Recap: TVD 4×18 – American Gothic

When I sit in front of TV, half-screaming because someone showed up, it’s usually because it’s Daniel Gillies as Elijah. Considering this, it’s self-speaking that “American Gothic” was a good episode. Better than the last, even, and that one had Lexi.

We start 4×18 with Rebekah and Elena still searching for Katherine. They argue a bit as Elena stops to feed. Just as she’s about to, her victim reveals that she knows Katherine. That girl has obviously compelled the whole town to forget her unless they’re talking to her themselves.

By now, the two of them obviously have another car and left Damon’s car on the side of the road somewhere, so the Salvatores are getting it back. Stefan is making fun of Damon, but they both agree that they have to get the cure before Rebekah gets it.

Meanwhile, Klaus is suffering because he got stabbed by the White Oak Stake and some of that is still inside him. Caroline shows up and he begs for help, but it’s quickly revealed that it isn’t Caroline at all, but Silas and Klaus is, well, not pleased.

Elena and Rebekah are at a post office and learn that Katherine was there minutes ago, so Elena goes to search the parking lot. Sure enough, Katherine attacks her, but Rebekah saves her.

Next scene, we get Elena, Katherine and Rebekah in a diner. They’re all being mean at each other for a bit until Rebekah steals Kat’s phone. She’s got a meeting at 2 pm with “em”. Since Katherine won’t say who it is, Elena decides to meet “em” herself. It was totally obvious that this isn’t a good idea, but whatever. I have to compliment Nina Dobrev’s acting skills, though. She still plays two different characters, even though they’re so similar to each other by now.

Klaus has obviously called Caroline so often that she eventually showed up. After Klaus realizes that it is in fact Caroline herself, he asks her to cut the piece of the White Oak out of him, which definitely sounds uncomfortable.

Damon and Stefan have found the abandoned car and are both ready to do everything that is needed to stop Elena from completely going off the rails.

We get another hilarious diner-scene in which Elena tries to imitate Katherine + is stealing her shoes. Shit just got real, ladies and gentleman.

While Elena is waiting for “em” to show up, Rebekah is taunting Katherine. Tells her she sort of envied her back-when as all the boys fell for her. And then she’s like, but today, you’re all alone.


Stefan and Damon show up and the girls are not amused.

“em” finally showed up and it’s my squeal-scream-moment of the episode because it’s Elijah! Elijah Mikaelson, obviously… He kisses Elena, who is rightfully confused. He finds out that she isn’t Katherine pretty soon, though.

Katherine reveals to the others that Elena meets with a friend of hers. “An Original brother – impeccable taste.” At once, everyone concludes that it’s Elijah. Suppose that Klaus’ style doesn’t qualify as “impeccable taste”, then.

Source: KirmiziOje

Hilarious. Stefan moves to talk to Elijah while Katherine, Rebekah and Damon go to get the cure.

Caroline is trying to cut the stake out of Klaus which, as I have foreseen, is unpleasant.


She’s not having his crap this time and tells him she won’t help him unless he lets Tyler come back. Repay for last episode, I guess.

Stefan calls Elijah and I just have fun watching Elijah casually switching his phone from one hand to the other, while threatening Elena.

Elijah’s sure of Katherin’s good intentions but Elena tells him why exactly she turned her humanity off. Elijah is shocked and I pity him a bit, even though I have to agree with Elena:

“Hate to say I told you so, but… duh.”

Damon, Rebekah and Katherine are meanwhile at Katherine’s home. Damon figures out that she hid the cure inside an aquarium filled with vervain water. She presses his face inside – hurts at lot, guys – and goes to leave, but is interrupted by Rebekah. She throws the cure up, though, so Rebekah has to decided if she wants to kill Katherine or save the cure and she chooses the cure.

Damon tries to persuade her not to take it, but she does anyways and drops on the couch, unconscious.

We cut back to Mystic Falls where Caroline and Klaus are arguing, still over the bringing-Tyler-back thing. Honestly? I don’t even want Tyler back. I just want Klaroline to happen, pretty please? But anyways, they’re shouting at each other.

Don’t turn your back on me!” – “I should’ve turned my back on you ages ago!”

I wouldn’t turn my back on him. Especially not when he’s shirtless.

I’m sorry. My JoMo-fangirl-moment is now over and I can move on to say that Klaus’ pain is now gone. It was all some really weird mind-trick of Silas which scares the crap out of Caroline.

Everyone’s arguing this episode and so are Damon and Stefan. Damon says he’s sorry that he “didn’t have a pony to distract her (Rebekah)”, which was yet another brilliant line.

Elena thinks Elijah is an idiot for trusting Katherine, which… duh. I still love Elijah, though, especially for this line:
What kind of man would I be if I didn’t try to find my Katerina beneath this Katherine-facade?” Aww…

Katherine arrives and snaps Elena’s neck.

Back at her house, the Salvatores and Rebekah realize that it wasn’t the real cure.

Elijah is now convinced that Elena is right and Katherine was playing him the whole. Again – duh.

Next we see, Katherine is getting the cure. She obviously gave it to one of her compelled friends. Then, she waits for Elijah and gives it to him, claiming that she wants to find out who she was back when she was still human.

Rebekah tries to persuade Elijah to give her the cure. It’s one of those touching family moments. And I don’t mean that to sound sarcastic. She tells him that he’ll always be her brother and she’ll always love him. Klaus interrupts the moment by calling and she hands him over to the “complication”.

Source: delenasheaven

They decide that Elijah and Rebekah will now return to Mystic Falls.

We stay on Klaus’ side of the phone call, where Caroline is about to leave. He still doesn’t want to let Tyler come back, but claims that he’s “not exactly scouring the earth for him”. Caroline seems satisfied with that for the time being.

Stefan offers to give Elena the cure and then leave for good, because he doesn’t want to repeat his own history. Nice try, writers, but you’re not going to let one of your three main characters go, anyways.

Elena doesn’t want the cure and she’s tired of the brothers’ attempts to fix her. She snaps the waitress’ neck and threatens to kill more people if the Salvatores don’t stop.

I feel like I’m closing every post with: it was a good episode! So I’m just going to skip it and say: I’m excited for next Thursday!

Have yourself a lovely day :)


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