Grim(m) Stories: Sleeping Beauty – How the hell did she sleep through that?

I was surfing the internet the other day and came across original fairy tales. Blew my mind, too. So with that, I introduce Grim(m) Stories, my recounting of fairy tales. I have fun, hope you’ll like it, too.

So, Sleeping Beauty…

There’s this version by the Grimm brothers, which is the usual one that we know. A King and Queen really do want to have children, but they never have, only once when the Queen is bathing, a frog tells her that she’ll have her child within a year. A frog, ladies and gentleman.

Anyways, it happens as the frog has said and the King and Queen invite all the fairies to the christening. Trouble is, they forgot one and the one they forgot was the most evil one.

So that evil fairy turns up and curses the little girl, so she’ll prick her finger on a spindle when she’s fifteen and die. Luckily, there’s this other good fairy, who softens the curse, so the girl will only fall asleep.

It happens as it has to; Sleeping Beauty pricks her finger on a spindle once she’s fifteen and falls asleep.

Everyone’s devastated and the fairy goes, “Oh, when she wakes up – whenever that will be – everyone else might have already died. That’ll be a nasty shock. We’ll better not do that!” And she enchants the whole castle to fall asleep along with Sleeping Beauty.

All around the castle grows that thorn hedge that we all know and love, for the sole reason that it’s more difficult for the Prince to get through once he shows up.

He does so after a hundred years, tears down the hedge and discovers everyone asleep. The Prince finally finds Sleeping Beauty in the tower, and immediately falls in love with her because she’s so beautiful. So he kisses her and she wakes up, along with the rest of the court.

Happily ever after.

Only the original story, which is from the 1600’s by some Italian, is a little different.

She doesn’t prick herself on a spindle, but gets a piece of wool trapped underneath her nail. So far, so good, she falls asleep.

Then after a hundred years, the Prince shows up and it literally says, “he grew hot with lust”. You read that right. He rapes her. While she’s sleeping. And not only that. The girl gets pregnant and gives birth to twins. While she’s sleeping! And then one of those kids suckles on her finger and the wool gets out and she awakes.

That’s a nice surprise, isn’t it?

It goes on a bit after that, seen as the Prince is not a prince, but already a king and has a wife, who gets kind of jealous of Sleeping Beauty, kills the children, wants to feed them to the king and finally gets burnt.

That’s not the tale that I grew up with.

I’d really like to tell you what that tale was supposed to tell children a.k.a the moral of the story, but honestly, I don’t know. You snooze, you lose? Or maybe you’ll get raped by a creepy prince? What do you think?

You can read Sleeping Beauty/Briar-Rose in the Grimm brothers’ version here.


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