My Immortal Chapter 5&6 – My Immortal, The Musical

Previously: Ebony and Draco went to the concert and then did naughty things in the Forbidden Forest. I think.

You may remember the end of the last chapter? Dumbledore – well, you can’t really say he walked in on them, seen as they were out in the open in the Forbidden Forest, but anyways – he walked in on them while they “did it for the first time” against a tree.

Quelle: undinestrebt

That is where we left off. In the AN, Tara explains that this was just because ” Dumbledeor” had a “hedache”.

He shouts at them some more (“you ludacris fools!”) and Ebony starts crying tears of blood. Dumbledore leads the two of them up to the castle where McGonagall and Snape are waiting. McGonagall’s really mad, and probably has a headache, too, because she calls them “mediocre dunces”. Snape pardons them, though, because Draco tells them that he loves Ebony.

She goes to the bathroom and changes her clothes.

When I came out….

Draco was standing in front of the bathroom […]

Do you see that? Four dots and a stanza, do you feel the suspense? Anyways, Draco is singing to her, because this is now a musical.

By the way, he couldn’t even be in her dormitory; boys cannot enter the girl’s dormitories though it is possible the other way round. I wouldn’t expect Tara to know, though…

At the beginning of the next chapter, Tara threatens that she “wnot update ubtil u give me goood revows”.
Translation: She won’t update until she gets good reviews. Did she really get them? She obviously must have…

For breakfast she eats Count Chocula. Seriously? While she’s sitting there, eating, someone bumps into her (how did that happen?)

She tells us that whoever it is does not wear glasses anymore and his scar isn’t visible, either, and we understand that it’s Harry Potter. Withouth him saying anything, she concludes that he has a sexy British accent (wouldn’t everyone have a British accent there?)

 He was so sexy that my body went all hot when I saw him kind of like an erection only I’m a girl so I didn’t get one you sicko.

You sicko! How dare you think such a thing? Oh, right. Because she told us.

We all know that he’s Harry now, but Ebony doesn’t know him for some reason (WTF?). Luckily, Harry’s a nice guy and tells her his name. Everyone calls him “Vampire” now, though (again, WTF?).

I have no words for the following exchange, so I’m just going to copy it in here:

“My name’s Harry Potter, although most people call me Vampire these days.” he grumbled.

“Why?” I exclaimed.

“Because I love the taste of human blood.” he giggled.

“Well, I am a vampire.” I confessed.

“Really?” he whimpered.

“Yeah.” I roared.

We sat down to talk for a while. Then Draco came up behind me and told me he had a surprise for me so I went away with him.

First, he’s grumbling, then he’s giggling and then he’s whimpering – why? And why is she roaring? I need to recycle that gif from the last post:

Next on My Immortal: Tara wants a tin of good reviews and we’ll find out how Ebony lost her verility.

Have yourself a lovely day :)


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