Recommendation: Falling to Pieces

There I go, recommending stories to you as I promised :)

Please check out: Falling to Pieces by Lionfeathers.

It’s  a Vampire Diaries fanfiction, which has today reached its fourtieth chapter. Klaus/OC, rated T.

The story is one of the best I ever read, not rushed, but yet not too slow and I can totally believe everything that happens. Most of the time, I’m so amazed by it that I can’t put all my admiration in a review that would give proper credit. I’m absolutely in love with it.

Quick summary: Klaus learns about a girl that could possibly give him children, so he captures her. They – naturally – end up in Mystic Falls where she (Isabelle) meets the usual people we know from the series and – of course – forms friendships, but she also gradually grows closer to Klaus.

I’m serious. It’s amazing. Check it out and have yourself a lovely day!


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