Recommendation: Abducted

It’s recommendation time ;). Today, I’ll talk about “Abducted” by Zelda Zonkk.

It’s a Batman/Dark Knight fanfiction, Joker / OC,  T rating.

It retells the events of the Dark Knight movie from the POV of the OC but in a very interesting format. Namely, she addresses the Joker as “you”, kind of like a letter. It’s inspired by a book named “Stolen” by Lucy Christopher.

It’s exceedingly well done, especially (but not only) the characterization of the Joker, which is really hard to do and I’ll add it to favourites as soon as it’s completed.

Have yourself a lovely day :)


2 thoughts on “Recommendation: Abducted

  1. Hi, I’m Zelda Zonkk and I’d like to thank you immensely for recommending my story! It was very kind of you! :)

    • Hey! Oh, I’m a massive fan of your story! It’s really great. Also, you made me read Stolen which is now a favourite of mine. So, you’re very welcome.

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