Recommendation: An Exquisite Pain and its sequels

Today I want to recommend “An Exquisite Pain” by  xxthethieflordxx to you.

It’s a Harry Potter fanfiction, Tom Riddle Jr. / OC and rated T.

Basically, it tells the story of a girl who lives in nowadays Britain and is attending Hogwarts. She stumbles upon a Time Turner and thus gets sent back into the 1940’s where she meets Tom Riddle. In this story, he’s not necessarily evil but suffers from a severe illness – but this is not a place for details ;)
Anyways, the author just published the second sequel “The Fate’s Illusion”,  the first one being “Dancing With Time”.

These stories are really amazing and I practically read An Exquisite Pain in one go, which is to say something as it counts over 40 chapters. Still, it’s probably the best Tom/OC fic I have ever read, so go ahead and check it out.

Have yourself a lovely day :)


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