Recap: TVD 4×16 – Bring It On

It’s been a long three weeks of hiatus, but TVD is back with another good episode. Not comparable to the last one, but still good.

4×16 “Bring It On” starts with two scenes mixed together.
Number 1, Elena on a street, where she pulls the old, but still successful – lying-in-the-way-of-a-vehicle-and-feed-on-the-driver-trick. Number 2, Damon and Stefan are talking at the Salvatore Boarding House. Stefan is really worried, as usual, and Damon hopes that they’ll finally get to have some fun.
Damon meets Elena on the street and tells her to show some restraint. The irony is not lost on him.

Somewhere else, Hayley is attacked by some vampire, but luckily gets saved by Klaus, who promises to protect her if she tells him all about Katherine. They probably need to create some basics for the Originals spin-off, seen as both Phoebe Tonkin and Joseph Morgan will be in it.

Back at the Boarding House, Stefan and Damon have yet another conversation about Elena & the cure & the usual, while Elena is showering next door. Caroline is also there, seen as the Council vervained the water and the Boarding House has the only filter in town. So any vampire who wants to shower will have to go to the Salvatores or something. Maybe they should take money for it.
Caroline wants to take Elena to school and Elena’s all for it. Damon uses the sire-bond to tell her not to kill anybody, basically.

At school, the series of pointless phone calls continues as Caroline keeps Tyler up-to-date via voice mail. Also, Elena wants to get her spot on the cheerleading squad back.

At Klaus’ mansion, Damon wants to interrogate Hayley about Katherine’s whereabouts, but Klaus tells him that she’s off limits.

Source: iansmolderholic

He points him at the vampire that attacked Hayley, though, and also informs Damon that he bit that guy.

Meanwhile, Stefan learns that someone stole all the hospital’s blood supply.

Elena and Caroline are preparing for the cheerleading completion at school. Elena remarks a girl from the competing squad and attacks her in their school bus. She also steals the girl’s ribbon. To her credit, Caroline realizes what happened pretty quickly and confronts Elena about it.
We realize that the sire-bond isn’t really working anymore and Caroline tells Stefan about it.

Subsequently, Stefan calls Damon, who searches for the attacked Hayley-attacker. He meets Rebekah, who brought a bit of Klaus’ blood and offers her help.

Back at Klaus’ mansion, Klaus is questioning Hayley, but it turns out that she doesn’t really know anything. Or at least she’s not willing to share information.

At the school, Stefan is trying to talk some sense into Elena, but she’s not really having it. She’s also really mad at Caroline, who tries to stop her from cheering. This is why she lets her fall, which was rather nasty.
Stefan stabs Elena with vervain to, I dunno, stop the fun.

Rebekah and Damon are at a hospital, because Damon thinks that the attacked Hayley-attacker (A.H.A??) might be there. Rebekah delivers another hilarious line:
Impressive. You’re like Sherlock Holmes – with a brain damage.
They figure out that the whole blood supply of this hospital has been robbed as well and that it couldn’t have been A.H.A, because hybrid bite and stuff.

At the same time, Hayley and Klaus are discussing his paintings and he tells her that painting is a metaphor for control. Not gonna lie, I like it when he gets deep ;) Also, he wants to kill Tyler, but enjoys it very much that Tyler is meanwhile left in fright of him.

Elena wakes up at the Boarding House and she’s not exactly happy that she got vervained. She’s changing while talking to Stefan which is why he compares her to Katherine. She doesn’t like it and changes topics back to sex with Stefan. Meanwhile, she’s texting but won’t tell Stefan what about. Isn’t any of his business, anyways, if you ask me.
Soon it’s revealed that she organized a party though, since Stefan won’t let her go to a party.
Caroline’s happy to at least see Elena have some fun, but Stefan’s being cryptic: “Well, unfortunately I have this little problem… When I, uh, party too hard, I end up killing people.” Right, Stefan, but there are also other people who have this thing called self-control.
Anyways, Stefan throws her over his shoulder and takes her dancing.

In front of the hospital, Damon is feeding on a nurse, so she’ll bleed, so the A.H.A will come out and, you know, attack her. He’s in fact lurking around. As Damon finds him, he also recognizes him and we learn that he’s in fact called Will. He calls Damon ‘buddy’, so I suppose they were friends. Anyways, Damon rips his heart out and calls it “putting him out of his misery”. You had Klaus’ blood, honey, what was your real reason?


Rebekah calls Klaus with the news, who tells them to Hayley, but offers her to stay. They chit-chat a bit back and forth, flirting basically. It leads to the inevitable end, and I’m still a bit angry. Seriously? Klaus and Hayley?


At the party, Caroline and Stefan are dancing together and Elena tries to hide her jealousy by saying that they look good together. Sherriff Forbes arrives and Elena nearly attacks her, but Caroline intervenes. Elena departs as Caroline is about to attack her. There’s a lot of attacking going on in this episode.

Caroline is the one to find Elena out in the wood and the fight. Elena suggests that Caroline should turn it off, so she won’t “feel guilty about all the dirty thought [she has] about Klaus”. I love no-humanity Elena. She almost wins and thus kills Caroline, but Damon and Stefan come to her rescue.

We get another pointless to Tyler. Stefan convinces Caroline that they won’t give up on Elena.
Meanwhile, Elena and Damon have a little heart-to-heart and she tells him that “you like me better like this”.

Caroline is invited to Tyler’s home, where she meets Matt. Tyler has made him owner of the mansion and also left a letter to Caroline. It basically said: I’m not able to come back, so I’m breaking up with you. Caroline is far from happy.

Klaus remarks a birth-mark in Hayley and says he saw one of the kind before, but only on one special werewolf-bloodline in Louisiana. I can see you coming, spin-off!

Stefan figures out that Silas must be the one robbing the blood-banks all around. He calls Damon, but he’s already gone:

Source: vd-gifs

He and Elena are on the way to New York. He tells her that it’s because every new vampire should go there once, but I think there’s more to it because he’s carrying a photo of himself and the A.H.A.

As I said before, I really enjoy no-humanity Elena, though almost killing Caroline is quite low. And I’m still devastated because of Klaus and Hayley. That just doesn’t work for me.

Have yourself a lovely day :)


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