AVPSY, again

I’m back from vacation. I went to see AVPSY again, as a fan does, you know, to appreciate it for the about fifth time and THEN I looked at the comments.

Needless to say, I’m devastated.

“They changed Hermione…..bye”

“why are they holding the scipt?!?”

“is there a version without the scripts? I think they are so off putting …”

“Ugh. If Darren’s mic is going to sound crappy the entire show then I don’t think this will even be worth watching.”

“i cant watch this without the real hermione”

“when are you gonna post the real thing? i wanna see them w/o scripts, on the big stage”

“I don’t mean to sound like a snoot but I wouldn’t be caught dead with my script onstage…”

“darrens mic is really annoying”


When Starkid first announced that they would to this, they called it a staged reading, saying there would be no props, no costumes, no songs. Now look at what they’ve done. Look at what they’ve done with so short time to rehearse.

I feel that it’s so ungrateful to complain… especially considering everything Starkid does for their fans, and considering what they taught me…

That I can be the coolest girl in the whole wide world without actually being “cool”.

That I can be anything, even if I’m a bug and want to be a Starship Ranger.

That a man in a pink dress can be very sexy.

That a bunch of theater nerds can be so successfull, that people all over the world know their songs by heart.

And most of all, that I don’t have to be perfect to be totally awesome.

AVPSY was totally awesome, because it wasn’t perfect. The most amazing things were those who didn’t work so well. And who the hell cares about Darren’s mic or them carrying scripts? They had to replace Hermione and Meredith did great.

So, all the complainers: keep your comments to yourself. You’re probably no Starkid fans either way. I’ll go watch it again now. Gotta get back to Hogwarts…


4 thoughts on “AVPSY, again

  1. Oh my YES! I totally agree! I mean have they ever tried to learn a whole script, songs and choreography is like three days? I think not, because if they had they wouldn’t be complaining! :)

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