Recap: TVD 4×20 – The Originals

I was excited for The Originals and I had every right to be. Most of it was really, really good and I’m definitely looking forward to the spin-off, which does get picked up in fall. That’s good news, people!

But let’s take a look at the actual episode.

We start out in Mystic Falls were the Salvatore brothers still have Elena trapped in the cellar and she’s starving. Katherine appears

and tells them that Klaus has disappeared to New Orleans.

We cut there, and see Hayley discussing her parents with a certain Jane-Anne. She sends Hayley out to the bayou. As Hayley leaves, J-A shows her sister, Sophie, some strands of Hayley’s hair.

While Hayley’s driving out there, J-A and Sophie are at a cemetery (it’s Lafayette cemetery, if I am correct) and they plan to do a spell. At night, Hayley’s car breaks. It all gets a tad confusing now, but point is that she breaks down as she’s surrounded by witches.

“Welcome to the dark side of New Orleans, a supernatural playground where the living are easily lost, and the dead stick around to play.”

While Elijah explains to Rebekah (back in Mystic Falls) why Klaus has gone to New Orleans, Klaus is walking through the streets of said town. This is legitimate, because NOLA’s an amazing place.

Klaus sits at a witch’s table – she, in contrast to most there – is a true witch and not fond of Klaus, seen as he’s a hybrid and all that jazz.

Elijah decides that he will follow Klaus to find out who is plotting against them and then he’ll “either stop them… or help them, depending on my mood.”


Klaus finds out that the witch is not allowed to tell him anything because “Marcel” forbids it.

So, Klaus sets of and finds this Marcel in a bar, where he’s doing karaoke. They glare at each other for a bit and there’s a lot of tension, but it soon gets revealed that Klaus and Marcel are actually old friends and Marcel was turned by Klaus. They are talking a bit about the current state of Bourbon Street (which is… interesting…) and then Klaus gets down to business asking about the witch he set out to find. It’s J-A.

They go out at night. Marcel’s asking about Klaus’ family and states that Klaus taught him to make your own family if your blood-relations let you down. It’s just, I wouldn’t take Klaus’ advice on subject of family, you know?

They bring J-A forward, wrists bound, and Marcel tries to get her to tell him what magic she’s been doing. He claims to know about every magic that witches do in New Orleans. J-A doesn’t confess, though, and Marcel kills her.

Klaus is pissed that J-A is now dead and not up to inquiries, but he finds her sister at the bar. “Your Klaus!” – “I am and you’re upset.” Stupid line. He also says that J-A’s death was too melodramatic for his taste.

Sophie won’t talk to him because he gets followed by two of Marcel’s henchmen. He threatens to rip out their spin if they don’t stop following him and leaves.

Sophie leaves, too, through the backdoor and almost gets attacked by the two of them but Elijah saves the day by killing the two of them.

Klaus wants to talk to Marcel but only reaches one of his minions who thinks he’s smart but nearly gets bitten by Klaus who has absolutely no patience today. Marcel swoops in just in time and apologizes for having Klaus follow, claiming to only look out for him. Marcel’s also taking vervain. He jumps down to the street where the bartender from the witch’s

bar is walking alone (not smart at night).

Meanwhile, Elijah appears.


They go to Lafayette cemetery and enter a mausoleum. Sophie wants Klaus to help her stop Marcel, but Klaus wants to hear nothing of it. They bring Hayley in and reveal that Hayley is – guess what – pregnant.

I’m not happy with that plot twist, but I’m now at a point of acceptance. First I wondered if he would start sparkling next.

Klaus doesn’t believe it either and accuses Hayley of sleeping with someone else. Hayley’s all: “They trapped me for days, don’t you think I would have said something??” She has a point. Elijah seems to be pretty pro-baby, but Klaus is definitely not. Even though he seems a little touched when he hears the baby’s heart-beat. He tells them to kill the girl and the baby, he doesn’t care.

He leaves and Elijah follows him. Elijah’s all: “Listen, bro, a baby’s cool, family is totes what we always wanted!” But Klaus still doesn’t want it.

TVD loves its phone calls, so Elijah calls his sister who doesn’t care, or probably pretends not to care about Klaus. As Elijah hangs up, Katherine arrives. They’re bitching at each other for a bit (I know you consider yourself an expert on brotherly dynamics…) and Katherine says that Klaus and she are the same. They’re alone. She asks Rebekah to tell Elijah to call her.

Klaus demands that Marcel tell him why he can control the witches but Marcel refuses. He says that he’s the king of his city. Klaus doesn’t take it well and bites one of Marcel’s minions. Who has the power now?

He leaves and stops to look at an artist, where he meets the bartender from earlier. Her name’s Camille. They have one beautiful scene together in which she makes up the artist’s background story and it’s pretty much Klaus’.

“He’s… angry. Dark. Doesn’t feel safe and doesn’t know what to do about it. He wishes he could control his demons instead of having his demons control him. He’s lost. Alone.”

Klaus sits at a bench and is joined by Elijah. Klaus is being frustrated by all this Marcel stuff and says that he wants to be king. As Elijah asks about the baby, he says: “Every king needs an heir.” Just watching his smirk has me filled with a dark sense of foreboding.

They agree to go along with Sophie’s plan to get Klaus into Marcel’s inner cycle. So Klaus goes and heals that vampire he bit, saying that he’ll stay a while. Marcel does finally throw him the parade he promised and Klaus calls Caroline to tell her how much he would like to show her NOLA.

Back in Mystic Falls, Elijah tries to persuade Rebekah to come along but she’s not thrilled. Neither is Katherine, who tries to persuade Elijah, in turn, to stay. Her attempt fails and Elijah leaves.

We get back to the Boarding House, where Damon offers Elena some blood, which she gulps down only to find out that it was laced with vervain. She tries to escape, but gets held up by Stefan. She doesn’t believe that she’s going to break, though.

And so we end it, TVD 4×20 and The Original 1×01. I liked the general feel of it, loved NOLA, loved Klaus & Elijah and I generally like the new characters, too. The whole pregnancy thing is still weird to me. But we’ll see in fall, I guess.

Have yourself a lovely day :)


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