Recap: TVD 4×19 – Pictures Of You

Our heroes have a really bad record concerning high school dances. So why do they still expect to have fun and a good night? It never turns out that way. Of course, prom was no exception.

But first things first. We see Bonnie at the cemetery, talking to Jeremy’s gravestone. Suddenly, he appears behind her and tells her to wake up. Turns out it was just a dream. Good thing that dream!Jeremy told her to wake up, though, because she had lit the couch on fire.

Meanwhile, the Salvatores are playing catch with a football. It’s been eight or nine days since that waitress’-spine-snapping incident and since then, Elena hasn’t killed anyone, so that’s good. They decide to bombard her with emotions, Lexi-style, and if that doesn’t work, plan b is to lock her up until they have a plan c. Good plan.

At the Mikaelson Mansion, both Klaus and Rebekah try to convince Elijah to give them the cure. Rebekah basically wants to grow old + have a family (sounds nice); Klaus wants to give the cure to Silas so that he’s no longer tormented. He doesn’t really care that every supernatural being will return and reminds his siblings of Kol and Finn. It’s a good point, but honey, have you ever thought of Mikael and Esther? Cause they’ll be back, too.

Anyways, Elijah decides to give Rebekah the cure and Klaus is pretty damn mad.


He leaves and Elijah tells Rebekah that she has to prove herself first; one day without any vampire powers. Too bad it’s prom and she hasn’t compelled herself a date yet.

Elena offers Rebekah to go with her to prom and make sure Rebekah won’t need to use her vampire powers. That’s only after they argue a little again.

“Name me a more human experience than prom!” – “Death?”

They go to a boutique where Bonnie tells Caroline about her weird couch-lighting dreams. Elena’s mean and Caroline’s mean and Elena has that look on her face of which we know that no good is going to follow.

Later that evening, we see Elena exciting Rebekah’s house, wearing Caroline’s dress. You thought stealing Katherine’s shoes last time was a low blow? Stealing your friend’s prom dress is a hundred times worse!

Stefan and Damon appear to pick her up, which she doesn’t find funny, especially since Damon told her not to eat the prom queen.

Caroline meanwhile does the only reasonable thing to do when your prom dress got stolen. She goes to ask Klaus for another dress. She calls for him, but as he is in no mood for company (or so he says) he doesn’t answer. Caroline doesn’t care, though, because it’s a real crisis.



I love to see Klaus smile at Caroline…

Elena arrives at the dance with the Salvatores brothers and there are pictures of the gang everywhere (hence the name “Pictures of You”, I guess). Elena’s not touched, not even by a picture of her and Jeremy or Matt’s freshman-year-haircut.

Damon tries to stir some feelings in her, but it’s not working. Instead she tells him none of her feelings were real, but only due to the sirebond.

Bonnie and Matt try, too, but Elena’s also mean to them. She tells Bonnie that she’s a walking reminder of all the bad things that happened to Elena.

Bonnie goes outside and meets Jeremy. It’s quite obvious that it’s Silas (since Jeremy’s dead, y’all) but whatever.

Matt is talking to Rebekah, who tries to tell him that she’s going to be human. She asks if he thinks she’ll be a good human and Matt’s like “You’re evil, so – no.”

While dancing, Stefan tries a little more seductive method to get Elena to feel again. Doesn’t really work, either, but Damon doesn’t look happy no matter what.

Caroline arrives and yup, Klaus did dig up something good. Elena’s a bitch again, but then, that’s old news.

As Stefan and Caroline continue to dance she tells him that one day, he’ll meet someone new and fall in love and he’ll have moved on. Please, writers, tell me that Stefan and Caroline won’t be a thing.

Rebekah tries to persuade April to make her prom queen. April says no, since she can’t be compelled, and Rebekah has exactly zero votes. Elena arrives and threatens April.

Bonnie and Jeremy are dancing, but she realizes that it is in fact Silas. He offers to help her before she hurts someone, seen as her magic is pretty much out of control, but she doesn’t want anything to do with him. Smart choice.

Elijah gives the White Oak Stake to Klaus. He doesn’t care about possible torments, suggesting that Klaus should just run. Klaus tells him that he won’t spare Katerina without the cure but Elijah wants him to do it, because he’s his only living brother. Shouldn’t he know better?

Rebekah asks Matt do dance with her and he agrees after some persuasion. She tells him she cares about his opinion because he’s “beautifully human”.

Caroline decides that prom sucks and she leaves. Bonnie tells everyone about her Jeremy hallucination.

April announces that Matt and Bonnie are prom king and queen. Obviously, Rebekah isn’t happy. Elena offers to kill Bonnie. Two birds with one stone, in her eyes, because without Bonnie, Silas won’t be able to do the spell.

Caroline arrives at the Lockwood Mansion and suddenly Tyler turns up! He also brings flowers, which is pretty nice. She’s all worried about Klaus finding out, but Tyler believes he’s safe. Dude. We’re talking about Klaus.

Damon has a talk with Stefan, because man, didn’t he say he was over his feelings for Elena? It’s not Stefan at all, though, but Silas and he stabs Damon. He wants the Salvatores to stay away from Bonnie.

Rebekah warns Matt about Elena, but he’s a little too late. Elena’s attacking Bonnie, who fights back, but soon leaves because her magic is getting out of control again. Instead, Elena attacks April. Rebekah arrives and Matt asks her to heal April. She has doubts, because no vampire capabilities today.

Meanwhile, Damon finds Stefan in the woods.


Bonnie is banning Silas from her mind, which involved cars honking in the parking lot. Elena appears again and attacks Bonnie, who in turn tries to kill her. She stops in the last moment and yay, Elena looked scared which is – guess what – an emotion!

Rebekah healed April and Matt promises to not tell anyone. That’s pretty nice of him. Klaus appears, though, and as we cut between their discussion and Rebekah’s home, it becomes clear that he told Silas – in the end, Elijah hands over the cure to Silas!Rebekah. Shit happens.

Caroline and Tyler dance. Tyler has to leave, though, before anyone spots him. Too late, sweetheart, since outside, Klaus is waiting for him. He asks if Caroline was worth the risk. Because he doesn’t want to ruin her night, though, he allows Tyler to get away.

The Salvatores lock Elena in that cellar in which they lock everyone. Plan C is to make her life living hell, so she has to feel fear. Damon suggests they worry about Silas for a bit. Seems important to me, too.

Katherine has sent Klaus a letter, which basically said: “Why not go down to New Orleans, there might be a mystery that we can drag over a few seasons!”. She signed with Katerina, nice little touch there.

Bonnie located Silas in the old Lockwood cellar, because that is THE hideout in town. She has decided that she needs help with controlling her magic and is ready to help him erase the Other Side. He shows his real face and well, he’s not pretty.

That was it, a high school dance as we know and love it. Next week, we’ll see a Klaus-centric episode, back-door pilot for the spin-off and I’m super excited!


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