Recap: TVD 4×22 – The Walking Dead

So, I wasn’t too thrilled by the last episode, but this one was much better! So many familiar faces! But let’s start at the beginning, shall we?

We start with Stefan and Elena. Stefan tries to distract Elena from her kill-Katherine-plan by making her work out. Obviously, it doesn’t work so well.

Rebekah and Matt are at the Grill and he explains about the graduation notices. They both sulk a bit about how they don’t have a lot of family, but I don’t really think it’s the same with the two. Rebekah, honey, your brothers wanted you to come to New Orleans, but you stayed behind, right. Matt didn’t exactly have a choice.

Elena and Caroline are also busy with the graduation notices, that is to say mostly Caroline, cause Elena has pretty much no one anymore. She’s still obsessing about Katherine, though.

Speaking of Katherine, she meets Bonnie in the woods, where Bonnie is channeling one of the massacre sites or something.

Source: the vampire diaries gif blog

She links herself to Katherine, so that the vampire can’t leave.

The Salvatore brothers meet Sheriff Forbes in the hospital, where several patients are drained of blood. They figure that Silas needs strength, because he wants to tear down the veil soon.

Meanwhile, Bonnie and Katherine go to the Lockwood cellar, seen as that was another massacre-site. Bonnie’s magic is causing a storm for some reason and we cut to the Grill, where the wind is picking up, too.

Caroline, Rebekah, Elena and Matt are hanging out there, which is really… the relationships/friendships in this town really confuse me. Why are people who hate each other always hanging out together????

Anyway, Rebekah tells Elena to drink because she’s freaking everybody out with her obsessing on Katherine. Elena has her emotions back, but seen as it’s all focused on hating Katherine, she’s still bitchy and tells Rebekah that they’re no friends. Caroline wants to know if Elena meant all the mean things she said, but Elena doesn’t want to focus on feeling bad. The lights go out and everyone gets all panicky, especially because the wind is so strong that everything’s flying around.

The Salvatores and Sheriff Forbes are still at the hospital and they figured out that the power outage originated at the massacre-sites (WUT?) and also that Bonnie is with Katherine (someone thought she was Elena).

They did a bit of geometry again, so they figure that the centre of the triangle is at the high school – convenient – and Stefan and Damon are on their way. They meet with Elena and Caroline and split into search parties. Elena’s reluctant but gets all excited when she learns that Katherine is with Bonnie.

Caroline and Stefan are searching together, but haven’t found anything until they realize that they are probably beneath the school. Because there are catacombs all over this tiny town! Sometimes Mystic Falls really blows my mind.

Damon wants to stop Elena from coming along, so she won’t try to murder Katherine, but she stabs him in the stomach.

Meanwhile, Bonnie is chanting beneath the school and then announces that she dropped the veil. It wasn’t spectacular.

We get to see the results at once:

ALARIC IS BACK! Yay! Oh, this is great, I missed him so much. Damon first believes him to be Silas, but Alaric opens locker 42 and reveals a secret bourbon storage. WUT? Alaric says that the veil is only down inside the expression triangle and that not every ghost has a reason to come back to Mystic Falls. That’s convenient, writers. Very convenient, indeed.

Rebekah and Matt are still at the Grill, and they’re just getting cosy when the door opens:



And another squeal for Mister Kol Mikaelson! YAY! Oh, I’m happy he’s back!

Rebekah’s all: Hey, little brother; thought I never see you again!
But Kol doesn’t get fooled: You grieved about ten seconds, don’t go sister-y on me! He leaves, but not before stabbing Matt in the arm.

Bonnie is trying to contact Qetsiyah, and Katherine gets impatient. Bonnie lets her leave to check if anyone is watching them. Unfortunately for Katherine, she finds Elena and gets stabbed in the stomach; Bonnie is still linked to Katherine, though, so it doesn’t look good. She also presses her face against a hot pipe.

Bonnie gets found by Stefan and Caroline and Stefan takes off to stop Elena. He arrives just in time and stops Elena from murdering Katherine and Bonnie.

Matt doesn’t want to get healed by Rebekah, because he’s worried about becoming a vampire. Rebekah hears something and discovers Caroline in a back-room, cutting her arm open repeatedly.

So the Caroline with Bonnie reveals that she/he’s actually Silas and switches between Caroline, Stefan and himself all the time. We got it now, honey. You can create hallucinations. Silas claims to always be a step ahead. Back off, dude. That’s Klaus’ thing.

Elena and Stefan are arguing and she punches him in the face.

Rebekah tries to snap Caroline out of the compulsion while Matt calls Damon. Oh, this show and its phone calls… anyways, he informs Damon that they have been with Silas all the while and Damon tells Alaric to call Stefan. That’ll be a cool call. ‘Hey, I’m back from the dead for a while, cool right? While we’re at it, could you please-‘

Anyways, Rebekah slaps Caroline and that does the trick. Rebekah seems really happy about it, too.

Silas is still tormenting Bonnie and now makes her feel like she’s suffocating.

Elena’s at a cemetery and goes to Jeremy’s tombstone. While she’s busy grieving for real, Kol interrupts her all, “I’m gonna kill you!”

Down in the caves, Bonnie meets her grandmother and yay again! Grams is back! She tells Bonnie to snap out of it, seen as it isn’t real anyways and it works. She also gives her some witchy advice on expression.

Damon meets Silas!Alaric but realizes immediately that it isn’t Alaric. He knows the tunnels so well by now that he knows that Silas!Alaric didn’t come from the school. Bonnie arrives and they take him down, immobilizing him but we still don’t see his face, damn it!

Elena gets almost killed by Kol, but gets saved last minute by

Source: ndobrevss

JEREMY! I just love this episode, just for bringing all these people back! They meet up there with Bonnie and the Salvatore brothers and make plans to just drop Silas in the ocean. They all depart to give Elena and Jeremy some time to say goodbye.

At the Grill, Stefan meets Caroline and he’s all mopy. He hoped to see someone, you see but the days not over yet! So give another big cheer:

Source: paullipop

Lexi! I’m doing my happy dance over here, because I just adore Lexi! Stefan’s really happy, too, understandably.

Damon put the immobilized Silas in his trunk. Sure, whatever. Alaric hands him the cure and tells him to ‘get the girl’.

Stefan and Lexi are walking through Mystic Falls and are being all friend-y and stuff until Lexi suggests that Stefan should get together with Caroline. PLEASE NOT. Come on! They have this nice friendship and now they’re trying to ruin it.

Bonnie decides that she wants to bring Jeremy back for good and ignores Sheila’s grandmother-advice. Stupid, honey, really stupid. She drops down to the floor and we cut to the Grill again, where Rebekah and Matt are leaving.

She stops and stares because – guess what – she sees her Hunter-boyfriend

Alexander from the Middle Ages! She’s all: oh, hope the veil drops again! But no such luck. Behind them, Connor and Vaughn appear and are being very threatening.

Back in the cave, Bonnie gets up, but her grandmother points at her body lying on the floor.


So this all makes for an epic season finale next week and I’m definitely looking forward to it. I also hope that we get to keep a few characters in the process.  I’m now going to go and curl up in my corner of fangirl-shame for being all happy about fictional characters returning from the dead.


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