Recap: TVD 4×23 – Graduation/Season Finale

I’m late, I know. I never got around to do it this weekend, and hell, I had to make up my mind about this episode. They promised us an epic season finale. “Epic” is not the word I’d used. But it was very good.

First thing we learn this episode is that Kol is quite a skilled speech-giver. He wants to unleash hell on earth, too, and that’s a pretty big goal to live up to. Good luck, buddy.

Stefan and Lexi decided to just enjoy the time they have together, partying to what else but Bon Jovi. Damon is not so thrilled, partly because he, you know, killed Lexi and hoped she’d stay dead, but also because she’s still there – and shouldn’t be. He figures something must have went wrong with Bonnie’s spell.

We cut to a phone call! Bonnie is on the phone with Caroline, so apparently ghosts can still hold a phone. Caroline’s obsessed with graduation, of course, and dismisses Bonnie’s idea to just cancel it immediately (how do you cancel graduation???).

Elena, Alaric and Jeremy hang out at the cemetery. Because reasons. They’re just generally having a good time and Elena gets very emotional. Then she gets called! Damn it, TVD. We got it. They own phones. It’s Connor on the other line and he’s being all hunter-y and threatening.

Seems all those hunters have teamed up. Alexander has put Matt on a (and I’m quoting the transcript now) “weight sensitive explosive device” (WSED). It’s going to explode when he moves, guys. Rebekah tries to convince Alexander to just let them go, but he’s far too busy admiring Connor’s 21st-century-weapons. Rebekah and Matt decide to go on a world-trip after graduation. Rebekah somehow thinks it’s a smart idea to make a crude remark about not being stuck on the other side and Alexander throws a dagger at Matt, nearly knocking him of the WSED, but Rebekah catches him last moment.

At the Boarding House, Damon opens the door and gets shot by Vaughn. Vaughn is pretty pissed, because Damon left him to starve on the island. Damon is saved by Stefan, who rips Vaughn’s heart out.

Connor is still on the phone with Elena, threatening to blow the Grill up. Luckily, he gets held up by Alaric, who doesn’t think it very funny to blow up his favourite bar.

Bonnie is at school as Katherine appears. Katherine wants to get rid of Elena, now that the original plan to become truly immortal has failed.

At the Boarding House, Damon gives the cure to Elena, who refuses to take it. (We now know that the sire-bond isn’t a thing anymore) and she get supported in her decision by Jeremy.

Lexi and Stefan are watching over dead Vaughn, and take the opportunity to discuss Stefan’s love life. He says he’d go back to Elena in a heartbeat if she chose him, but he doesn’t really believe in it.

Elena discovers that the bullet Damon was shot with was laced with werewolf venom, which is not good. She wants to call Klaus, but that guy’s up-and-away in NOLA. She then suggests that Damon should take the cure, but he refuses. He walks downstairs, tosses the cure at Vaughn and the two take off to “dig up Silas”. He claims that he dropped him into the lake.

Matt is still standing on the WSED. Rebekah says that she’ll try a human thing and do the thing she’s most afraid of (okay?).


Finally. That’s… oh, that’s nice. I’ll need to use my fangirl-shame-corner again later. I’m happy for fictional vampires. When they break apart, Rebekah has switched places with him and tells Matt to run off, which he does. Then, she takes off herself and the whole parking lot blows up.

At the Boarding House, Stefan reveals that Damon hasn’t even buried Silas’

body yet. He also says that he’ll go to New Orleans and ask Klaus for his blood himself. So Jeremy goes, “Everything settled, no problems ahead, let’s get this graduation over with.” And after a bit of hesitation, Elena agrees.

Next scene, Caroline is on the phone again, yay! She’s calling Klaus, who doesn’t answer his phone. She wants him to come over and cure Damon. (“This is not the right time to get over me!”

Caroline is still pretty cheerful and she makes all sorts of plans for college. She decides on a group hug, too.

So we get to see graduation ceremony, but of course it can’t go down untainted. As Bonnie claps for Elena, Kol sits behind her. He points out all the dead, un-dead people around. She leads him off to the boiler-room where her body is, but traps him inside.

Vaughn figures out that Silas isn’t in the water, and starts shooting Damon with more venom-laced bullets. Buzz kill. Damon is just so saved by Alaric, who flings Vaughn into the water himself.

Alaric calls Stefan, who says that Caroline is calling Klaus again (two phone-calls in one!) and offers to force-feed Damon the cure. Before Stefan can decide on that, Aja and her un-dead witch coven are torturing the vampires with a high-pitched sound (these are vampires, not dogs!). Suddenly, a cap is flung at her and beheads her. Who can pull off such a killer-move, you ask?


Who else?

Next we see, Damon is all healed, but gets slapped by Elena, for reasons that I don’t know. She moves down to talk to Stefan, which leaves Lexi and Alaric alone. Lexi believes that there is peace out there, once they are ready to move on.

Elena gives the cure to Stefan, claiming he should take it because he’s even worse at being a vampire than her. Compliments.

Caroline is still with Klaus. He says that he was already on the way to Mystic Falls when she called him. He’s got a special graduation present, too. He lets Tyler come back.

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I should make it a shame-room of fangirling.

Elena joins Damon again, who says he’s not sorry for not wanting to be human. I think he’s right, too. Could you imagine a human Damon? No way. Elena says that she’s not sorry, then, either for – being in love with him?



Not going to lie. I’ve always been a Delena fan, and I enjoy this.

Stefan takes it upon himself to drop Silas in the quarry and tells Damon that he’s “not not-happy” for him. I suppose he wants to say: “You got my girl, man, and it sucks. But good for you, bro.” Something like that.

Bonnie meets Jeremy in an underground cave and says that she’ll drop the veil now.

Alaric disappears after congratulating Damon on getting the girl.

Lexi disappears after telling Stefan that, even though Elena might have been ‘the one’, there might be multiple ‘one’s’. Beats the concept, but meh.

Elena is at school and gets attacked by Kol, who also disappears just in time.

I’m going to miss all these guys.

Elena’s not done fighting for the day, though, as she meets Katherine.

Bonnie and Jeremy are still in the underground cave, er… saying their goodbyes. There’s a lot of kissing going on in this episode. Anyways, she drops the veil completely. Turns out the spell from last episode worked. Jeremy is alive again! I’d celebrate if it wasn’t for the fact that Bonnie is now dead.

Rebekah and Matt decide that they are going to go on that trip for real. He says that “what happens on the road, stays on the road”, though.

Katherine is still fighting Elena and she’s being pretty nasty about it, too. It doesn’t look good for Elena at all, but she’s got an ace up her sleeve. We get a little flashback, showing how Stefan refuses the cure and gives it back to Elena. So now, she pulls it out and shoves it down Katherine’s throat.


If I had to make a list of people who don’t want to be human at all, Katherine would be pretty much in the first place. So that’s pretty mean and is sure going to get interesting next season.

Speaking of things getting interesting, Stefan is about to drop Silas’ body in the quarry, Silas turns up as Elena. Turns out the spell broke when Bonnie died for good. Stefan first thinks Silas is another doppelganger of Elena (Silas is a guy’s name, though, dude. What were you thinking?) but then, Silas finally reveals his real face.

Seriously? Seriously, seriously? That’s just stupid. Even in a town like Mystic Falls. What am I saying, even in a show like this, how many coincidences can there be? Lame idea.

Silas doesn’t like his doppelganger much, it turns out, so he shoves him into a huge safe-box-thingie and drops that in the quarry. Last we see, the box is filling with water as it descends.

So there you go, season finale. I’m not sure about this whole doppelganger thing, I personally think it’s kind of stupid, but we’ll see how it turns out. We’ll see how a whole new season turns out in fall, now that Klaus is gone… I’ll miss him on TVD.

Anyways, I think I’ll make a wrap-up post of Season 4 later this week and then we’ll have to wait.

Have yourself a lovely day :)


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