Recap: TVD 4×15 – Stand By Me

4×15 “Stand By Me” seems to be a turning point in the season (and maybe the show itself?) so it feels right to just start with recapping here.

Last we’ve seen from TVD, Katherine practically offered Jeremy to Silas, who then killed him. Or at least he seemed lifeless and Bonnie wasn’t in a good shape, either.

We start the episode on the island where Elena finds the dead Jeremy, but is certain that the Gilbert ring will bring him back. Bonnie’s not there anymore and the Salvatore brothers are slightly concerned about that.

Understandably, I think, seen as Bonnie is about the only witch that is willing to help them occasionally, and without her, they’ll be royally screwed. They realize that Jeremy was a Hunter and thus supernatural, so the ring won’t work on him.

Next we see, Stefan and Elena are back in Mystic Falls, where Caroline is scrubbing the floor in Elena’s home. Still the leftover of that Kol-killing-incident, I suppose. I think it’s fair enough that the spot remains, at least one tiny reminder that they killed hundreds of vampires in one go without even blinking.

Back on the island, Damon wants to find Bonnie, but only gets Rebekah. Rebekah wants to go find Katherine, which I think would be reasonable. Katherine’s out and about with the only dose of the cure (the only way to kill Silas, too, guys. They need that cure), but Damon decides that the more urgent issue is finding Bonnie now and so they set off.

In Mystic Falls, Stefan and Caroline are busy talking about Elena and making pointless phone calls to Tyler, who is on the run from Klaus. Then they realize that Jeremy actually smells because his body is starting to decompose. Subsequently, they call Meredith Fell, because she’s a great doctor- oh, wait no, because she’s the only doctor that is in on all that vampire stuff.

On the island, Rebekah says one of the best lines of the whole episode: “Aren’t you Elena’s current love? It’s so hard to keep track these days.” I can’t express how much I love the character. Damon doesn’t think so I guess and uses her as a shield so he doesn’t get hit by Vaughn’s arrow.

Meanwhile, Bonnie’s witchy juju is a bit messed up because she’s pretty upset about Jeremy’s death. Creepy Shane calms her down, though, by telling her that Jeremy will be back if she helps Silas.

Damon and Rebekah are questioning Vaughn. Luckily, I found the whole exchange as a gif, which is absolutely worth sharing:

Quelle: hybridicks

Amazing, right? Anyways, Vaughn does feel threatened and he reveals that he’s allied with both Katherine and Hayley. The former being the one to organize it all, just as we expect it from her.

Bonnie and Shane are wandering through the forest while that all happens, and Shane reveals that they need to sacrifice 12 more people, so they’ll have a triangle of sacrifices or something. Bonnie doesn’t want to help but then hallucinates that Jeremy needs her help and ta-da! Now she’s willing to help.

The Salvatore brothers converse in yet another phone call and just as Damon is ready to go home without Bonnie, she emerges from the woods. Time for a hug! So much time wasted on telling us that he actually hates Bonnie and then this:

#Damon logic

In the meantime, Matt and Elena are at school, which is surprising enough because they nearly never go. Today, too, they’re not there to study, but to look at some graffiti done by Jeremy. Matt tells her about losing Vicki and how she was back and never really gone.

Caroline makes another pointless call to Tyler and then greets Damon and Bonnie who are finally back from the island.

In a flashback, we learn that Silas wants Bonnie to erase the Other Side, thus setting all the supernatural beings over there free, which is madness. Bonnie wants to do it, though. The good thing is that usually, plans that they make fail epically, so maybe there won’t be any problem at all.

Elena finally realizes that Jeremy is dead. She wants to burn the whole house down because she just doesn’t want to live there anymore, and she also doesn’t want to bring back all the supernatural beings. She lets it all in, which causes her to break down. It was one of the saddest scenes in TVD ever and I was glad I had the tissues ready.

Damon uses the sire bond and Elena turns her emotions off. Brilliant acting on Nina Dobrev’s part in my opinion.

Caroline makes yet the third pointless call to Tyler and we get to see the next breakdown. Matt didn’t even make it home but sat crying in his car. It was another heartbreaking scene and I needed the tissues again.

On the island, Rebekah finds Shane, though Shane is also (!) back in Mystic Falls, making us realize that Shane in Mystic Falls must be Silas taking over another’s body. TVD likes to pull that trick on us and it worked again.

Back at the Gilbert house, Elena does burn the house and Jeremy’s body in it. Even Stefan’s concerns (er – if you burn it down, it will be gone) couldn’t change her minds. They walk out of the house and one could definitely see that she had turned it off – it was something about the way she walked that made her look like Katherine. The episode ends brilliantly with the picture of the burning house, Jeremy, and Elena’s diary.



All in all, it was a great, yet a very sad episode. I’m already looking forward to no-humanity-Elena-action, but sadly I’ll have to wait for two (?) weeks. Enough time to maybe recover from Jeremy’s death, though that sure had an impact. I’m still sobbing.

Anyways, have yourself a lovely day!


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