Recap: TVD 4×17 – Because The Night

I’ve been on vacation (mentioned it last post) and came back, having missed two episodes of TVD. I was ever so pleased to find that the first one, “Because The Night”, was a flashback episode. I love flashback episodes.

We start with a flashback right away. New York City, 1977. Damon pulls the usual lying-“dead”-on-the-road-and-getting-up-to-kill-people-who-are-trying-to-help. Trick. Sorry about the long name, but even if I shorten it to “LDOTRAGUTKPWATTH”-trick, that doesn’t make it better, really. Plus, you can’t pronounce that.

In present day, Damon is also in New York, with Elena. He claims that he “fed like crazy” and “had a blast” for years without being discovered there. Elena can’t really believe that they are just going to have some fun, but it appears that Damon actually means it.

The history of phone calls continues, though this time it’s not pointless. Damon tells Stefan about his and Elena’s trip. He also reveals that it’s one big hunt for the cure. Will, you may remember him, I called him the A.H.A., gave vampires fake-identities and Damon is pretty sure Katherine was one of them.
Also, Elena’s got a new hairstyle.

Meanwhile, Caroline is cleaning up the Boarding House, which is still a mess after Elena’s party. Klaus walks in and let’s just say, Caroline’s not pleased.

Source: Any_SJ

Stefan has invited Klaus, though, because they need his help with killing Silas. Which, yeah. They do.

It becomes quite obvious right in the next scene. Silas, still in the form of Professor Shane, is at Bonnie’s house, convincing her that they need to complete his creepy sacrifice-triangle to destroy the Other Side. WHICH IS MADNESS!

Klaus obviously thinks so, too, because he agrees to help as he learns of Silas’ plan.

Meanwhile, Damon and Elena are at “Billy’s”, the bar where Damon used to hang out in the seventies. Because they all got these clubs, where they once always went to and that still exist. Elena’s not impressed, seen as it’s a rather dirty place and Damon tells her about how it was in the seventies.

Enter flashback. Turns out Damon killed people of whom the A.H.A needed IDs. As he moves to feed on some fighting guys (again, a lot of attacking), someone stops him:


Lexi! Oh, I love her, it’s always great to see her turn up in flashbacks. Such a shame that she got killed so soon…

Elena is quite confused that Damon got “Lexied”, but he hasn’t got the time to answer, because ta-da: Rebekah appears. You go, girl!

Rebekah tells Elena that the two of them (Damon&Rebekah, that is) have searched for the cure, but Damon is able to distract with another flashback.

Lexi was sent by Stefan and she won’t back down. Damon doesn’t like it.

Elena’s not fond of the plan to redeem her and reveals to Rebekah that she’s trying to find the cure before the Salvatores find it.


I have to repeat that over and over again: Rebekah is just delivering the best lines.

At Mystic Falls, Caroline, Klaus and Stefan are searching Shane’s office. Well, mostly Stefan and Caroline are searching. Klaus is watching them and smirking all over the place.

Source: Source: Ruby2579 on

It was a nice scene, especially when Klaus said, “Don’t underestimate the allure of darkness”. Caroline’s face was priceless.

Meanwhile, at Bonnie’s house, Silas tells her that she has to kill twelve witches. And Bonnie just goes for it, telling her father to call her mum. What the hell is going on with that girl? I mean, I was waiting for her to become more powerful, even darker, but now she’s only Silas’ minion and that’s just not cool.

In New York, Damon says that Lexi’s plan was to make him enjoy life again and he’s trying to do the same with Elena. They also do some nice human-neck-biting together. You know, the same way some couples like to share dessert or something. Only a lot more bloody. Shit just got weird when Rebekah takes Damon’s place so he can sneak away in some back-room.

In Mystic Falls, Bonnie meets with a witch called Aja, who has brought her whole “coven”, meaning 11 other witches, to “cleanse” Bonnie of the expression.

Rebekah offers her help to Elena, because she doesn’t hate this new version of her. She wants to take the cure and Elena wants it off the table, so that would be good. Elena doesn’t want to rely on Rebekah, though, because she too emotional. Sure.

Caroline and Klaus are still in Shane’s office, and they’re drawing lines on maps, you know, to find the place of the next sacrifices. Actually, it’s five lines, and it’s two triangles, but meh. Also, they’re flirting, somewhat at least.

The witches are trying to rid Bonnie of the expression and it doesn’t look a pleasant. There’s also something really freaky going on with her eyes.


Stefan and Damon are telephoning again, mainly because the A.H.A.’s files are sorted by birthdate, and Damon, looking for Katherine, can’t remember her birthday. Stefan does, of course. “And that, brother, is why you’re the better boyfriend!” Yup.

Flashback time again. Lexi is asking questions about Katherine and Damon doesn’t really like it. Thing is, he says that Katherine’s not the one he cares about and we get to Damon/Lexi sexytimes.

Elena’s all: What? Here on the bar? Ew! Which, I mean, yeah. But that’s probably not the worst that happened there. Damon tells her that yes, on the bar, and also on the roof. And while Elena and Damon make their way up there, Rebekah does this:

Source: Any_SJ

She’s the actual best.

Caroline and Klaus are searching for one of the possible sacrifice-spots. They’re bickering back and forth, but you know, you only tease the one’s you love, so… Caroline’s really not having it this time, and she’s all: “People who do terrible things are just terrible people.” I’ll hold you to that, honey.

Meanwhile, Stefan runs into the witches and tries to explain about Silas. The witches’ plan is to kill Bonnie, but just then Caroline and Klaus appear. Klaus wants to let Bonnie die, but Caroline kills Aja instead, subsequently killing the other eleven witches with her. Triangle is thus complete.

What were you saying about terrible people and terrible things, Caroline?

In New York, Elena tries to steal Damon’s notes while kissing, but Damon sees through it. Says he invented that trick.

Flashback: Damon locked Lexi on the rooftop for payback, which is pretty low. Explains why she hated him so much when they met again in Season 1.

Damon tells Elena that he tries to save her from the guilt once she turns her emotions back on. They argue and Damon threatens to tie her up and force her to take the cure. He doesn’t get to do it, because Rebekah snaps his neck.

Bonnie was brought back to her house by Stefan, but doesn’t remember anything since the island. Awkward conversation ahead.

Klaus buried the witches as Caroline watches. She’s not so well and he remarks it, of course. “You look like you’re in need of comfort…”

Source: tsforever on

That, Nik, was pretty mean. Was that really necessary? Caroline leaves and instead, Silas turns up.

Damon is on the rooftop and calls Elena, who stole his car. Bummer, man. He meets with Stefan and they both realize that they screwed up.

Silas wants Klaus to get the cure. Klaus tells Silas that he’s not scared of him. Silas pulls out the white oak stake and I guess now he is scared. He rams it into Klaus’ back which sure must have hurt, breaks it and leaves the top of it inside. Klaus groaning in pain on the floor is a sight we didn’t have often. So, yes, guys, one should be afraid of Silas.

It was an okay episode. Had a lot of flashbacks, had Lexi, which was good. Had Rebekah. Had some arrogant Klaus and Klaroline. I take it back. It was a good episode.

Have yourself a lovely day :)


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