Recap: TVD 4×21 – She’s Come Undone

Here goes.

We start 4×21 “She’s Come Undone” at Mystic Falls High School, a rare sight, that is, where Elena meets Caroline, Matt and Bonnie. Caroline says that she’s got valedictorian, and I just keep thinking – couldn’t they have chosen someone who goes to school, like, regularly? Damon shows up and Elena realizes that it’s all in her head; just Damon trying to get her to turn her emotions back on.

We go back to the real world, as Stefan joins his brother down in the cellar, where they have locked Elena in some sort of safe. Damon tells her that they’ll keep her in there until she turns it back on, no matter how long it will take.

Caroline arrives and even though Elena tried to kill her and, even worse, stole her prom dress, she’s not happy about Elena being tortured. Caroline gives her a bit of blood which she gulps down, but Elena’s still emotionless and calls her out for being “clingy”. She also suggests that both Tyler and Klaus left down because of Caroline (Let’s face it, nobody likes a tease!) Elena tries to kill her, yet again, but Caroline’s quicker and snaps her neck.

Meanwhile, at the Mystic Grill, Rebekah is celebrating the departure of her brothers. Or at least she says so. Matt’s being nice for a bit, but she screws it up again, as she always does.

Caroline calls Bonnie, because we need to call someone every once in a while, and also because she wants her help with Elena. Bonnie doesn’t have the time, though. She’s meeting with Katherine.

At the Boarding House, the Salvatore brothers have strapped Elena to a chair and they’re all, yo, time for torture! They have stolen her daylight ring and start burning her in the sun. Elena is, in Damon’s words, downright vindictive and the brothers have no other choice but to keep it up.


Caroline and Matt are waiting outside, talking about graduation to keep distracted. Rebekah appears and reveals that she’s now helping Matt, who fears to fail pretty much every subject.

Caroline leaves to get her study books an everything – no way she’s going to leave the two alone – but gets interrupted by Klaus!

Bonnie is still negotiating with Katherine. She wants Silas’ tombstone, but has yet to reveal what’s in it for Katherine.

Meanwhile, the Salvatores are still torturing Elena. She’s being all sorts of mean again, and then stands in front of the window, so she catches fire. The brothers rescue her, but they just proved her point. They wouldn’t do anything to actually hurt her.

They make up another plan, though. They invite Katherine to come torture Elena, which she will totes like, because torturing people in general and especially Elena is Katherine’s idea of a good time.

In the woods, Caroline is walking with Klaus, who says that he came to say goodbye. Also, he asks her to come to NOLA with him, but she doesn’t want that, seen as she’s afraid of him. And then – surprise! – it’s revealed that it’s not Klaus it, but Silas, who is searching for Bonnie. He stabs her, right in the heart and she falls to the ground, unconscious.

At the Boarding House, Rebekah is studying with Matt. Actually, she’s more teasing him about how he wasn’t fluent in Italian in the 12th century or something. I don’t know. Anyways, she offers to just compel him good grades, but he doesn’t want that. Katherine arrives and Rebekah is all: “Looks like the lunatics have taken over the asylum.”

We cut to Caroline again, who wakes up unharmed. She runs through the woods and meets Matt, but in truth it’s Silas. She keeps on running and runs into Klaus-Silas again. This whole Silas thing is getting really confusing. Anyways, she calls her Mum to warn her. She gets into the car and we catch a quick glance of Silas’ real, deformed face before she speeds off.

Katherine’s threatening to rip Elena’s heart out and/or feed her her own eyeballs. That sounds uncomfortable. Mainly, she’s pissed that she got dumped by Elijah, though and she blames Elena for it. I think she also wants to make a point about being more badass than Elena for not turning it off – and I think she has a point.

She goes up to talk to Damon, taunting him a bit, but he’s not having it.
“Are you trying to get a rinse out of me? ‘Cause my emotions are fine. I love Elena. I despise you.”
Stefan interrupts them, because Elena’s gone. Katherine has left her cell open. Oops. Her bad.

Caroline arrives at home and after some back and forth whether her mother is actually her mother (and a phone call to make sure) she gets in and hugs her mum.

Matt finds Elena in the woods. She wants to feed on him but he’s all: Hey, girl, you used to love me once, remember? What can I say. She still feeds on him.

Bonnie arrives at Caroline’s house and she, other than Caroline recognizes that Sherriff Forbes is Silas. It gets quite confusing now, because Sheriff Forbes was Sheriff Forbes just minutes ago, and she’s also still there, on the brink of death, while Silas takes Bonnie with him outside. Gosh. I hope they kill him off soon.

Matt’s pretty weak by now, but Elena still wants more. They’re interrupted by Damon, though, who threatens to kill Matt. Stefan arrives, too, trying to get him to stop, but, nope.

Damon snaps Matt’s neck and voilà, there are Elena’s emotions. Luckily, Matt wore the Gilbert ring, so he’ll be back in no time. Elena’s freaking out, though.


She has every right to, though. She killed people, hurt people, ruined almost every relationship she had with people. Stefan tells her to focus on just one emotion and it works, she calms down. She claims not to be okay, but to get better.

Caroline’s mum won’t take her blood, seen as she’s unconscious and all, so Caroline injects it into her. She’s devastated seen as she believes her mother to be dead. Luckily, her mother awakes again, just so saved from death.

Matt wakes up in the Boarding House with Rebekah by his side. She’s apologizing for the part she played in Elena’s death back almost a season ago and she promises to help Matt for real, no cheating.

Katherine meets with Bonnie again and she figured out that the tombstone is a source of witchy power. Bonnie promises to make Katherine truly immortal, like Silas, if she gets the tombstone from her.

At the Boarding House, the brothers want Elena to rest, but she doesn’t really want to. No, she has other plans: she focused on hatred, hatred for none other than Katherine who she says has ruined all her life. Last we see from this episode, Elena is planning to kill her once and for all.

Not sure how I feel about humanity-Elena. She sure was interesting without her humanity. Matt being the one who got it back for her was a nice touch, though. Who knows? Maybe Matt & Elena will be endgame? ;) What I know is that I’m tired of this Silas-character! Give him the cure and kill him already! I hope for a good episode next week, I heard that the veil will be torn down so I’m looking forward to all those people coming back!

Until then, have yourself a lovely day :)


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