of annoying. She also developed a habit of stealing people’s clothes. Luckily she turned it back on just in time for all the feels in the last two episodes.

Also, we saw some pretty cool magic from Bonnie, who unfortunately died of it, but brought Jeremy back.

What is left of the Original family departed for New Orleans, where they’ll have their own show, a.k.a. will probably build a family home for the new Original baby.

There we are. Now we get to me counting things.

23 episodes.

We had a lot of deaths this year, due to the expression-triangle-massacres. It were, in the whole 59, plus an infinite number of vampires who died because Kol died. Out of those, 1 came back to life (Jeremy) for good. It were also 44 who returned when the veil dropped. Matt died and came back to life once as did Elena and Caroline. Vaughn even came back to life twice, as did Kol. Aja was killed again after returning when the veil dropped but wasn’t shown to come back to life.

We had 1 real break-up (Stefan & Elena), and 1 fake break-up (Caroline & Tyler)

We met 22+ new characters this season: Silas, April, Hayley, Shane and his wife, Kim, Adrian and other hybrids, Aja, Nandi & Valerie, Massak, Pastor Young, Connor, Vaughn, Alexander, Marcel, Marcel’s buddies, Sophie and J-A, Camille, Will (the A.H.A.) and Bonnie’s dad.

There were 3 flash-back episodes, and 22 flashbacks over all.

And, most importantly, there were 83 phone calls in 22 episodes.

Please feel free to comment and tell me about your (least) favourite parts of this season!

Have yourself a lovely day and I’ll see you next season :)


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